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For those who have none

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The GOP's newest victims - via Social Security cuts.

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”
—Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa

As the country continues to try and come to grips with the second great depression, what is being lost is the very soul of our nation. Republican lawmakers, pundits and their wealthy supporters continue to gut the middle class and in the process are creating even more poverty.

Conservatives rail against abortion clinics and for the rights of the unborn. Conservative support of right wing policies does nothing but create havoc for those little ones who have no one to speak for them. A 60 Minutes piece that aired last night gives voice to those who have none.

From the LA Times blog:

’60 Minutes’ on the lives of homeless kids

This weekend, “60 Minutes” aired a special on the record number of children falling into poverty due to the recent recession.

Taking a closer look at Florida in particular, the segment focuses on several families who never thought they would be homeless, and the children who perhaps suffer the greatest burden, growing up without a stable dwelling and sometimes going hungry.

Several children are interviewed. Two of the kids describe sneaking into a Wal-Mart bathroom to use the sinks and to clean up before school. One child says she feels that her family’s poverty is her fault because her parents have to support her.

Some kids are living with neighbors, some in cars and vans, others in motels. Near Orlando, on the road to Disney World, there are 67 motels that house about 500 homeless kids.

According to CBS and the U.S. Census, 14 million children throughout the nation lived in poverty before the recession hit, and now that number is 16 million — a 2-million person rise in two years.

— Lori Kozlowski

Standing Strong

I recently attended the Denver Rally to Restore Sanity.  I had a good time watching all the well mannered good citizens in attendance viewing the antics of Jon Stewart and Stephen Cobert on the big screen.  The two commedian/commentators were a saving grace for me during the craziness of the Bush years.  Jon’s pointed sarcasm often laid bare the lies of the Right while poking fun at the milk toast Left.

Remember Cobert’s roast of W while the president sat only a few feet away.  Who can forget Stephen’s “expert” witness during emigration hearings in front of Congress.  I left the Rally very dissappointed.  My dissatisfaction stemmed from Stewart’s milk toast request for us all to just settle down as if his mainly Left leaning audience was contributing to the irrationality dominating the political stage…

Our own president has been a big dissapointment for me.  Instead of the strong leader I hoped for, we instead got someone who acquieced far to many times to the constant “NO” drumbeat the so-called Republican minority employed for the last two years.  I had hoped for the spirit of FDR but instead saw only a shadow of the man who so dominated the stage at Mile High Stadium…was it yesterday?

There is much to be angry about, whether it is an ignoramous positing some hatred towards gays to the recent fiscal commissions report  on cutting the deficit is it any wonder that we can keep from blowing a gasket.  I don’t have any gay friends that I know of at this time.  I have enjoyed the company of gay acquaintances over the years.  Most are folks just like you and me, trying to get by.  Two relatives of mine are gay, pretty nice folks too.  When I hear people denigrating others just because they are different, I don’t want to just set there and take it.

The recent commissions advice to spread the suffereing …cut Social Security, Medicare but not a word about the Bush tax cuts is enough to send me marching to Washington.  Social Security taxes were raised in the 80’s and 90’s to prepare for the Boomer bust out in 2010.  Of the Billions that raised, what happened to it?  A law passed in 1990 was supposed to keep the Social Security fund out of the general budget, did that happen or did it go to help pay for the Bush tax cuts?  Seems the poor and middle class do nothing but help the rich get richer.

Erskine Bowles, the Democratic co-chair, has spent most of his life as an investment banker. He began at Morgan Stanley, and now serves on its board, where he collects a fee of $335,000 a year for attending a few annual meetings. That’s more than 99 percent of Americans earn for working full time.  No wonder he doesn’t have a clue about real America…

Where the hell am I going with all of this?  I don’t want to be angry with those who do our country such an injustice.  I also don’t want to be pushed around.  I don’t like seeing others pushed around unless there is a good moral reason for them to be pushed back.

I’m not sure what the answer is.  I know that we will hopefully be fielding a good candidate for mayor.  We (I) want a person who will listen to all citizens and consider their reasoned desires.  It is difficult to discuss anything with a fool.  I also hope that this person will quietly and intelligently push this city forward in a way that encourages while standing strong against the storms that will come.

I think we all need to have a fire in the belly, stoke it when needed but don’t let it burn you out…then go and enjoy what you like to do, stay strong, be alert and always keep the boilers lit and ready for use when needed.

Burst that bubble, Boulder

I’m one of the left wing progressives that did attend Heavenfest. I went out to see for myself what all of the hubbub was about. I arrived at 2 PM and left at 9 PM There were not 40,000 people there, perhaps there were half that. While I was concerned about the environment, I am more concerned about the long range effects that so many right-wing believers will have on Boulder County… citizens of Boulder should take note.

Most of these folks vote Republican, hate taxes, hate big government, hate open space, but love building on every parcel of land that becomes available to them. Take note of Rocky Mountain Christian in Niwot and LifeBridge in Longmont. They believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible which stands at odds with everything a free society should support. They also vote their values and they do vote.

Boulder sits in a bubble, liberal, proud, but very much asleep to what is happening around them.  Did you know there are many conservatives in Longmont who favor leaving Boulder and forming their own county?

One of these days the tax increases for open space, environmental causes, and social causes that you hold so dear will be put to the test by the growing conservative power to the north. The progressive candidates that you support will find it more difficult to be elected.

Those Christians at Heaven Fest are such nice folks.but.this is a battle of ideas, not just the environment… WAKE UP!

Visit to a foreign land

In the Dever Post, Times Call, and the Boulder Camera today, coverage of Heaven Fest was pretty broad. The TC said the event drew 40,000 participants, while the DP seemed to draw from the old, established info of 30,000, and the Camera showcasing many photos of HF from their website.

I visited the site…..twice. After lunch, I soaked myself in sunscreen, and took a large bottle of water to prepare myself for HF. I took my bike cause I certainly love to gulp huge draughts of dusty air. HF did not disappoint on this account.

The south parking lot was about 3/4 full with copious numbers of empty slots. The other three lots around the south lot on Fairview were empty, and were empty after my second trip ended at 9:15.

I entered, and indeed, they had a charity tent where I was charged five dollars to participate in the event. I made the long journey towards the main stages in a brutal heat. People were straggling in small groups and I found most of the larger crowds gathered around the three main stages, and at the beach area where mass baptisms were being conducted. I suspect more than a few folks getting “dunked” were trying to cool off rather than exhibiting an outward show of regeneration.

It appeared to me that most of the crowd was coming from the east lot/camping area. I certainly saw a small city on those hills, but I didn’t feel up to another slog, so satisfied my curiosity by taking photos of that area from a distance.

Vendor area – Most of the vendors were small FRY – mom and pop funnel cake operations that would easily segue on to the County Fair. There was a Subway, Abbos, and a Cick-Fil-A. Without a doubt, the Chick-Fil-A group had the largest presence. Their ad flashed all day on the jumbotron next to the main stage. At quiet intervals, their staff was on the stage praising Jesus and flinging free t-shirts and miniature Chick-Fil-A footballs to the eager crowd. “Damn, I tried to catch one, but an old lady snatched it from my grasp at the last minute’ -‘praise the Lord!”

Lest I forget, the Fight Deck Grill from the airport was also there. I spoke to the two women behind the counter about their faith, one said she was a Methodist, and seemed a bit embarrassed to be there. The other was a LifeBridge member who told me the church was located at the “Rain Stage.” The stage was a Car Toys semi truck and trailer that folded out into a small stage where a couple of bluegrass – like bands were playing. A small group was present, maybe 35 souls.

Other – There were tents all over the place providing Bible songs on CD to a techno tent with blaring music and flashing lights – mind blowing to say the least. There were other smaller groups hawking various Christian merchandise, churches, missions, help for un-wed mothers, prayer for all sorts of things “my unsaved husband beats me, oh please, pray for his salvation.” One tent had an open mike and I was sorely tempted (that damned Satan, up to his old tricks again) to do my best brother James – Blues Brothers rendition, but thought better of it as I spied two hulking security personnel looking suspiciously at me.

Finally, I made my way to the main stage where the Christian mega group was just finishing up a set that had the 2.5-3 thousand attendees whipped into a mild frenzy of tears, waving arms, a loud whispers of “Praise you Lord.” The lead singer apologized that they could not sing any more, because “it wasn’t up to them.” I said too loudly “oh sure.” This drew a lot of unwanted attention my way at which point I dissolved into the crowd. The next act was the Chick-Fil-A throw free stuff into the crowd group. After being denied my football I switched over to the next stage.

Former Channel 4 news babe Stephanie Riggs was on stage exhorting the crowd to protect our young, vulnerable girls from the ravages of this world. “I see all of you young girls out there.’ ‘You just don’t know.” “You Christian men need to protect these vulnerable girls from the ways of Satan.” In between her exaltations, she made reference on many occasions to her past. “I was a news anchor at Channel 4 but knew this wasn’t for me.” (she repeated this several times.) She was either trying to convince the crowd that she was someone of importance, trying to convince herself she made the right decision, or perhaps both.

She then launched into a familiar ploy of outside persecution of important Christians. “Look at poor Tim Tebow, the press is always after him about his beliefs.” Bull – look at today’s DP sports section and it’s Tebow ad nauseum. The supposed “persecution” is a straw man designed to make the movement a martyr.  The only ones being persecuted are secular, because we a blinded by Satan and going to Hell.

Anyway, Steph still looked pretty hot, especially in her cunningly studded shorts and long brown hair.” I could not resist shouting out to her, “comfort me sister.” I again drew stares that would cut through steel, but I didn’t worry as it was easy to escape into the crowd again.

I left with many sunburned, bleached out attendees at around 4:15. By the time I arrived back at my motorcycle the south lot was about half full with many open spots in the rows of cars. I ate clouds of dust as I sped out of the former corn field and drove around cars waiting in a line to get out on 119. I figured I would return later that evening.

But first, my wife and I went to Boulder where I fortified myself with three world class margaritas, and a meal that was less so. When we arrived home, I prepared myself for the final assault on Heaven Fest.

There were no traffic jams for me (I was able to cut through traffic on my bike with few problems.) The traffic problems I did see were created when entry on to Fairview was cut off from those heading east out of Longmont. You could only enter from the west bound traffic. Of course, this caused confusion, hence traffic began to build up.

I drove my dusty arse back to my former parking spot with no obstructions. The south lot was even more empty than when I left at 4:15. It was now 7:30. People continued to straggle out, though a few people continued to come in. My evening jaunt was pretty much uneventful. I wandered about my former haunts engaging a few people in conversation. I was also hoping to find out about the special evening group meeting I had read about, but grew weary of it all and left at 9:15. The south lot probably had less than two hundred cars in it by this time.

My observations were thus….It was a mixed bag of younger and middle aged people, mostly white, though I did see quite a few Hispanic citizens in attendance as well. Probably two dozen black people and also a few Asian people.  Most everyone was friendly, and no one bothered me. It was easy to blend in and blend out when I needed to. It was definitely a county fair atmosphere with rides and playthings for the kids, etc. The bands were pretty damn good, so in that respect, felt I got my five dollars worth even if I didn’t get into the spirit of things.

Most traffic came from the east. My causual chats with some attendees confirmed many were not from Longmont…though several were from Weld County. I didn’t see huge amounts of traffic, though I suspect much of it was heading past Longview towards the east portal.

The event was very well organized with plenty of portable crappers and watering stations scattered about. By 9:15 when I left, they were already tearing down some of the entry gates and hauling away trash. The portable ATM station was still there in the hopes that people would withdraw cash to spend at the four HF stores that sold various sorts of event trinkets.

Lots of heat, dust, and trash around the main stage. The parking areas and stage areas are now solidly packed dirt. . Were there 40,000 people there? I don’t think so, maybe 15 to 20 thousand.

The vendors were not doing a brisk business, and those who did were connected to the event – Heaven Fest stores. There was another burgeoning local mega church at HF whose presence was ubiquitous. It is called Rever, which means “to dream.” I spoke to one of the members who told me that the church was made up of three different Assemblies of God congregations that had joined together. You will see their signs posted along Ken Pratt. They are located in Industrial Circle just off of Ken Pratt and close to the Mall.

Light of the World?

Original photo by M. Douglas Wray

Only the wealthy get streetlights, just like in Iraq.

My mother-in-law came up to visit with us this Independence Day.  She has lived in Colorado Springs for almost 40 years.  Christa emigrated here from Germany in the early 1950’s from Germany.  As a five year old girl she recalls hearing the sound of countless bombers droning overhead.  All lights were darkened in a futile attempt to keep the allied planes from seeing their targets and bombing them into oblivion.

The sound of thousands of bombs whistling down on the place where she lived was something she will never forget.  She never really knew her father, he disappeared in a Soviet prison camp, one of countless Wehtmacht soldiers lost on the Eastern Front in 1943. After the war,  she recalled the kindness of American and British soldiers who often times provided her family with the only food they could find in a country ravaged by war.

She came to the states as a teen, fell in love with New York, and married a career Air Force sergeant.  New York was the “Great White Way” thousands of lights so bright and so much different from the dark land she came from. America was a land of plenty, of freedom with a youthful, handsome young president whose wife was the envy of the world.  Sure, there was the Cuban missile crisis, the Vietnam War, but she had her two children and a husband who would soon return from the war.

When the family moved to Colorado Springs in the late 60’s, it was still a small beautiful city of 40,000 or so.  It was conservative, but also liberal in some ways too.

Over the years, the town became more conservative as large Christian organizations moved to the city to create as many would say “the Evangelical Vatican of the world.”  As time went on, the beautiful little town grew by leaps and bounds with runaway sprawl and an Evangelical point of view that taxes are a bad thing and big government is evil.

My mother-in-law has come full circle now.  She lives in a city so stripped of taxible income, it cannot even light its own streets.  Yes, for $65.00 per month, the city will turn on her street light, but on a limited budget, that is a luxury for her.  If there is criminal activity in her area, the shorthanded police might arrive if a crime is committed. Parks are turning brown, garbage is not picked up in parks, and gang activity is on the rise.

Meanwhile, those wealthy solid citizens of Colorado Springs, those who fight tax increases, who man the pulpits of the mega churches, the elite, live in safe, well lit areas….God Bless America!



It doesn’t grow on trees, can’t buy you love, and the love of it is the root of all kinds of evil, filthy lucre, so why is there so much of it in our local elections? I should think that everyone wants their candidates to be transparent in each and everything they do, especially when it comes to who, how, and where they receive their money from…

Money is so big government, I mean really, who makes the crap…think about it, those who demand less government certainly seem to worship at its money machine, money, money, money… so filthy, and yet, I love you too…buys me food, shelter, clothing and the occasional indulgence.

It also buys elections…those who have it win…flat out win…if it were the singles, fives, and tens of the little folks, those who really need honest representation, need legislation to give them a leg up so they can run to life’s finish line with something like the American dream, well, I could invest in that…so socialistic.

Money creates a caste system…I suppose it’s appropriate that our two biggest American heroes reside on the smaller denominations, because that’s all most of us can fit in our small pockets. Abe and George are the very foundations of our country. Now I’m not knocking Salmon Chase, William McKinley or Grover, but I can’t seem to find them in my house…. they are faceless to most of us…Salmon Chase? Sounds like something the grizzlies do in the great northwest. No, they reside in the big houses, and you can bet that those who provide them shelter know them intimately.

In my meandering sort of way, I’d like to ask all of my leaders to toe the mark, play on a level playing field, let the “people decide.”

Hard Cash, Hard Facts from the last municipal election. Stay tuned!

Sins of Omission

It’s funny how some Colorado news “outlets” just happen to edit out or omit important bits of information (see Don Coulson’s LTE and the careful snipping the TC editorial staff did). This article appeared on the ColoradoPols website:

History of GOP donor omitted from Post article
by: Jason Salzman
Mon Apr 05, 2010 at 18:16:31 PM MDT

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

A March 28 Denver Post article offered up a misleading tidbit that I should have pointed out earlier–before it spread across the country.

I’m not referring to the headline of the Post article, which was bad enough. It read “Markey a Polarizing Force in the 4th Congressional District.” The article wasn’t about whether Markey was “polarizing.” It was about her vote on health care, so a headline related to health care would have been more meaningful.

But more serious is something the story left out.

Discussing the responses to Markey’s vote for the federal health care bill, The Post reported:

Fred Vierra of Cherry Hills Village lives outside the 4th Congressional District but sent Republican congressional candidate Cory Gardner [who’s opposing Markey] a $1,000 donation.

“You can thank Betsy Markey’s health care vote for this check,” he wrote last week in a note to the campaign.

From reading this, you could easily think Vierra’s $1,000 donation is money Gardner wouldn’t have gotten if Markey had opposed the health care bill.

But you need to spend five minutes on the Federal Election Commission website to discover that Vierra is a well-known Colorado GOP donor, who regularly gives to candidates outside of his district of residence and outside of our state.

In fact, Vierra gave $2,000 to Marilyn Musgrave in 2005 and again in 2006. Before the health care bill was twinkle in Obama’s eye, Vierra gave $1,000 or more to Sam Brownback of Kansas, Chuck Grassley of Iowa, John Thune of South Dakota, former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, former Montana Senator Conrad Burns, and others, all Republicans. He gave $55,000 to John McCain in 2008. In Colorado, in addition to Musgrave, he’s given big money to Republicans Wayne Allard, Mike Coffman, Rick O’Donnell, Jane Norton, Bob Schaffer, Tom Tancredo, and others. The list goes on and on. It’s pretty amazing, really. Type “Fred Vierra” on this page of the FEC website.

Especially because The Post included the contextual detail that Vierra “lives outside” of Markey’s Distrct, The Post should have informed us of Vierra’s status as a national Republican donor living in Colorado.

A phrase like “Vierra, who gave over $400,000 to Republican candidates across the country since 1998…” would have done the trick. Or even something like, “Vierra, a well-known Republican donor in Colorado ….”

Of course, it’s possible that Vierra wouldn’t have coughed up $1,000 for Gardner if Markey had opposed the health care bill.

But still, Vierra’s history of donating should have been mentioned, to give us a full picture of what’s going on here-and to let us decide what to make of it.

Not only us, but news outlets as well. Here’s what I mean:

After The Post ran the article with the anecdote about Vierra’s $1,000 check, a Post reader, Ann Westmeyer, sent Gardner a clipping of The Post’s article, a $25 check , and a note that read, “Again, you can thank Betsy Markey’s healthcare vote for this check,” according to a story on The Post’s political blog, The Spot.

Westmeyer’s note stated that she also lived “outside the district,” according to The Spot, which unfortunately quoted its own story about Vierra’s $1,000 check, again omitting the information that Vierra is a major Republican donor statewide and nationally.

And guess what happened next? This two-part story, about Vierra’s check and The Post’s article that inspired another donation to Gardner, was picked up by the Washington Post today in an article headlined “In Colorado, health-care debate reverberates in congressional race.”

The Washington Post recounted The Denver Post’s story, reporting:

After the health-care bill passed, a voter from outside the district sent the Republican’s [Gardner’s] campaign a contribution with a note: “Please thank Betsy Markey for this check.” When The Denver Post wrote about it, another voter sent a copy of the article along with a donation to Gardner’s campaign with a note: “Again, you can thank Betsy Markey’s health-care vote for this check.”

That’s how the news media feed on themselves to build a narrative (Angry voters donating to unseat a congresswoman.). Unfortunately, in this case, a piece of the foundation of the narrative is partially rotten, because it lacks critical context.

Outrage with the Church of Rome

A headline article that appeared in today’s Denver Post details the thousands of cases of child molestation by Christ’s representatives here on earth. The article that quotes the New York Times,  accuses Pope Benedict XVI of blatantly ignoring requests by one of  one of his priests to act on allegations that a Milwaukee priest had molested over 200 deaf boys in Wisconsin.  In case you forget, these boys were forced to have oral and anal sex with a person of trust.  Not just one boy, but 200.

Benedict, then a Cardinal, did what so many of the Church hierarchy did here in the United States, in Mexico, in Ireland, in Germany, in Switzerland, and in many other countries.  They ignored the problem, or sent the priest to counseling. When the offender was “cured” he was sent back to molest again. Tens of thousands of children over the years.  Civilian pedefiles are tried in a court of law, and if convicted, are sent to prison here.

In the mean time, we have area bishops and archbishops who unashamedly chastise those who do not follow the doctrines of the church.  Think recently of the little girl in Boulder denied access to The Sacred Heart of Jesus school because her parents were lesbians…talk about the sting of rejection, no less from The Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In Matthew 19:14, Jesus exhorts his followers, “let the little children come to me.”  Unfortunately, the flinty, cold, hard heart of Denver Archbishop Charles J. Chaput decided to follow the letter of church doctrine rather than the spirit of Christ.  The child was not allowed to attend the Catholic Church.  This is the same church leader who commanded his flock not to vote for politicians who supported abortion rights.  Politically active, morally bankrupt.

The church rails against birth control, or abortions, even though birth control would prevent abortions.  Instead, in developing countries, Catholic parents continue to have children, many who fall into neglect.  The church tacitly support actions that put these little ones in danger.  Many who have ended up in Catholic orphanages are then subjected to the will of the priest in charge.

Meanwhile, very little is heard about the outrages committed against the innocents the church is sworn to protect.  Sure, millions are paid out to the survivors but only after lengthy court fights.  The church continues to protect their own.

Questionable on both counts

Welcome to the Longmont Advocate Blog. Here you’ll find a (mentally) balanced community of (adult) contributors discussing various topics involving Longmont and the surrounding areas…

Classic example of Psycho Talk.

Who let the dogs out?

Recent articles in the Denver Post and Gazette Telegraph talk about the growing problem that packs of wild dogs are having on citizens just east of Colorado Springs.  Seems anyone from school children to delivery drivers fear for their safety as packs as large as a hundred strays roam the countryside at will.

And that’s not all..

Last Sunday, The Denver Post highlighted the tax and infrastructure problems that continue to plague Colorado Springs.  As a result, the city is making deep cuts that will further trim the police and fire services in town. El Paso County sheriffs deputies  are short staffed and the County Humane society is under funded.  Fearful citizens have little recourse in dealing with dog attacks, let alone crime in the city.

The Post article goes on to say that  the Springs will turn off street lights to save money.  Park lawns will be allowed to turn brown this summer.  Trash cans in city parks will be removed.  Residents will be urged to pack out their own trash. Citizens are urged to bring out their own lawnmowers to cut grass in the common boulevards. Museums and other cultural services will be shut down.

Damaged roads will be allowed  to go without repair and on, and on, and on.  Sure, all municipalities are facing tough times, but really, turning off street lights?

I lived in the Springs, and left in 1990 when the population for the county was hovering at about 400,000.  The population is now about 600,000.  If you travel east and north of town, you see endless cookie cutter developments housing many of the new residents.  The tax base is there, but old conservative attitudes from the Springs military underpinnings are further fueled by the huge anti-tax Evangelical influx in the last twenty years.  Don’t forget, Doug Bruce lives there too. This didn’t just happen, it has been years in the making.

The Springs is turning into a pit.  It’s eastern developments look allot like the developments east if I-25 in Weld County.  No character, and probably the next ghetto in about twenty years.  The Northern Black Forest area in El Paso County is nice, but that’s where many Evangelicals, including many Focus on the Family members live.

Check out the home page for New Life Church and you see that they have over two dozen paid ministers.  Many of them live in the Black Forest area, and in very nice homes…As I write this, Focus on the Family is highlighting it’s million dollar ads on the Super Bowl to present it’s point of view.  I’m sure the poorer residents of Colorado Springs could use that money to light their streets at night.

I’m chewing on an old bone here, but Lifebridge, Rocky Mountain Christian, and the coming Heaven Fest are developments we cannot afford.  These are dogs the citizens of boulder county should keep penned up!

So nice…

They are good people, God-fearing, patriarchal, mostly conservative, and on questions of authority, ask, “What does the Bible say?”  Who are these good folk, and why should they concern the residents of Northern Colorado?

They are LifeBridge Christian Church in Longmont, Johnstown and Frederick, and Rocky Mountain Christian Church of Niwot and Frederick. They are supported by several thousand members, and many powerful and wealthy people in Longmont and surrounding areas as well as Longmont’s only newspaper.

They continue to support a growing influence on local politics as evidenced by the recent city elections in Longmont.  They have recently won a million dollar lawsuit against Boulder County to expand their church in Niwot.  They will be building a small Christian city just east of Longmont.

They will be supporting a major Christian rock festival that by their own estimates, could bring tens of thousands of Christians to Union Reservoir in Longmont, on July 31 of this year.


They are Dominionists, seeking influence or control over secular civil government through political action—aiming either at a nation governed by Christians, or a nation governed by a conservative Christian understanding of Bibical Law.

And so?

They will be fruitfull and multiply, embracing unlimited growth, enriching their developers, and destroying open space.

They will teach their children Christian values, history, and science in Christian schools, or at home.  Public schools with a “liberal agenda,” will wither on the vine.

They will pass laws that will endanger or destroy the rights of those who hold to secular values and lifestyles.  They are relentless in their quest for a shining city on a hill.  Best of all, it’s tax free.

Think it can’t happen in Boulder as it is beginning to in Niwot and Longmont?  Look no further south than Colorado Springs, the Evangelical Vatican.