Shari Malloy

Lost Teaching Moment

Twin Peaks Charter Academy could have taught tolerance and freedom of speech/expression, instead they taught intolerance and suppression of free speech.

Clean up Colorado Elections

Volunteers are collecting signatures to get publicly financed elections for Colorado state offices. Ballot Initiative #53 gets Big $$ out of politics, and restores democracy and voter confidence.

Thank you Ms. Markey

Thanks to all the brave representatives who recognized the critical need for reform by voting to support this historic bill. Specific thanks to Congresswoman Betsy Markey, for voting her conscience, putting people before politics and insurance industry profits. This courage is truly what makes our country great.

Maybe they should just go home

After Shari Malloy points out the partisan behavior of the new majority on Longmont city council, Mayor Baum wisecracks: “…we should all just get up and leave…” and the joke falls completely flat.