Diana Caile

Gasland documentary creator coming to Boulder

Josh Fox, creator of Gasland

Josh Fox, Creator of Documentary Gasland, Coming to Boulder for Anti-Fracking Event

Boulder, CO, November 27, 2012 – Josh Fox, creator of the documentary Gasland, will be the special guest at an event on Sunday, December 2, 2012, called Be the Change, Jamming for a Frack Free Colorado. The event is designed to be a celebration of the anti-fracking movement’s successes and will address next steps to keep the momentum building. Anti-fracking grassroots groups from across the state will be participating. Local musicians, most notably members of Elephant Revival, one of Colorado’s most popular bands, will set the celebratory tone, along with other Colorado musicians, including Laura Goldhamer and Pressure Point. Josh Fox will join the jam on his signature banjo.

Featured speakers in addition to Fox will include Wes Wilson, whistleblower on the EPA’s failure to regulate fracking who was featured in Gasland; Phil Doe, Environmental Director of Be the Change – USA; Shane Davis, leading researcher on the impacts of fracking in Colorado; and Angela Monti Fox, mother of Josh Fox and founder of TheMothersProject.org – Mothers for Sustainable Energy.

The event is being hosted by Be the Change – USA, a grassroots political organization which promotes progressive issues and principles and is currently focusing on the environmental and health issues associated with hydraulic fracturing. A silent auction will be held as a fundraiser for Be the Change – USA. The event is free and donations are encouraged.

The event’s sponsors include 350.org, Food and Water Watch, Clean Water Action, What the Frack?! Arapahoe, Elbert County Oil and Gas Interest Group, The South Park Coalition, Frack Files Greeley, Occupy Greeley, Climate Reality, The Question Alliance, Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, Erie Rising, Citizens for Huerfano County, TheMothersProject.org Colorado – Mothers for Sustainable Energy, Adams County Unite Now, and Ride for Renewables.

Mothers Project heads to D.C.

Local moms to attend fracking rally in D.C. and deliver letter to Colorado senators signed by constituents statewide

As the oil and gas industry moves full speed ahead with the fracking boom, residents across the state are organizing to protect their health, environment, property values, way of life, communities, and future generations from the impacts of oil and natural gas extraction, including fracking. Two Colorado mothers, Jodee Brekke and Diana Caile, are traveling to Washington D.C. this week to join a nationwide coalition of citizens, communities and organizations in a mass rally on July 28 and to hand deliver a letter to Senators Udall and Bennet signed by constituents statewide. The name of the rally and the message in the letter are the same: stop the frack attack.

“Since our elected officials and government agencies aren’t protecting our basic human and constitutional rights to clean air and water and from numerous other threats imposed on us by the oil and gas industry, then we need to call them to task,” said Ms. Brekke. Ms. Caile said, “the state is suing communities that want to keep the heavy industrial, toxic process of fracking away from neighborhoods and children’s schools. It doesn’t belong there. Period. Our government should be protecting the people of Colorado, not corporate profits at our expense.”

The Mothers Project - United for Sustainability

The Mothers Project, Inc. is launching in Colorado and is hosting the letter to the senators, written by local mothers, on their website. Founded in March, 2012, by Angela Monti Fox, mother of Josh Fox, creator of the documentary Gasland, The Mothers Project is a coalition of mothers advocating for immediate, full-scale investments in renewable energy and opposing extreme fossil fuel extraction, including fracking and its attendant impacts. Currently active in New York and Pennsylvania, where there is widespread opposition to fracking, The Mothers Project provides support to grassroots groups fighting to protect their health, environment and communities.

In addition to individual signatures, seventeen grassroots groups or nonprofit organizations fighting to protect communities through Colorado have signed on to the letter. To view the letter and add your name, go to TheMothersProject.org and click on the slide that says Calling On Mothers at the top. Send inquiries to press@TheMothersProject.org.

Participants in the D.C. rally include Bill McKibben of 350.org; Allison Chin, Sierra Club President; Josh Fox, Director of Gasland; Dr. Catherine Thomasson, Physicians for Social Responsibilities, plus several citizens from affected communities.

Sanfaçon hosting two roundtable events

Garry Sanfacon 2012

Garry Sanfacon, District 1 Boulder County Commissioner candidate

Boulder County, CO, May 2, 2012 – Garry Sanfaçon, candidate for County Commissioner (District 1), is hosting two roundtable events to bring residents together to craft our shared vision for the desirable future of Boulder County. There will be a roundtable in Boulder on May 10, 6:30-8:30 p.m., at Unity of Boulder, located at 2855 Folsom St. and another in Longmont on May 15, 6:30-8:30, at the Longmont Public Library.

“For more than 40 years, Boulder County’s leaders have boldly marched to the beat of their own drum, and today Boulder County residents rank among the healthiest and happiest in the nation,” said Sanfaçon. “But we have social, economic and environmental challenges to address,” he said, “and it’s time to renew our vision.”

As Boulder County’s leaders were faced with decisions about growth management decades ago, they bucked the trend for sprawl and launched a vision to protect the natural environment in which we live, preserving vistas, acquiring open space, funneling growth into urban areas, and keeping rural areas rural. It has come, to a large extent, to define us as a county.

We owe our special quality of life to Boulder County’s rich history of visionary thinkers. You and I are the stewards of that legacy. Today, Boulder County is under pressure to conform to the status quo, and it is incumbent upon us to continue to build on that visionary leadership, from elected officials and citizens alike, to leave a legacy of our own: a livable, resilient, inclusive and sustainable community for future generations. “Our elected officials can’t shoulder the challenges we face alone,” said Sanfaçon, “it’s going to take all of us coming together as a community to chart a bold course forward to leave a legacy of our own for future generations.”