Mary Pitt

In The Days Before – Part 3

We continued, the two of us, living in the house with the five-star flag in the window and endured the rigors of living, not only in extreme poverty but with the added challenges of the war-time restrictions of food and ordinary daily needs.

In the Days Before

When you hear the politicians complain about needing to “reform entitlements,” you know that their aim is merely to end them.

Falling Through the Cracks

From my years of work in providing care for disabled people. I am well aware of the number of people who “fall through the cracks” of our vaunted welfare system.

Fouled Forever by Fracking

I have very strong misgivings about the XL pipeline proposal. Governor Brownback tells us that it will bring “good times” to Kansas but I have good reasons to doubt it.

Newt??? You’ve Gotta Be Kidding!

The Republican primary contest has been a highly amusing comedy of errors as first one and then another of a large group of misfits step forward onto the stage and do a series of prat falls that would make the old-time silent movie comedians proud.

Revolt of the Grannies

If those checks are not in our respective banks or mailboxes on schedule, you will learn a lesson that your own grandmothers failed to teach you. “It isn’t wise to piss off your Grandma!”

This Ain’t Ike’s Grand Old Party

Now that “the cows have come home”, our nation is financially broken, our jobs have been sent to other nations, and another depression is on our shoulders, another president is trying to set us back on the path to recovery.