Don Coulson

Neutralization vs Annihilation

The frustration and futility of Israel ever finding a lasting peace with their Palestinian neighbors is once again on display. Eleven cease-fires, eleven failures. One answer to this mess might lie in an effort to neutralize Hamas – not by force but by their abandonment.

NRA Cynicism Leads to Murders

Gun guns and more guns

Fear and slick TV commercials are the driving forces in today’s culture. Despite years of statistical evidence that a gun in the home is far more dangerous to the family than any intruder, the NRA continues to preach the lie that we are all threatened.

Last Refuge

Reflect on Sam Johnson’s words, look into your heart and begin to realize what’s happening to this country we all so dearly love.

Need vs Greed

The fast-food execs are screaming that a wage increase would mark the end. It’s long overdue and everyone knows it.


A female is raped and her life is changed forever- a memory she will carry to her grave and a pregnancy adds to the agony.

Get out of the fracking foxhole

Longmont is under siege and, without being overly dramatic, it is obvious to most concerned residents that in fact our city is in a foxhole and under fire from the state and oil and gas industry regulations. At the moment and under current regulations, a fracking well could be sited on a Longmont golf course, a cemetery, a park or within easy breathing distance of a school.

FSSW Stand Up For BO&G

The vote to craft new regulations was 7-0. All hands were gung-ho to beef up the regulations in order to protect the well-being, health and safety of Longmont.

An open letter to the Longmont City Council

Council, you (with the notable exception of Sarah Levinson) have lost my trust. I doubt that I’m alone in suggesting that you have betrayed your fellow citizens with your pusillanimous decision to follow a staff recommendation offering compromise and “Fast Track” permits to the oil and gas boys…