Carolyn Stefansky

Plane noise still a problem

The Longmont Airport claims they want to be a good neighbor, residents aren't seeing that.

People of different generations and various demographics each have a unique point of view.  Older people often cling to the social strategies of the past, while younger people see the world through fresher eyes and place a new emphasis on areas the previous generation never gave thought to, like the environment and our quality of life.

Still, many people say they won’t give up their cigarettes, even though, relatives are dying of cancer.  Contractors frequently expose themselves to common toxins, stubbornly denying the health hazard.  Agriculture still uses herbicides and pesticides, even though, there is towering evidence of environmental damage.  And some people, like Chris Rodriquez, think it’s worth the meager profit on aviation fuel to have planes use our airport as a refueling stop when the excessive pollution created, as they take off, blankets the residents nearby.

But, there are other people who are more open minded, like Sean McCoy.  Maybe because his life has been involved in more than just aviation, unlike Mr. Rodriquez.  All of the thousand or more people, who were at the Silver Creek graduation, were painfully aware of the plane noise.  But I just wanted to thank Mr. Rodriquez for pointing out that Sean McCoy, a Longmont councilman, had the general public in mind when he tried to keep airplane noise down during the graduation ceremony.  Sean has got my vote next election.  Really, Mr. Rodriquez should think before speaking about the airport.

Have you ever been behind an old vehicle that had bad exhaust?  Maybe it’s time for Mr. Rodriquez to get off the road.