Doyle L. Myers

Coal for those who play Santa only for the already rich

Congratulations to those secret Santas, Cory Gardner, Mike Coffman, Scott Tipton and Doug Lamborn for not passing the unemployment extension. That will show those 1.3 million slackers not to sponge off the government. Of course our secret Santas wouldn’t look at a jobs bill to get some of them off of unemployment. We can’t have that now could we? They also voted to cut $40 billion from food stamps for 3.4 million, seniors, veterans and children, half of the group. Let’s fire the janitors and let the kids get jobs cleaning the school bathrooms. Let’s not cut any corporate welfare though, ConAgra and Big Oil must have it to survive and contribute to our heroes.

They couldn’t afford to spend $25 billion on unemployment, but didn’t bat an eye at wasting $26 billion on a government shutdown that accomplished nothing.

Why should these lazy people get a couple hundred a week unemployment or $1.45 a meal for food stamps when Congress only gets $174,000 a year for working a whole two or three days a week. This is the most unproductive Congress in history. It makes Harry Truman’s “Do Nothing” Congress look like a dynamo. Congratulations again for seeing that all those slackers and never-do-wells get what they deserve while you have your turkey and ham with all the trimmings. Maybe that will teach them to get off their dead south ends and work hard like you in Congress. By the way, why is your approval rating at a huge 9 per cent?

Gardner Votes Show No Compassion

Cory Gardner, no compassion.

Cory Gardner, no compassion.

In his letter of 9/27, Mr. James Langley accused me of shamelessly distorting the facts on Cory Gardner’s vote on the Food Stamp Act. He then went on to explain the difference between cuts and reduction of an increase which he said Cory did, the basis for my ‘distortion.’ The bottom line is that $4 billion per year, $40 billion total, would keep 3.8 million poor people, (children, veterans, seniors) from getting a very generous $4.64 per day for their groceries. Maybe they would buy Big Macs or Starbucks instead of oatmeal or ramen noodles.

What Mr. Langley failed to mention was that a big reason for the increased food stamp need was that the Wall Street Jackals had driven the country to its knees. He also failed to mention that a Senate passed Jobs bill that the CBO had graded as creating 1.6 million good paying jobs (which would have further reduced the need for food stamps) was in the House. Cory and his Republican buddies refused to look at it let alone pass it.

Cory has voted for the 43rd and 44th time to deny health insurance to millions of people who desperately need it. His last votes would also be votes to shutter the government as Obama will not be blackmailed into killing the law. Of course Cory will have his plush health plan and his $174,000 salary regardless of what happens to other people, including 40,000 Coloradans. The federal government is Colorado’s largest employer.

Cory is to be commended for his efforts to obtain federal help for Colorado flood relief even as he successfully shuttered the government. Too bad he voted to deny help for Hurricane Sandy, the Moore, Oklahoma tornado and the Texas fertilizer plant explosion though.

Cory Gardner: Fraud and Abuse

Cory Gardner, anti-environmentI see that Cory Gardner, along with his compassionate christian Colorado Republican buddies, has voted to cut the food stamp bill by 40 million, citing fraud and abuse among other things. This program has a fraud level of 1% while congress itself has a fraud level of 2%. So much for fraud and abuse.

The cuts will remove 3.8 million people from the food stamp rolls. Half of the people getting food stamps are children. Some of them go hungry part of the time. If Cory Gardner and his family were on food stamps, I wonder if it would bother him if his children went to bed hungry part of the time. Probably not. It certainly does’t bother him that other people’s children go hungry part of the time. What a caring compassionate Christian.

Doyle Myers

Boenhner smoke

By Justin K. from Flickr

By Justin K. from Flickr

Mr. Chris Douse wrote a letter lambasting Senate leader Harry Reid for a pork-laden Sandy relief bill. I agree that there should be no pork in the relief bill. But let us take a closer look. Money appropriation bills like this are supposed to originate in the House. Speaker Boehner is led around by the nose by the tea party fanatics and did exactly nothing, leaving it to the Senate and Harry Reid to help the victims.

Reid can do nothing without the approval of Republican leader Mitch McConnell or he will be filibustered. McConnell filibustered 60 times in the 111th and 48 times in the 112th Congress. He even filibustered one of his own proposals when he proposed it and Reid then offered to vote on it. So the pork-laden bill had his full approval.

Reid was forced to buy the votes of some senators by their demands for a favorite pork project in order to get enough votes to pass the bill. Mr. Douse found a list of the pork projects, but failed to go further and obtain the names of the people who demanded the pork. If he had done so, I’ll wager that at least half were from Republican senators. In the meantime, Speaker Boehner fulminated and chain-smoked in the House instead of doing his job of helping the victims of Sandy.

Cory Gardner’s dismal record

Cory Gardner 2011 - photo by M. Douglas Wray

Cory Gardner gets $211/hr to ignore his Democratic constituents.

At a 4th Congressional District candidate forum, Cory Gardner bragged that he could compromise with Democrats and pointed to one instance of not voting lock-step with Republicans. One report said he voted the party line 93 percent of the time. I couldn’t verify that but I know this: Cory kneels at Grover Norquist’s “No Tax Increase” throne, precluding any meaningful budget compromise. Last year, tea party fanatics, led by Michele Bachmann, worked furiously to drive us into default over the debt increase. Cory voted with them until it was too late to salvage our credit rating.

He voted every time, 33, to deny health care to the poor and unemployed while enjoying his lush government plan. He voted twice for the Ryan budget to destroy Medicare with vouchers and “cut, cap and balance,” which is Ryan on steroids.

He voted down every attempt to reduce corporate welfare, especially oil’s $4 billion subsidy, where he gets much of his money. At the same time he voted for every attempt to cut safety net funding for the disabled, poor and elderly.

He voted for every bill to restrict aid for women’s health, such as birth control and preventative tests. He also voted for numerous anti-abortion bills, including one that would authorize hospital emergency rooms to refuse treatment for women suffering from abortions.

His voting record says he is much like the guy from Indiana who said his idea of compromise was for Democrats to accept all Republican ideas.

For this we pay Cory $174,000 a year plus perks, including a $21,000 car. He gets a week off for every two weeks worked. So far we have paid him $304,500 for 259 days in session. That comes to $1,175/day or $211/hour. What has he done for regular people? Not much.

Setting history straight

Jerry Day accused Tom Lopez of rewriting history for criticizing Republicans and went on to accuse five Democratic presidents of starting wars. Such nonsense must be answered. World War I started in Austria in 1914 with an assassination. The U.S. entered in 1915 after German submarines sank unarmed passenger ships, primarily the Lusitania, with Americans on board. Woodrow Wilson did not start the war.

We owe to the victims to get the story straight.

World War II started with the invasion of Poland by Germany in 1939. The bombing of Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, and invasion of the Philippines with the loss of thousands of Americans brought us into the war. The total was much greater than on 9/11. Franklin Roosevelt did not start the war.

North Korea invaded the South in 1950, threatening to drive American and South Korean troops into the sea. Harry Truman did not start the war.

John Kennedy was considering withdrawal from Vietnam when he was assassinated. I will pass on the rest of this one, including Nixon’s secret bombing of Cambodia.

The Bosnian War started in 1992. Clinton did not get involved with the NATO bombing campaign until 1995. Clinton did not start the war.

Daddy Bush invaded Kuwait and Iraq in 1990 to save American oil interests from Saddam, who had invaded Kuwait, but failed to completely crush his war machine, allowing him to fully recover and slaughter thousands of his people after Daddy Bush urged them to revolt in 1991, and they did. They were hung out to dry.

Junior finished the job, at horrendous cost, by invading Iraq in 2002. It was justified by claiming Saddam was involved in 9/11 and possessing WMDs. Both have been proven to be lies.

Indeed, Mr. Day, some people do try to rewrite history.

Buses ordered by Secret Service

Chris Douse published a letter panning the president’s bus (Times-Call, Aug. 26). Either he has been watching too much Fox News or is unaware of the facts. President Obama had nothing to do with the purchase of the two buses. The Secret Service, charged with the president’s safety, purchased them. In past campaigns the buses had been leased, greatly modified with the necessary communications equipment, and then torn down again after it was over — a very expensive process.

Much has been made of the fact that they were built in Canada. No U.S. companies were equipped to manufacture to the required specifications. This company produced the buses used for previous campaigns as well. No outcry there.

Only the shells were built in Canada; the modifications were done in the U.S. The bus used by the president would have to be equipped with top-secret secure electronics to allow safe instant communications anywhere in the world.

Contrary to Mr. Douse’s statement about Obama’s 2008 campaign, I think you will find that the government provided transportation and protection for him and John McCain once they both had won the nomination. By the way, the Secret Service is not only charged with protecting the president but also the challenger as soon as one emerges.

Purchasing and maintaining the buses should be more economical than constantly leasing and ripping them up.

I gather Mr. Douse doesn’t like Mr. Obama. I hope he is not elderly or poor, requiring help from the safety net in place. If the Republicans take full control, the huge cuts in the safety net passed by the House but blocked by the Senate and president will sail right through. If that happens, Mr. Douse may wish Mr. Obama was back to block some of them.

Be careful what you wish for.