Bill Ellis

The Big Red Scare

Where Bernie would extend Social Security, conservative pundits like Will would cut it, limit benefits and raise the eligibility age.

Water for energy

While two former governors and our incumbent exult in the value of increased energy production, our supply of water is affected drastically.

Down the corporate greed rabbit hole

When did making a profit turn into greed? Greed has been around from the beginning of time, but my guess would be it was unleashed in the1980s when American voters bought the farce that wealth would trickle down to them. There was no proof of this theory, but politicians kept saying it over and over…

Teaching peace: Muzzling America’s gun culture

Gun guns and more guns

Let’s think bigger than magazine capacity and assault weapon necessity. The “gun lobby” is about sales not rights. Just because the Second Amendment is in the Constitution doesn’t mean it is necessary. It is not. How about a better question: How do we change our culture of violence?

Education matters; yes on 3A

The St. Vrain Valley School District needs a mill levy override this November, and in my opinion approval of Ballot Issue 3A is more important than our vote for president.