Claudia O'Guin

Surgical Donation from Aspen Meadows

Longmont Humane SocietyAspen Meadows Veterinary Specialists have generously agreed to volunteer the time and expertise of their surgical staff to perform one major surgery per month on shelter pets at the Longmont Humane Society’s Well Pet Clinic.  Dr. Gail Rapport Shelter Veterinarian for the Longmont Humane Society will partner with Matt Rooney, DVM in this effort.  Dr. Rapport is enthusiastic about working with Aspen Meadows, saying “I’ve never seen a group of vets as cooperative and support of their local shelters as Aspen Meadows”.

To kick off this partnership, Aspen Meadows has volunteered to do two surgeries this month!  The first operation that will be performed will benefit Hank, a six year old German Shepherd Mix who came to us with a ruptured ACL .  Aspen Meadows will perform a TPLO (tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy) by cutting the tibial plateau and rotating it. It will then be stabilized with metal plate at as cost of roughly $250 for the hardware.  LHS has a foster home ready to help Hank recover from surgery and hopefully adopt him once he’s all better!

Dahlia the kitten was found as a stray with a lump on her jaw and brought to the Longmont Humane Society by a Good Samaritan.  At first, clinic staff believed the lump was an abscess and it was treated as such.  When the mass returned and continued to grow, the symptoms resembled cancer.  However, Dahlia’s age and behavior aren’t consistent with cancer.  She’s young, playful and has a big appetite.  Exploratory surgery will be conducted during which Dahlia may have a portion of her jaw removed.  If removing a part of the jaw fixes the problem, she will still be able to eat and live a long happy life after the surgery.