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Mayor Coombs: strength, courage and compassion

Dennis Coombs 2011

Longmont Mayor Dennis Coombs "broadcasts" his support for marriage equality

I would like to thank Mayor Dennis Coombs for demonstrating strength, courage and compassion in standing up for marriage equality. As we continue to work for the advancement of social justice and basic human rights, it is crucial that we have strong leaders such as Mayor Coombs who are willing to take risks and publicly voice their personal opinions in defense of those who seek equal treatment under the law.

No doubt some will argue that Mayor Coombs violated the edict, “No member of Council, employee of the City, or Council appointee shall state a position or policy of the City until said position or policy has been adopted by affirmation or resolution of Council. No restraint on individual expression is hereby intended, so long as the narrator clearly indicates that the position expressed is his or her individual opinion and not the position or policy of the City.”

But I will submit that Mayor Coombs was quoted in the Times-Call article as stating that his opinion “isn’t the council’s position or the city’s position” and that Mayor Coombs emphasized that this was his personal opinion on the issue when originally contacted by phone for said opinion. Try as they might, Mayor Coombs’ few partisan detractors will continue to obstinately ignore facts in their efforts to paint him in a negative light at every opportunity.

Fortunately for Longmont, we have leaders such as Mayor Coombs who will allow us to continue to grow and progress as a community, even as his partisan rivals seek to inhibit Longmont’s evolution for their own political gains.

Vote for Jake Williams for CO House District 12

This fall, voters living in Colorado House District 12 will be faced with a difficult decision as two outstanding Democratic candidates, Jake Williams and Matt Jones, are running for the opportunity to serve as their representative. I have met both candidates and I respect each immensely, however, I would encourage voters in HD12 to vote for Jake Williams.

Jake Williams, a graduate of the University of Michigan and The London School of Economics, has actively served his community, as well as the state of Colorado, in a variety of capacities. As a past campaign leader working on behalf of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Jake worked tirelessly to ensure the passage of crucial state legislation designed to provide whistleblower protection for Colorado’s nurses and to establish hospital infection reporting, benefitting patients throughout the state. Such accomplishments could not have been achieved without Jake’s unique ability to form effective bi-partisan coalitions which included a variety of business, medical and consumer advocate professionals.

Jake’s work in grassroots activism provided him with the experience necessary to organize and drive successful campaigns centered around environmental protection, labor union issues and health care reform. As grassroots funding director for the Democratic National Committee, Jake was responsible for establishing his regional DNC office as the top rated office in the nation. Simply put, this is a guy who knows what it takes to drive necessary efforts and legislation designed to benefit all of us.

Locally, Jake has worked with the City of Lafayette’s Waste Reduction Advisory Committee to improve environmental conditions and waste disposal practices in his hometown. Growing up in Colorado, Jake has developed a deep attachment for his state and community and has vowed to actively work for the betterment of his fellow citizens on the local and state level.

Currently, Jake is employed by the Western Conservation Foundation, serving as an advocate for the improvement and enactment of environmental public policy while working to ensure that public officials are held accountable for actions which serve to degrade our state’s natural resources.

I first met Jake last year at a function held in my home and, after speaking with him for several minutes and discussing his positions on a variety of critical issues, I determined that I would not only support Jake for HD12, but that I would support him for any office for which he chose to run moving forward. Why? Because I believe in Jake and I believe that Jake will work hard for the citizens of his district and for the state of Colorado. Jake possesses the energy and drive to succeed, the experience necessary for effectively establishing crucial bi-partisan relationships and the passion required to fight for what is best for the citizens of Colorado.

Vote for Jake Williams for Colorado House District 12.

Ridgeview Tel Enters Greener House Contest

From PRWeb:

RidgeviewTel First Team to Enter Smarter, Safer, Greener House Contest

DaVinci Quest announced that RidgeviewTel, a leading manager of wireless broadband networks, is the first Team to enter its green building renovation innovation competition.

Centennial, CO (PRWEB) February 11, 2010 — DaVinci Quest is producing an open international innovation competition on the subject of green building renovation in the City of Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado, United States. Today, DaVinci Quest announced that RidgeviewTel has agreed to enter the Smarter, Safer, Greener House Contest as a Team.

“We are pleased to have this opportunity to advance innovation toward the goal of reducing energy consumption, increasing the efficiency of information transfers and improving our environment,” said Vince Jordan, President and CEO of RidgeviewTel. “Since our company is based here in Longmont, we feel compelled to be part of this unique contest which benefits not only everyone within our City, but gives Longmont a platform to reach much further.”

The RidgeviewTel Team will be a collaboration of individuals and businesses with different areas of expertise that can address each of the Contest outcome criteria. DaVinci Quest will facilitate identification of team members and support RidgeviewTel in building its Team.

Karl Dakin, CEO of DaVinci Quest, stated “We believe that RidgeviewTel will be a great Team in our Contest and represents the kind of Team that will do well by organizing and orchestrating all of the skills needed to perform well.”

RidgeviewTel is a communications company based in Longmont, Colorado, composed of several different business lines that, together successfully engineer, construct, deliver and manage converged broadband services via wireless and wireline technologies.

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