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Gardner has no plan for Medicare for people under 55

From Eyes on Congress:

On Thursday, June 16, 2011 nearly 70 concerned citizens turned out for Eyes on Congress’ 55 under 55 rally at Representative Gardner’s Fort Collins office. This peaceful gathering had several speakers from various age groups that wanted to know from their Congressman what his plan for Medicare is for people under the age of 55.

Congressman Gardner has stated on several occasions in his rare public appearances that “if you are 55 and older, Medicare and Social Security benefits will not change for you – ever” A statement that precipitated this event, which drew a large crowd.

The constituents were also not sure what to make of their Representative’s outspoken statement that “until you come up with your own (plan), stop criticizing ours” which was in direct conflict with his statement at a tea party meeting last week where when asked about a Congressional Progressive Caucus budget plan he simply stated that he “voted no on that”

When a delegation came inside Gardner’s office to ask exactly where the congressman stood on the issue, they were told that their staff was only there to listen and that they have no plans for Medicare right now. When pressed about where to find out where Congressman Gardner stood of the issue of people under 55 and Medicare the delegation was told two things: 1) go to the library of congress website, and 2) “Mark (Evans, Executive Director of Eyes On Congress) attends all the public meetings and he’s seen the congressman speak in person and has filmed him so it not necessary for a staff person to comment.”

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Congressman Gardner: out of touch and gutting Medicare

Congressman Cory Gardner seems to lack to the courage to face the public and defend his vote to end Medicare as we know it through his vote for the GOP FY2010 Budget, the Ryan Plan. Apparently, he’s not eager to explain to us why he thinks it’s a good idea to dismantle Medicare and leave future seniors to face shrinking benefits with only a voucher to cover their rising health costs.

Coupled with his vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, it’s no surprise that Cory is afraid to face the people he was elected to represent. Even a double-speaking politician like Gardner would have a hard time explaining why privatizing Medicare and turning it over to the industry known for denying care to those in need is in our best interests.

Instead of open conversation with those who will suffer from the GOP attack against benefits, with cuts that will be especially harsh toward low-income seniors, Cory Gardner is out getting face time for the press at high school graduation ceremonies, GOP fundraisers, Tea Party meetings and photo ops with campaign donors.

After voting to terminate Medicare, Gardner sent a mailing to seniors telling them that Medicare is in trouble and that he is acting to “protect and preserve” it. The mailing read, “if you are 55 and older, Medicare and Social Security benefits will not change for you – ever.”

Source: Congressional Budget Office

Healthcare spending

Those under 55, however, will never receive the security or safety this program has provided to generations of Americans. They won’t get Medicare until age 67 and instead of guaranteed benefits, will receive a “voucher” to take help cover private insurance for medical costs: Decades of Medicare reduced to a coupon. The Congressional Budget Office reports that the amount of aid from Medicare for medical costs, currently at 80%, gradually decreases to 32% of health costs. The Gardner plan: more costs for seniors and less care.

In the wake of the NY 26 special congressional election last week, many conservatives like Gardner are trying to back away from their vote, hide from public town halls, and switch topics with smooth DC rhetoric. We here at Eyes On Congress feel that NO politician should be able to try to get away with that.

We ask that you write a letter to the editor to expose how our congressman is voting and how it affects you. You can also “Like” Eyes On Congress on Facebook for daily updates about what Gardner is up to so that we can continue the work of letting the public know exactly what all that our Congressman is up to, not just what he wants us to see.

-Eyes On Congress

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