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Bruce Lindner, Portland, OR

Things I expect the 2020 Democratic nominee to support:

  • Return the U.S. to the Paris Climate Accords, fast-track climate change measures domesticallyReturn the U.S. to the JCPOA
  • ERA: It’s 4 decades overdue. Renew it, expand it to include race, religion, gender, etc., push it hard, pass it. Git ‘er done.
  • Double-down on rectifying GOP ObamaCare sabotage, promote healthcare for ALL
  • Establish fair working wage job standards
  • Declare all out war on Citizens United. Draft a Constitutional Amendment that would regulate money in politics
  • Challenge the NRA at every turn, push for a ban on military-style weapons from public ownership
  • Fire every single functionary leftover from the Trump administration: CLEAN HOUSE! Fumigate, if necessary
  • Abolish the tariffs
  • Restore our commitment to NATO. Beg Canada, Mexico, Australia, our European allies to forgive us for our arrogance and bravado… even China
  • Propose (internally) standards to deal with any future nations that attempt to interfere in our elections
  • Reinstate the Fairness Doctrine
  • Restart normalization of relations with Cuba. Offer olive branch to some other ostracized nations, even Iran, Venezuela, in exchange for specific diplomatic goals: Eliminate “my way or the highway” global U.S. attitude
  • Declare war on RACISM, white supremacism. Establish defined parameters for race-based and faith-based terrorism
  • Renew our commitment to a Two-State solution in the Middle East. Make any potential foreign aid to 👉🏼 either side 👈🏼 contingent upon it. Demand compliance with U.N. resolutions 242 and 338
  • Make nepotism on a Federal level punishable by law
  • Require all future Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, Senators, Congressmen/women to submit to a mental evaluation before they can serve
  • Require all future Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, Senators, Congressmen/women to make their tax records public before they can serve
  • Fund green programs, infrastructure, etc., restore all Obama era environmental, Interior Department, National Parks protections
  • Restore the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to previous administration’s vision. Regulate payday lenders. Unless she’s elected POTUS 46, insist that the job be given to Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

But… but Bruce! If we do all that, then NO Republicans will crossover and vote Democratic! It’s just sooo radical! 😱

That’s 👉🏼 the POINT! 👈🏼 If we do all that, we won’t NEED to woo them. We’ll win everyone else. Okay?

So what did I leave out? 🤔 Feel free to amend it. Is there anything on this list that’s so unreasonable, so radical, so batshit CRAZY that any of the Democratic candidates for President couldn’t embrace it?

Let the above (or a reasonably modified version of it) be the foundation for the official platform. Let’s build on it.


Remembering LBJ

Lyndon B. Johnson – 8/27/08 – 1/22/73 – 36th President of the United States

Any of you folks from my generation remember this picture? It was taken 45 years ago today. High school teacher >> Congressman >> Senator >> Senate Majority Whip >> Senate Majority Leader >> Vice President >> President >> derelict. What a long, strange trip it was.

I remember Lady Bird took some heat for telling the hippies to “get a haircut.” Though both were diehard liberals, Lady Bird took a stand against us longhairs. Yet when LBJ retired, he grew his hair out, as if in solidarity. Or maybe as an apology. Whatever the reason, it was in defiance of his own wife’s cleanup campaign (which also included a war on billboards).

Lyndon Johnson was a complex man. He did so much good during his 5+ years in office, yet he’s the president who told us “We have to save face” in Vietnam. To which, those of us nearing draft age wore T-shirts that read “Save Lives, Not Face.” Mine was dark blue with white lettering.

He pushed through civil rights legislation (against the will of the Dixiecrats), established his landmark Great Society, and when the day came when he was challenged by “Mr. Conservative” a mere year after ascending to the White House via Lee Harvey Oswald’s marksmanship, LBJ crushed Barry Goldwater like a smoldering cigarette butt.

It’s odd to think that I’m older today than he ever lived to be. His oddball ways notwithstanding, I don’t think he was a bad man. I think he was a decent man who tried to do the right thing during tumultuous times, but those times simply swallowed him up. I don’t think he lived long enough to ever admit that the escalation of Vietnam was a colossal mistake, but I KNOW he knew it.

In fact, I believe it’s what killed him. He died from a heart attack, five months after this picture was taken. 58,000 + 1.


Bruce Lindner, Portland, OR

Bruce Lindner is a political commentator, humorist, coffee expert and part-time mechanic.

Trump’s Minions

This is the narrative that Trump’s minions have adopted. Whenever you bring up Trump/Russia collusion, they always refer to this: “Your side lost. Russia is just an excuse for your butthurt.”

My retort to the Trump faithful: If it was really just about Dems looking for an excuse for their loss, then…

  • Why did the Director of the FBI, Jim Comey, a REPUBLICAN up until a few months ago, confirm it?
  • Why did the Director of the CIA last year, John Brennan, an Independent, NOT A DEMOCRAT, confirm it?
  • Why did your own CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, a REPUBLICAN, confirm it?
  • Why did your own Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coates, a REPUBLICAN, confirm it?
  • Why did the Director of the NSA, Mike Rogers, an Independent, NOT A DEMOCRAT, confirm it?
  • Why did several of the above Directors either imply or confirm that Trump asked them to scuttle the investigation?
  • Why did Trump fire Director Comey after Comey declined to drop the investigation?
  • Why did Trump admit that the Russia investigation was what motivated him to fire Comey?
  • Why did none of the remaining fourteen intelligence agencies dispute the CIA, FBI, NSA analysis?
  • Why did Trump threaten to fire his own Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, a STAUNCH REPUBLICAN, for recusing himself from the investigation?
  • Why did the REPUBLICAN controlled U.S. House of Representatives vote 419 to 3 to sanction Russia for hacking our election?
  • Why did the REPUBLICAN controlled U.S. Senate vote 98 to 2 to sanction Russia for hacking our election?

That’s some “Democratic excuse” they pulled off!

Comparing the Choices

Bruce Lindner, Portland, OR

Bruce Lindner, Portland, OR

So I’m reading this morning that the GOP has adopted two more policies to be included in the official convention platform next week: To build Trump’s wall along the border with Mexico and to recognize pornography as a public health crisis. Let me see if I have this right.

  • The proposed wall, which even the party’s hitherto favorite son, Jeb Bush, said yesterday was a stupid idea, would achieve nothing.
  • Pornography, which as far as I know isn’t lethal, is a “public health crisis,” but 300 million guns on our streets and in our schools, churches, night clubs and movie theaters, which take the lives of 30,000 Americans per year … isn’t.
  • The presumptive nominee, a man with precisely ZERO political experience, has accused the current President—the first African-American President in our history—of being to blame for any racial divisions in our society today. Yet he himself just DECLINED an invitation to speak before the NAACP, the nation’s premier and possibly most respected civil rights advocacy group. Cat got your tongue Donald? That’s a first.
  • The GOP platform also calls for “continued conservative fiscal principles.” Right. The last time they held the White House, they ratcheted up federal spending by 85%, cut revenue by 25%, passed two tax cuts largely benefiting the top 1%, launched two catastrophic wars, none of which was budgeted for, and plunged the nation into the deepest recession in 80 years. This in contrast to the current administration who pulled us out of the recession and increased federal spending by a whopping 6% (or 11% over the level he inherited).
  • The CEO of the party’s official media organ, Roger Ailes, suddenly finds himself in competition with Bill Cosby for most allegations of sexual harassment and lewd behavior. Is he innocent until proven guilty? Sure. But based on statistics alone, it’s hard for any rational person to believe all of the women who’ve come forward thus far with similar allegations are lying. Yet he still controls what Republicans hear, and perhaps more importantly, what they DON’T hear. What say you Rupert? Isn’t it time for Sexy Roger to go on a sabbatical for a little R & R?
  • And no GOP convention platform can be complete without mentioning their continued pledge to abolish and outlaw a woman’s Constitutional RIGHT to make her own reproductive decisions. Rather than respecting a 43 year old Supreme Court decision, they defer to pressure from the religious community and violent groups who firebomb Planned Parenthood clinics and murder physicians who perform abortions. Because their mission is to “defend the sanctity of life,” don’tchya know.

So let’s see… Vote for the sexist, racist, fascist, xenophobic, pathological liar who’s backed by the overwhelming support of Republicans (and their secretive brethren under the hoods and sheets), many of whom want to take America back to the good ol’ days of Jim Crow, Bible lessons in public schools, submissive women, puritanical “morality,” crushing economic policies, a nation where guns are defended over human lives and the cries of inequality from Black Lives Matter are called “threats from a terrorist group” by their most-admired television personality, Bill O’Reilly.

Or I can vote with the Democrats, who, imperfections aside, have overseen 7-1/2 years of economic growth, a party that’s inclusive of ALL races, religions, sexual preferences, and hold a position that the Constitutional RIGHT to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness *must* override the GOP’s warped reinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment fetish for guns in our bleeding society.

Thanks Reince. But I’m with her.

American Exceptionalism?

Signing the Declaration of Independence

Government, of by and for the people.

In the late 19th Century, there was a Frenchman (who may or may not have actually lived) named Nicolas Chauvin, a zealous nationalist who believed everything French was superior, merely by virtue of it being French. From his name, was derived the word chauvinism. When I hear conservative talkers and Fox News anchors drone on about “American Exceptionalism,” it makes me cringe. They are the modern-day Nicolas Chauvins, only they aren’t French, they’re Americans. And as was Chauvin, they’re wrong. Dead wrong.

A few months ago, I met with some friends over dinner at an extremely busy restaurant. The place is always packed, with a line of people lined up outside, waiting to get in. In my party of 9, was a couple from Wales, here visiting friends and touring the states from coast to coast. After we finished our dinner, we all walked outside to say our goodbyes, where I spotted a man sitting in a concrete divider in the middle of the street. He only had one leg. Laying beside him was a pair of crutches, and he was muttering to himself incoherently. He was obviously mentally troubled, and the people milling about in front of the restaurant completely ignored this derelict of a human being wasting away before them, as if he were part of the landscape.

And indeed, he was. For me personally, this was mortifying. As for my friends visiting from Wales, it was embarrassing enough to me that they witnessed it, but to have them also see how unremarkable it seemed to the passersby, the shame of it all seared into my brain. I’ve been to Europe several times, and with the exception of the more third-world ex-communist bloc countries, you rarely see beggars anymore, and you never witness a disabled person discarded like a piece of trash. If someone in France, England or Germany has problems as horrendous as this guy apparently did, they’re generally scooped up by social services, and given the appropriate help. This guy could have keeled over and died there that night, and nobody would have known about it until the vultures started circling.

So when I hear this term; American Exceptionalism, being bandied about by the right-wing (and in truth, by some on the left who are too cowardly to refute it and call it what it is: patriotism on steroids), it boils my blood. In truth, the term is a thinly disguised euphemism for American superiority. This is all part of the flotsam and jetsam leftover from the 2000 election, and the hubris that emerged from the neocons after 9/11. That period when “Freedom Fries” replaced French fries, when restauranteurs all across the country were pouring Bordeaux wines into gutters, to protest that nation’s refusal to participate in our little Iraqi adventure, and as a way of poking our collective finger in the eyes of all the other countries who doubted America’s military and political hegemony.

The truth is, American superiority is 100% pure, 24 karat bullshit.

Is America exceptional in many ways? Absolutely. Our national parks, our beautiful coastlines, our rivers, our mountains, the Bill of Rights… I could go on for hours. But could anybody say that our national parks are more beautiful than those of say, Canada? Our coastlines are more beautiful than those of Brazil, Italy or Turkey? Our mountains are more beautiful than the Swiss Alps or the Andes? The Bill of Rights is superior to the Magna Carta? No. Every nation on the planet can in some small way claim to be exceptional. Even the most poverty-stricken nations of the third world have at least one or two unique bragging rights, and NONE of them suggest superiority over all others. Only Americans do that. We just love to remind everyone that we have the most powerful armed forces and the biggest arsenal ever known to man. Yet in all our boasting, we’re quick to skirt such stories such as how our military was misused by its civilian leadership to invade and utterly destroy a nation of 25 million people who posed no threat to us. And, in all our “superiority,” we brush aside as unimportant, the fact that we allow disabled, mentally disturbed citizens to rot in the gutters of otherwise pristine cities.

A truly enlightened nation would have very different priorities. The feeding of our poor and infirm should be at the top of that list. Healthcare for citizens lying in the street, should come before tax breaks for billionaires and subsidies for oil companies. Universally available and affordable education for our children shouldn’t come at the expense of a fleet of stealth aircraft that will (hopefully) never be used. And, perhaps unique amongst us, any truly exceptional nation would NEVER have adopted an electoral process that relies so heavily on electronic voting machines provided by partisan corporate interests!

The fact is, this country now has the highest healthcare costs, the highest infant mortality rate, the worst gender inequality, the highest murder rate and the highest incarceration rate of any developed nation on the planet. Exceptional, indeed. Where do these defenders of American superiority stand on that?

At one time or another, many empires, monarchies and nations have laid claim as the most powerful on Earth. Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, France, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Holland, and probably a half-dozen others whose names are lost to history. And the one thing they all had in common, is that not a single one of them could ever conceive of a time when they weren’t the most powerful, or they didn’t have the biggest armies, or their armadas didn’t rule the Seven Seas. Yet, their power did indeed wane, as will ours. I would argue that the process has already begun, but the folks on the wacky right who measure America’s strength via military prowess, aren’t looking at the big picture. They’re only looking at who has the most muscle, while ignoring — or indeed, causing — our withering backbone.

No nation can survive with an undereducated populace, or with a two-class system; the haves and the have nots… or by spending nearly 60% of its discretionary budget on military hardware. As surely as Rome fell, so too will we one day. And for those who yammer on about American Exceptionalism, in this case, I would tend to agree; we’re exceptional amongst the nations today due to our path of self-annihilation. And I find it ironic beyond words that the right mistakes such obvious weaknesses as strengths.

I love this country, warts and all. But when these faux patriots boast of our power and pressure our politicians to co-opt their talking points, it shames me to have to acknowledge them as compatriots. Is America great? Yes, it is. Are we exceptional? Yes we are, in many ways — as is Guatemala, Bhutan, Gabon, Peru and Laos. But are we superior to any other country on the planet, by any sense of the word? No. And it’s high time we call out this American Exceptionalism meme for what it is; a pompous, overbearing display of nationalistic arrogance, bordering on fascism. American Exceptionalism as defined by the right is a bald-faced lie.

You Might be a Conservative If — 2012 Edition

  1. You think that if the government is forced into another shutdown scenario this summer — again — it’ll be the fault of the president — again — and not due to John Boehner and Eric Cantor playing the same game they played last year which resulted in the nation’s credit rating being reduced. And you believe this, in spite of the evidence, because Sean Hannity said so last week — again.
  2. You believe President Obama’s support for gay marriage will weaken the sanctity of your own marriage. And the two babes you’re banging on the side down at Bubba’s Busty Bistro both agree with you.
  3. In the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case, you immediately took the side of Zimmerman, because Martin was wearing a hoody and had no business being out at night in a gated community. But you still insist your position has nothing to do with race.
  4. You bristle whenever someone reminds you that today’s recession began during the George W Bush administration, and have even developed a talking point to combat it; “Bush is gone, It’s Obama’s presidency now!” Except of course, when president Obama killed Osama bin Laden, then suddenly Bush did it.
  5. 2012 is already trending to be the warmest year in recorded meteorological history, followed by 2011, 2010, 2005, 1998, 2003, 2002, 2009, 2006, 2007, 2004 and 2001. But because 2008 didn’t make the grade, you’re quite certain climate change is bullshit.
  6. You’re convinced that there’s massive voter fraud going on in the African/American community, because you saw 13 “New Black Panthers” looking mighty intimidating at a polling station on Fox News once. Even though, those 13 jokers make up the entirety of the New Black Panthers, and Fox News played that footage more times than they played the Rev. Wright tape. Oh, but don’t you assume from this that Fox is appealing to racist voters.
  7. You take Mitt Romney at his word when he said “Of course I would have given the order [to go after bin Laden in Pakistan], even Jimmy Carter would have.” Even though Mitt Romney previously said “Osama bin Laden is not worth moving heaven and earth spending billions of dollars just trying to catch. I do not concur in the words of Barack Obama in a plan to enter an ally of ours.” But hey, this is all academic anyway, because everyone knows President Obama was only following Bush’s strategeiry.
  8. You think the recall movement going on in Wisconsin is un-American, and Scott Walker is only doing what the voters of his state demand. And that recording of Walker taking a phone call from a bogus David Koch was overblown… He just thought it was a courtesy call to discuss their mutual love of cheese.
  9. You think Romney will be a better president than Obama, because he’s made it crystal clear that he wants nothing to do with those creepy gays. Well, except for that one time, when he was running for governor of Massachusetts (link).
  10. You believe the debt is at $15 trillion today, primarily due to Barack Obama’s failed policies, even though it was at $11 trillion when he was inaugurated, and the tax cuts and wars had yet to be factored in during the Bush years. You also believe George Bush’s role in doubling it was necessary, because he had to combat a Democratic-controlled congress… the very Democrats that voted 126 to 81 against the Iraq War. And the two tax cuts became law by Bush using reconciliation, against the will of the Majority. Together, these made up the bulk of Bush’s spending spree, because after all; “Deficits don’t matter.” ~ Dick Cheney
  11. You tout the concept of “American Exceptionalism,” because America’s the bomb! We’ve done it all, we do it right every time (unless a Democrat’s in power) and those stupid European socialist twits would have been lost decades ago, if not for us. And anybody who says our claims of American Exceptionalism are really just arrogant boasts of “American Superiority,” is just jealous, because they know we’re the best. Booyah!
  12. Even though Rush Limbaugh called a young birth control activist a slut and nobody within the GOP condemned him for it, the Komen Foundation was infiltrated by a mole whose intent was to defund Planned Parenthood, the governor of the state of Virginia proposed a bill that would have required a trans-vaginal probe against her will before being permitted to have an abortion, Planned Parenthood itself has been under attack by Boehner’s congress, and most Republicans voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Law, a bill guaranteeing equal pay for women — you still deny that there’s any sort of “War on Women,” because Gretchen Carlson said so on Fox & Friends. And she’s a woman, so case closed!
  13. You think Mitt Romney would make a better president than Barack Obama, because he’s had hands-on experience in the business world. And who was the last president who ran on his record of business experience? George W. Bush. So there.
  14. You think Barack Obama broke the law by backing the NATO mission to support the Libyan rebellion, which ultimately toppled a true supporter of international terrorism, but Bush’s invasion of Iraq … which wasn’t condoned by NATO or the United Nations, was just swell.
  15. You believe teachers, firemen and cops are overpaid, and that’s a better place to make budget cuts than asking millionaires and billionaires to pay the same tax rate they did under Clinton… when times were good, and the budget was balanced.
  16. You’re a big supporter of Free Speech, but nothing ruins your day more than when some immigrant says Sarah Palin was dumb. How dare they? If that’s what they think, then they should go back to Russia. Then Sarah can wave at them from her porch.
  17. You think Citizens United was the best thing to happen to Democracy since Glenn Beck, because finally, those poor downtrodden corporatists will have a say in who represents their interests… just as poor Siemens, Mengele GmbH, IG Farben and Bayer were finally permitted to do what they do best, once freed of those pesky, restrictive regulations. Because nothing says “Freedom,” better than a government kept in check by industry!
  18. You were shocked, SHOCKED when the Romney campaign suggested Barack Obama might try to use Romney’s Mormon faith as a wedge issue in the coming months, even though there are no such plans to do so. What sort of sick, anti-American commie party would ever use religion to divide America? After all, who’s ever done that?

Which Party is This?

  • Which party prides itself in being the party of business? The party that pushes for deregulation, the easing of wage costs, and environmental and safety concerns in the interest of profits?
  • Which party has as it’s cheerleader, their own 24/7 news channel that pushes propaganda, while resorting to demagoguery of the opposition?
  • Which party is openly hostile to organized labor, even going so far as to trying to eliminate collective bargaining contracts in the name of fiscal conservatism?
  • Which party has made it integral to their platform, the rounding up and deportation of “illegal foreigners?”
  • Which party has stood steadfast, for so-called “values issues,” demanding recognition of only traditional marriage, while declaring enmity for homosexuals?
  • Which party insists on closer alliances between church and state, even declaring the country as a “Christian nation?”
  • Which party is circumspect of “the others” amongst us, challenging their patriotism, their loyalty, their right to build places of worship where they choose, and even their God?
  • Which party hypes the fear of communism, and accuses anybody to the left of them of treason?
  • Which party disdains intellectualism, and mocks any scientific research that contradicts official party dogma as folly?

Give up?

If you said the Republican party, congratulations, you get 1 point.

But if you said the Nazi party, you get 10 points. They were after all, the ones who crafted this platform. All the Republicans did, was co-opt it and wrap it in Old Glory.

Fascism. Sinclair Lewis was dead right.

The Electric Tea Bag Fascist Test

You'd swear they were on acid they're so delusional

  • Which group of Americans promotes ideological cronyism within the judicial system, conservatives or liberals?
  • Which side doesn’t believe “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” applies to homosexuals?
  • Which side is hostile to organized labor?
  • Which side supports corporate power and the deregulation of industry?
  • Which side believes the separation of church and state is a one-way street?
  • Which side promotes capital punishment and privatizing the penal system?
  • Which side tries to manipulate facts with their own propaganda division?
  • Which side scapegoats minorities and foreigners for all the country’s problems?
  • Which side promotes the supremacy of the military, at all costs?
  • Which side promotes an officially recognized national language?
  • Which side promotes an officially recognized national religion?
  • Which side has been caught skewing elections by disqualifying minorities from voting?
  • Which side is fervently nationalistic?
  • Which side scorns intellectualism?
  • Which side opposes funding the arts?
  • Which side mocks any science that challenges industry’s potential for profit?
  • Which side regularly demonizes Muslims, Asians, African-Americans, Hispanics, gays, environmentalists, secularists, atheists, trade unionists in their 24/7 media empire?

If you agree with any two of the above, congratulations, you’re a Teabagger.

If you agree with six or more of the above, congratulations, you’re a fascist.

If you agree with ALL of the above, glückwünsche, you’re a Nazi.

You Might be Conservative If…

  1. You’re irate over the president taking so many vacation days on the taxpayer’s dime (61 thus far), but you thought George W. Bush earned every minute of his leisure time (196 days at the same point in his presidency).
  2. You’re happy with your 40 hour work week, paid vacations and company-provided healthcare, but you’re strongly anti-union, because those commies haven’t done anything for you lately.
  3. You strongly support the First Amendment and it’s guarantee of religious freedom to all, but you don’t think Muslims have a right to build an Islamic Community Center in Manhattan.
  4. You believe Ronald Reagan was a devout Christian, even though he he hated going to church, but any president who spends twenty years going to the same Trinity United Church in Chicago must be a Muslim.
  5. You believe when a Republican governor creates a healthcare package with an individual mandate for everyone in his state, that’s a good idea. But when a Democratic president does it, suddenly it’s unconstitutional.
  6. You’re so enthused about demonstrating your Second Amendment rights, you can think of no finer place to brandish your pistol in public than at a presidential rally.
  7. You believe Bill Clinton was responsible for Osama bin Laden’s escape ten years ago, but thankfully George W. Bush caught up with him and killed him in Pakistan.
  8. You believe in putting American jobs first, except when president Obama rescued 1.5 million GM and Chrysler autoworkers, because that was socialism.
  9. It angers you that you can’t communicate with the Mexican busboy at your local Olive Garden, but when you took a vacation to San Francisco’s Chinatown, you thought it’s quaint that so many Chinese-Americans are holding fast to their traditional language. Because that’s America!
  10. You deny that the lunatic who tried to murder Gaby Giffords was a conservative, even though he targeted a Jewish, pro-choice, pro gay rights, Democratic Congresswoman.
  11. You thought it was perfectly normal that every president in history had an untethered right to raise the debt ceiling when warranted, but when Obama asked the GOP held congress to do it, you thought it only natural that it be tied to cutting Social Security and Medicare.
  12. When the new 112th Congress was sworn in, you swooned as they promised to focus on “Jobs, jobs, jobs.” But when they pivoted, and went after NPR, Planned Parenthood and gay rights, you cheered.
  13. You accuse president Obama of raising your taxes to the highest point ever, even though they’re lower today than at any time since 1950.
  14. You believe the wealthiest Americans are “job creators,” and they are — but it doesn’t bother you that all the workers in those positions are in India, China and Malaysia, and they’re doing the jobs that our fathers once did.
  15. You believe gays are anti-American, because their lifestyle is a threat to the children… unless they’re married to Tea Party-backed presidential candidates from Minnesota.
  16. You strongly defend individual freedom, but that freedom doesn’t include a woman’s right to decide her own healthcare needs.
  17. You believe corporations are people too, and are deserving of the same rights as the rest of us. Just not the same obligations to pay personal income tax free of corporate loopholes, or penalties for massive criminal behavior and tax evasion. In these matters, corporations are deserving of special rights.
  18. And since corporations are now people too, you must believe in their right to a driver’s license, the right to marry, to adopt children, etc. These rights shall not be denied to Exxon, Halliburton and BP (but still immune from the right of the People to try, convict and sentence to death any corporation that conspires to commit a felony… because at that point, they’re suddenly not people again.)
  19. You still believe Climate Change is a myth, and the recent record highs, lows, floods and droughts around the world coinciding with climate scientist’s predictions are all an amazing coincidence. Oh, and Al Gore is FAT!
  20. You believe when George W. Bush took the national debt from $5 trillion to $11 trillion, it was necessary for him to do so to keep America safe. But when Barack Obama added to it by trying to rescue the country from a second Great Depression, he was deliberately trying to destroy America!
  21. You believe America is a God fearing country, and that the Almighty protects those who believe just as you do. But it’s never crossed your mind that the majority of tornados, hurricanes and floods all occur in the Bible Belt.
  22. You believe that no matter who’s in the White House, the office, if not the man himself is deserving of your respect. The only exceptions to this rule, are if his middle name sounds Muslim, and if he’s not at least as white as that black guy who works down in the mailroom at the office.

Daniel Linder, American Univ Commencement 2011

My nephew Daniel was offered the honor of giving the Commencment speech today at American University in Washington — on the 50th anniversary of the day another American, John F Kennedy gave it. His speech begins at the 2:30 mark. We are all *SO* proud of him!

Some Inconvenient Truths

President Barack Obama

  1. Only Reagan armed the Ayatollah Khomeini
  2. Only Bush Sr. let Saddam bomb the Kurds with our weapons
  3. Only Clinton captured the Blind Sheikh
  4. Only Bush Jr. ignored the warnings about bin Laden
  5. Only Bush Jr. let bin Laden escape
  6. And only Obama got bin Laden

No more Republican LIES

How Karl Rove Killed Osama bin Laden

“Always attack their strengths, not their weaknesses”

Those aren’t my words, they’re Karl Rove’s. Since he first slithered onto the national stage 40 years ago, this has been his trademarked modus operandi — to ignore his opponent’s weaknesses, and go right for the throat by attacking their strengths. Starting in Texas in the early 1970’s, and continuing up through this very day, Rove’s strategy has served his party well, and it’s high time we recognize the damage he’s done. Nobody’s talking about the birth certificate anymore, or that clown Donald Trump, or even the hilarious White House Correspondence Dinner. Now, whether or not most people even recognize it, we’re once again witnessing the behind-the-scenes work of Karl Rove.

Some examples of Rove’s “work.”

  1. In the rough & tumble world of Texas politics, Rove had backed a Republican candidate named Bill Clements who was badly trailing his Democratic opponent, Mark White. The election was looming, and his man was down by 9 or 10 percentage points. Suddenly, Karl Rove called a press conference to announce that he’d discovered that his office had been bugged. A tiny, battery-powered transmitter was taped to the backside of a wall hanging behind his desk. The implications were clear; Mark White’s campaign must have planted the bug as political espionage. White vehemently denied any knowledge of the bug, but it didn’t matter. Almost overnight, his poll numbers collapsed. And in the end, Bill Clement won by a nose.

    What’s most interesting about this case, is that afterwards, the FBI investigated the bugging and concluded that the transmitter battery had a three hour run-time… and that it was only 25% down. That means, at the time the bug was discovered, it had only been there for 45 minutes; and Rove himself “discovered” it. To this day, when someone asks him if he himself planted that bug as a smear, he never denies it, but just smiles, and says something like; “I’d rather talk about the weather.”

  2. When John McCain announced his candidacy for president in 2000, it was assumed by most politicos that he would be the GOP nominee. But this wasn’t part of Rove’s master plan. He wanted his man, George W. Bush to be the 43rd president. John McCain has, if nothing else, a reputation as a solid family man. He and his wife Cindy adopted a little girl from Bangladesh. Soon, push-polling began in South Carolina where the question was asked; “If you learned that John McCain had an out of wedlock black baby, would it affect your vote?” His adopted daughter, being from Bangladesh is very dark skinned, so clearly, the race card was being played. Still other calls went something like this; “If you learned John McCain’s wife Cindy had a drug problem, would you think she’s qualified to be the next First Lady?” Cindy McCain had surgery, and became addicted to the prescribed painkillers — something she went on the record with, and immediately checked herself in to get help. But that didn’t matter to Karl Rove. He used McCain’s strong family image as a weapon against him. McCains strength suddenly became his weakness.

    And as we all know, John McCain lost the nomination to George W. Bush.

  3. And then, there’s the Granddaddy of all Rove smear campaigns, the Swift Boat Vets for “Truth.” Rove, pulling the levers and directing the flow of traffic… and probably funding too, gathered together a band of bitter Vietnam vets, headed by two dishonest scumbags; John O’Neil and Jerome Corsi, and aimed them directly at John Kerry’s Vietnam War record. While George W. Bush was A.W.O.L. from his stateside duties in the Air National Guard, John Kerry himself rescued a man under fire, and virtually every man on his boat told the same story. But Rove’s Swift Boat vets, none of whom were close enough to actually witness the incident, all refuted Kerry’s record. So rather than the 2004 presidential campaign being about the issues, Rove managed to turn it into a referendum on John Kerry. As with John McCain, Mark White and even Jim Hightower before him, John Kerry’s strength had been used against him. Rove had fashioned it into a liability and destroyed him with it.


And once again, Karl Rove vanquished another challenger by defaming his character, and George W. Bush was re-elected to a second, disastrous term.

Now we have a situation where the “America’s Cup” of politics is being threatened. The Republicans very existence hinges on being the party of national security, and the killing of Osama bin Laden by a Democratic president is something Karl Rove will not tolerate. So on the very day following the president’s announcement of bin Laden’s death, Rove was on Fox News launching his next smear; and sharing his strategy with the rest of the right-wing. Namely, the absurd notion that George W. Bush deserved much of the credit for the take-down. Within hours, this new twist on the events in Pakistan had spread like wildfire. Virtually everyone at Fox News was parroting Rove’s words, as was Limbaugh, and even some in the mainstream media. By Wednesday, a mere three days after bin Laden was dispatched to sleep with the fishes, polls began popping up asking who deserves the credit for bin Laden’s demise; in one (I think it was the Washington Post) a staggering 52% said George W. Bush! The US News & World Report poll reported 50% for president Obama, and 33% for George W. Bush. Never mind that Bush both botched the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and through his incompetence, allowed bin Laden to slip through his fingers; Karl Rove’s tried-and-true method of focusing on his opponent’s strength — in this case, president Obama’s taking down of Osama bin Laden — has to some extent wrestled the trophy away and handed it back to the GOP. The larger point of course, is the very fact that this question is even being polled at all, shows how effective Rove is in deflecting reality. Rather than discussing the demise of the biggest mass-murderer in modern times, America is now discussing who gets credit for it, as if there’s really any doubt.

Never mind that it’s a lie. And never mind that the Swift Boat Vets allegations were lies. And never mind that the smears against John McCain and his family were lies. And never mind that Rove’s claim that his opponent bugged his office was a lie. What’s important, is that his lies have WORKED. Karl Rove has been successful in swaying public opinion by lying, twisting facts and reconfiguring documented history, even as it unfolds before our very eyes. The poll showing 52% of Americans believing Bush deserves the credit for bin Laden’s death shows just how insidious and fast-moving Rove’s lies can be. They’re working.

Crediting the Proper President

President Barack Obama

By now, we’ve all heard the new whisper campaign. “President Obama deserves credit for following the Bush policies that led to the killing of Osama bin Laden.”

The fact is, that is pure CRAP.

The worst possible nightmare to Republican leaders, would be that traditional conservative voters might no longer believe that they are the party of national security. Should that happen, their base would collapse. So, when the threat of Osama bin Laden was eliminated by a Democratic president, the spinmeisters went to work immediately. They can’t exactly reclaim the title, so they settled for the next-best thing; try to force president Obama to share the credit with George W. Bush.

It’s only been 36 hours since the news of the bin Laden operation was announced, yet I’ve already heard the “Bush gets some of the credit too” meme by at least a half-dozen high-level Republicans. Rush Limbaugh said it on his show, Andy Card said it, as have John Boehner, Condoleeza Rice, Sean Hannity and Eric Cantor. This CAN’T be a coincidence. Someone (most likely Karl Rove), sent the word out to give Obama credit, but be sure to slip in the line “And we thank him for following president Bush’s policies.”

Here are some facts: In October 2001, while the pile of rubble was still smoldering at Ground Zero, President Bush made the decision to send the CIA into Afghanistan before the military (a decision I supported, by the way). The plan was, that after they had paved the way with their intel work, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld would follow up at once with his obligation to send in the bulk of the troops. But he was upset that he had been upstaged by George Tenet’s CIA, so he was uncooperative. The CIA waited a full 30 days before Rumsfeld’s reinforcements arrived. Rumsfeld was taking it personally that the CIA would get the glory, and his hissy-fit wasted valuable time. Additionally, when we finally had Osama bin Laden cornered in Tora Bora, president Bush outsourced the job of capturing him to Afghan warlords (gosh, in the most corrupt country on earth, what could possibly go wrong there)? The Afghans were either bought off by bin Laden’s men, or they simply looked the other way. Whatever their motives were, they gladly accepted the money the Bush administration gave them, and Osama bin Laden slipped away into the night… and lived in luxury for an additional nine and a half years!

Adding insult to injury, George Bush and his cadre of neocons soon ignored what was happening in Afghanistan, and shifted their focus towards their original prize, Iraq. And the rest is history. Afghanistan, the stepchild war, languished as the Pentagon dumped $1 trillion+ and 4,425 lives into removing Saddam.

Somebody, please indicate to me which part of this “policy” the current president followed?

Candidate Barack Obama swore before the American people on October 7, 2008 that he would kill or capture Osama bin Laden. The reaction from the right was widespread laughter. They painted him as too inexperienced, too weak, and most importantly, too un-American. After all, how could a guy whose middle name was Hussein, possibly be tough on terror.

Well, he kept his word, unlike George Bush, who in eight years, achieved absolutely nothing. And now that Public Enemy #1 is dead, the Republicans would have you to believe that the invisible guiding hand behind president Obama’s success came from George W. Bush. Don’t you believe it.

There are hundreds of people who deserve recognition for dispatching Osama bin Laden, but George W. Bush isn’t one of them. Beginning with the remarkable Navy SEALS Team 6, who pulled off one of the most spectacular operations since Entebbe. I regret that we as a nation can’t thank them to their faces, as their continued success requires anonymity. But it is my hope that one of them might read this article, and know how utterly awe-struck the nation is by what they’ve accomplished. And of course, the balance of the credit goes to president Obama, for both keeping his campaign promise, and reducing the threat from al Qaeda. He put his presidency on the line, just as surely as the SEALS put their lives on the line. That was raw courage — something else we haven’t seen in a decade.

And lastly, Over the past two and a half years, president Obama has pointed out several times; “We didn’t create this war/economy/environment, we inherited it,” which is true. And without any hesitation, the canned Republican response is; “George Bush isn’t president anymore, you are. This is all your baby now.”

Yes it is. And as unpleasant as it is that the wars, the economy and the environment ARE now Obama’s baby, so too is what happened Sunday night. George W. Bush no more deserves a soupçon of credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden, than he does for being an Ace fighter pilot during the Vietnam War.

End Game for the Birthers

Click to enlarge - note the red-circled date: June 20, 1991

Okay Teabaggers (yes, you too Donald Trump). It’s time for your “Come to Ronnie” moment.

The photograph below shows Ronald Wilson Reagan’s actual birth certificate. The image at right is what’s on display at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley CA, and the one at left is the one provided to the media. They are identical. Just as a refresher, let’s remind folks that what has you “patriots” in such a tizzy, is that Barack Obama has never provided his actual 1961 birth certificate; only the computer-generated facsimile that each state gives you when you request a copy for proof of birth.

So, if this is Ronald Reagan’s actual birth certificate, as the Reagan Library claims… then why does it say June 20, 1991 on the lower-left corner of both “actual” documents? Either this document confirms that Barack Obama’s birth certificate offers the IDENTICAL level of proof that president Reagan’s does… Or Ronald Wilson Reagan was a usurper. So which is it? Why do these two documents have the date 1991 stamped on them? Was Reagan thirteen years old when he died? Or, as most rational, non-racist folks might conclude; both Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama turned over the exact same documentation that is required by law —  that of the state in which they were born. Illinois in the case of Ronald Reagan, and Hawai’i for Barack Obama.

Now, unless you can explain this, or you have some new and preferably less insane evidence, this birth certificate controversy is officially over. Move on Teabaggers, 2012 is fast approaching, and we’ve got a score to settle with you fools.

You Might be a Teabagger If…

  1. You believe George W. Bush’s redistribution of middle-class tax cuts to the top 1% of tax-payers was good for America, but Obama’s plan to return it to the middle class is ‘socialism.’
  2. You believe stem cells are living human beings, but thousands of Iraqi children are ‘expendable collateral damage.’
  3. You believe tax cuts for billionaires is a great idea, yet you wonder why the economy has stalled, your job just got outsourced to India, and oil company executives receive $400,000,000.00 retirement packages.
  4. You believe the surge worked because the violence in Iraq is back to 2007 levels, which is only horrible, compared to what it was in 2006; intolerable. Besides, Brit Hume said so.
  5. You think trial lawyers are harmful to America, yet you support prosecuting some guy in Muncie Indiana who burned his 99¢ American flag that was made in China by forced child labor.
  6. You’re all for the ‘rule of law’ when it’s applied to Bill Clinton for lying about his infidelity, but not for prosecuting Karl Rove and Scooter Libby for committing treason.
  7. You think George W. Bush is actually a really smart guy, but his folksy manner just makes him seem dumber than he really is.
  8. You believe that those privileged from birth achieve success all on their own, and that those who are born to poverty and never have opportunities for advancement, got what they deserved.
  9. You believe Ronald Reagan was a great president who had complete control of all aspects of government, but the Iran-Contra Affair was an insignificant scandal that went on without his knowledge.
  10. You believe Democrats tax and spend, but George W. Bush was a fiscal conservative.
  11. You believe Oliver North, who was CONVICTED of perjury, obstruction of justice, destroying evidence and accepting bribes, is a patriot. But John Kerry, who saved a man’s life while under enemy fire in Vietnam is a coward.
  12. You believe George W. Bush kept us safe from terror, and the failure to prevent the 9/11 attacks were Clinton’s fault.
  13. You actually believe Fox News is fair & balanced.
  14. You still believe Saddam had truckloads of WMDs, and that he somehow managed to sneak them into Syria, right under our noses.
  15. You believe Terri Schiavo was sentient all along, and Bill Frist had the ability to diagnose her condition by watching a 5 second video of her sleeping.
  16. You’re in favor of stronger prison sentences for drug users, yet your favorite radio personality is Rush Limbaugh.
  17. You complain about having to press 1 for English, yet you hire undocumented workers to mow your lawn because they’re cheaper than hiring the kid next door.
  18. Homosexuality is abhorrent to you, except when a Republican senator, the president of the National Association of Evangelicals, and a planted White House journalist get caught having sexual affairs with gay men. Then you suddenly feel sorry for them.
  19. The war in Iraq makes perfect sense to you, but any suggestion by Barack Obama that we target al Qaeda specifically is ‘dangerous and reckless.’
  20. You don’t mind that president Bush tortured men who were never charged with a crime, yet you’re horrified by the wrath of al Qaeda when they capture one of our guys.
  21. You believe the 1/10 of 1% of scientists who claim global warming is a hoax, and reject the 99.9% who say it’s real, because Sean Hannity and his friends in the oil industry have convinced you that science is a part of a greater liberal conspiracy.
  22. You believe patriotism means you should support your government right or wrong … unless a Democrat’s in power, then it’s your patriotic duty to call him a closet Muslim, challenge his birth certificate, expose his sex life and impeach him.
  23. You’re proud of your party’s ‘culture of life.’ Yet you support the death penalty for minors, you believe 600,000 dead Iraqis is justified because one of them was Saddam Hussein, and you oppose confronting the genocide in Darfur because they don’t have oil.
  24. You support prayer in school, as long as your kids aren’t subjected to Muslim prayers.
  25. You think Darwin’s theory of evolution is a loony fairy tale, and mankind actually began with two naked teenagers, a magic apple and a talking snake.
  26. You think $35 billion spent on health care for children is a waste of taxpayer’s money, but $1.7 trillion spent on a catastrophic war that has isolated us from our allies, decimated our economy and made us less safe was money well spent.
  27. You believe embargoing communist Cuba is sound foreign policy, but trading with China is just good business.
  28. You believe Bill Clinton was an immoral cad, but Newt Gingrich and Henry Hyde were faithful husbands (and Larry Craig just has a wide stance).
  29. You fervently defend the Constitution, but when president Bush got caught monitoring 300 million phones without a warrant, politicizing our justice system, hyping evidence for going to war and pardoning a convicted perjurer who just happened to be on his staff, then it’s okay, because he was ‘protecting America.’
  30. You were outraged when a gallon of gasoline went from $1.29 to $1.40 during the two terms of the Clinton presidency, but you didn’t seem to mind when prices tripled under George W. Bush, the “oil man.”
  31. You were furious when Bill Clinton pardoned international commodities trader Marc Rich, who was convicted of tax evasion, but applauded when George W. Bush exonerated Scooter Libby for obstructing justice to protect Dick Cheney from a treason indictment.
  32. With no evidence whatsoever, you complained of ‘voter fraud,’ and demanded that thousands of blacks be scrubbed from voting lists during the 2004 election in Ohio, yet when Rush Limbaugh asked his audience to illegally claim to be Democrats and vote for Hillary Clinton during the Ohio Primary in February to “stir up trouble,” a FELONY, you were okay with that.
  33. You believe Barack Obama should be held accountable for every sermon that Jeremiah Wright ever gave, but John McCain, who sought the endorsement of anti-Semitic, xenophobic, openly racist and homophobic pastors should be given a pass.
  34. You believe Barack Obama is either a secret Muslim, was actually born in Kenya, and his parents forged a fake birth certificate when he was born – just in case he should ever run for president, or that his father’s nationality disqualifies his son from being president, all because you read that on the Internet.
  35. You believe the 8 consecutive years of prosperity and strong economic growth from 1993 – 2001 was due to the work of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, but today’s recession is all Clinton’s and Obama’s fault.
  36. You laugh at how much better Barack Obama speaks with a TelePrompTer than without one, yet you never mention the fact that even with a TelePrompTer, every time George Bush opened his mouth, gibberish tumbled out.
  37. You still believe Barack Obama has somehow succeeded in fooling every government and independent examination with his “obviously Photoshopped” documents. Instead, you rely on Internet gossip, WorldNetDaily and Jerome Corsi as your sources for “truth.”
  38. Your conservative media spent more air time discussing Michelle Obama touching the queen of England’s arm than on the economy, the environment, terrorism and health care combined.
  39. You believe that we should get out of Afghanistan because Obama is “nation building,” yet for eight straight years of Bush’s bumbling incompetence there, you kept mum. Therefore, attacking Iraq makes sense, even though they never threatened us, but finishing off the job of finding Osama bin Laden; the terrorist who killed 3,000 Americans — Bush’s original task — is a dumb idea.
  40. You were furious that Barack Obama admitted in France that Americans have occasionally been “arrogant, dismissive and derisive,” but you cheered them on when Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were arrogant, dismissive and derisive.
  41. You believe that Obama’s $3.6 trillion budget is an outrage, but never once complained that George Bush turned Bill Clinton’s $300 billion surplus into a $1.3 trillion deficit. And it never once occurred to you that Bush deliberately omitted the Iraq and Afghanistan wars from those statistics, which means Bush’s TRUE deficit was $3.1 trillion.
  42. You supported Gov. Sarah Palin, partly because you believed she kept a good Christian home. This, despite the fact that her seventeen year old unmarried daughter was knocked up, her son was accused of vandalizing 44 school buses (cutting the brake lines of school buses – HELLO!!?) and was given the choice of going to jail or join the military, and Palin herself was found guilty of abusing the power of her office. But Barack Obama can’t possibly be a true Christian, because his father was a Muslim, and his middle name is Hussein. (Besides, he’s black, and everybody knows that Jesus was a blond haired blue eyed white man.)
  43. You believe the only solution to gun violence is to make sure everybody is armed to the teeth. That way, when some crazy person goes on a killing spree, right-thinking people will take out the killer, and tranquility will prevail throughout the land.
  44. You believe the mainstream news anchors are crazy, biased and filled with hate, but Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity are rational, accurate and informative.
  45. You defend Rush Limbaugh’s right to wish for Obama to fail, and therefore, the failure of our republic, yet you call Democrats the “blame America first crowd.”
  46. You claim that the economic crisis is the fault of the Democrats, but never mention that it was the Reagan administration that massively deregulated the banking industry in 1982, and it was Phil Gramm – McCain’s choice for economic advisor – who completed the task for his pals in the banking industry in 1999.
  47. You believe the failure of the US automobile industry is primarily the fault of the unions, and not because management of the three corporations insisted on producing vehicles that nobody wanted. And you’re angry with the $28.00 per hour average wage of the work force, but you believe that the multimillion dollar salaries of the men who bankrupted the industry are perfectly reasonable.
  48. You believe Barack Obama is a “narcissistic megalomaniac,” because you heard Glenn Beck call him that once, but Beck himself is a humble man, concerned only for your welfare (brought to you by Goldline!).
  49. You believe anybody who doesn’t subscribe to Orly Taitz’ birther movement is a RINO, and those who do, are carrying the torch of Reaganism.
  50. You think this list is mean-spirited and biased, and even though you privately acknowledge to yourself that it’s all true, you believe the Democrats are just as bad. Here’s a bulletin: Nobody has ever been this bad.