Letter to Covington Archdiocese Covington Catholic School

I saw this posted on Facebook and wanted to put it out on the web in plain sight for all to see. It’s excellently-written and the Archdiocese needs to get about a million copies of it. They’ve hidden their physical address but here it is:

Diocese of Covington
1125 Madison Ave.
Covington, KY 41011
(859) 392-1500

From: Scott Mills – Concerned Citizen

To Whom It May Concern,

As you already know, there are many of us in society who are outraged at the behavior of your “so-called” students who disrespected the Native American Elders in Washington yesterday. Please add my name to what must be the ever-growing list of thinking Americans, who wish to call your school to task for this incident.

I wish I could be standing in front of you, the people who supposedly organized these students to attend the “March for Life” gathering. I’d like to look each of you in the eye as I tell you what I want to say…just to see if anything of it registers at all with you.

Somewhere along the way, you have lost the true teachings of the very religion you so desperately cling to. It seems you’ve either forgotten or paid little attention when the concepts of love, compassion, empathy and the brotherhood of man, were mentioned by the man standing at the altar. These are the tenants which form the foundation of your own faith…and those of so many others. Yet, these children came to our nation’s capital, representing your church…and behaved as though they had never heard of any of these. They came as entitled brats….who just couldn’t come home without making sure they had left their mark……and that being on the indigenous people of this country, you might remember…the ones living here, worshiping in their own way, protecting the earth on which they lived and loving their families….LONG before they were ever introduced to Christianity. And quite frankly, Christianity did them no big favors either.

When did you stop teaching children the important things that will get them through life on a much evener keel? When did you stop really looking at the face of a child who may be hurting or disturbed? When was it that you decided that whatever that child’s needs were…you would do nothing more than spout Bible verse? When was it that you stopped thinking about the overall good in people..and focus strictly on what you do or don’t agree with? And when was it that the church became so political, that politics and religion began to walk hand-in-hand? When did all this take place?

Haven’t we seen enough of this in our country’s short history? Haven’t we learned a thing?
And of all those who have suffered at the hands of men……the very first ones subjected to inhumane treatment were those very same Native Americans. By now I thought we would have come to honor and respect those who came before us……but apparently, that must not be taught in your “Christian” school. These students are the proof, that somewhere down the line….you and your church dropped the ball…big time.
And were there not counselors or adult members of the church school accompanying these boys? Where were they as the harassment took place? Or were they in the crowd…sporting their “MAGA” hats as well? Let me make a suggestion here. The next time you send your backwoods students to Washington, a city that has prided itself on diversity since it’s inception, I suggest you sit their lily-white asses down before they leave and tell them to lose the racist articles of clothing first. Then explain to them that they will encounter people of all races, creeds, nationalities, colors, sexual preferences and the like……and then ask them…..”What Would Jesus Do?”, after all, that seems to be quite a favorite expression of Christians today. The trouble of it is…..most don’t have a clue. They are so far away from acting like a spiritual being….it’s very hard for them to comprehend what that means. More proof that you have not done the job given to you.

You wonder why people are backing away from organized religion in droves? The behavior your students exhibited in Washington is only but one of the reasons. You’ve taken sides against your fellow man, and that’s not what Jesus would have done.

Scott Mills

This is who the students were mocking.

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