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2A Huge Win for Longmont Community

Comcast loses, Longmont WINS

Big Money Loses Big

The Occupy (your city name here) movement has many issues it is trying to bring to light and one of them, as far as I can tell, is how the 99% overcome the rule of the 1% embodied in big government and big corporations. If they movement needs a recent win to be able to hold up and claim as it’s own, it has no further to look this morning than Longmont, Colorado.

In 2005, big corporations, (Comcast and Qwest), and big government, (the Colorado State Senate), conspired to pass a law that withheld from the citizens of every municipality in Colorado, the freedom to decide if they could/should be able to provide much needed broadband services, as a city, to it’s citizens. This law was particularly onerous for Longmont as the city already had an 18 mile fiber optic network in place and was using it to the benefit of it’s citizens. Big business and big government decided, no, you can no longer have free access to what you already own.

This morning, November 2nd 2011, the citizens of Longmont can congratulate themselves in overthrowing big business and big government right here in their hometown. Comcast launched it’s 2nd campaign in as many years to defeat the ballot issue that would keep broadband services in Longmont under their and CenturyLink’s (Qwest), control. Individual citizens did what they could, against an onslaught of spending by Comcast, (the final amount well be well north of $300K), to defeat big corporation’s intentions this time around. Good for you Longmont!

Now, we look to that excellent hometown organization, Longmont Power and COMMUNICATIONS :-) , to come up with a plan and execute it, to bring us much higher broadband speed, and better service, just as they have brought us electricity for a hundred years. They have already proven that they are capable and prudent with the funds they have available and I have no reason to think broadband services from them will be any different. Way to go Longmont! Once again, leading the way in the nation. You’ve given everyone something to celebrate this morning. In our little town, the 99%, (to be specific, 60% of the 99%), won the vote. Way to go!

Gigabytes and Microbrews

Beer glass image courtesy of

Gigabytes and Microbrews at the Left Hand Brewery - Oct 21, 2011 - 3-8pm

Left Hand Brewing Company and the supporters of Ballot Issue 2A will host a free educational event displaying cutting edge technology for use on fiber optic networks, along with complimentary hand crafted beers and gourmet pizzas by Treppeda’s, from 3 pm until 8pm on Friday, October 21, 2011 (map).  Drop in and discover what all the buzz about Longmont’s Fiber Optic network is really about.

See how Longmont’s City owned Electric System, Longmont Power and Communications, can use the existing Fiber Network to help you manage the rising cost of power by giving you access to real time usage information via the  Smart Meter – Fiber-to-the-Home demo.  This is a cutting edge demonstration where power measurement and monitoring are enabled between the power utility and the consumer.  This gives customers real time access to their usage data so they can make smarter decisions about how they use power in their home or offices to offset the rising cost of using energy.  Effective energy management is critical to the United States and it is critical to us as consumers to have the ability to make most effective use of it.  Fiber is the best way to do this.  This demo is based on the 2010 launch in Chattanooga Tennessee by Alcatel-Lucent customer Chattanooga Electric Power Board. This utility has upgraded their utility network to be based on a fiber to the home communications network and has estimates of millions of dollars in savings from being able to detect power outages immediately – using FIBER….. Detect power theft ….. Using FIBER and restore power more quickly during an outage….. Using FIBER!  In this consumer home demo a simulated home is depicted with a smart meter, in-home devices, meter collar and a Fiber Network Terminal.

3D Home: Fiber to the Home Broadband Services: This demo will show the high quality experience that can be brought to the City of Longmont to deliver  voice, video and data services over the Fiber infrastructure we already own.  It will show the value of having a true high speed broadband infrastructure by showing how using the services you want in your home “fill in the fiber pipe”.  Have you ever been trying to use the internet in your home in the evening and didn’t understand why it seemed slow or sluggish?  This will help explain how FIBER can solve that problem and give you lightening speeds to do things such as download simultaneous movies, game on the computer with a friend, have high quality interactive video chats, etc. without sacrificing speed or the quality of your experience.   The concept of “Triple Play Broadband Services” is presented and each service will take up some of the home service bandwidth until the pipe is filled.

Look what fiber can do for the medical industry in Longmont:

Telemedicine and Remote Surgery: Sure, it’s the stuff of science fiction, but rural doctors have been sending medical images to doctors overseas for years. The next step is surgery done by robots or other doctors in consultation with remote physicians. Given the delicate nature of the job, this is a task that requires 10 Mbps and 1 millisecond latency for surgery. You cannot get this without a fiber connection.

Enterprise Multimedia Suite (EMS) is an advanced multimedia solution for managing and delivering all types of digital media content in corporate environments. Alcatel-Lucent offers a flexible, easy-to-use, common platform, with third-party components and full professional services for content creation, content management and content distribution in the corporation. This demonstration will show how the solution allows enterprise customers to merge different multimedia services and different uses — live and on-demand content, promotional advertising and corporate communications — for a customized mix of relevant content to their business.

The Velocix Digital Media Delivery platform, is a simple and cost-effective solution for secure, reliable delivery of subscription video services to a wide range of consumer IP devices such as smart phones, tablets, PCs, and Internet enabled televisions or STBs.  Deployed as a Service Provider CDN, the Velocix platform allows publishing directly to the Service Provider network for both in-house and external catalogues, enabling control of content storage, management, and transport costs, while protecting and preserving content quality during its entire delivery.

Connected Camera – This Broadband service is another example of how a high bandwidth service is not just possible but EASY within the capabilities of the Broadband network. Requested by commercial photography and videography industry, a camera is connected to the IP network and photos and video are instantly sent to destination (magazine editor or identified email address).

Microsoft Mediaroom 2.0: IPTV for your Home and Content on the Go!
Demonstrating the latest in IPTV video technology and now including full Over the Top Video Delivery. Extending the current video offerings to Iphones, Ipads, Android Phone/Tablets, PC’s, Macs and more! Get the most out of video service. For service providers, maximize the stickiness and revenue by extending the current video offerings to mobile devices. For subscribers, enhanced video delivery beyond the home provides greater value than the STB alone.

For more information email Melinda Jordan or call (303) 772-1076

There you go again

We paid for the fiber network, we should be allowed to use it!

Well, it has already started. The folks who spent almost a quarter of a million dollars in the elections two years ago to convince the citizens of Longmont that being able to take further advantage of the fiber network they already own and are using is too dangerous for them, are at it again. No doubt by now, many of you have received one if not multiple “robo-calls” trying to convince you that the City is going to raise your taxes as a result of a yes vote on 2A. The first three words of Ballot Issue 2A say, “Without raising taxes”, but, since the opponents of this ballot, (those being the two mega-corporations who stand to benefit from you voting against 2A), can’t come up with any good reasons against the measure, they are resorting to the tired old cry of “they are going to raise your taxes!”

Citizens of Longmont, from 1997 to 2005, we had the right to use the asset that the city owns, namely the fiber network, to the benefit of ALL of the businesses and citizens of Longmont. The same corporations that are trying to “buy” your vote again, as they successfully did in 2009 with their “No Blank Check” campaign, in 2005 were able to lobby for and buy a law that took away our right to fully utilize this city owned asset. What ballot issue 2A is asking is for the citizens of Longmont to take back a right they once had.

This fiber network, which is fully operational today and used by the city for city purposes, and in fact already benefits the citizens of Longmont to some degree by keeping city service communications cost low, can do so much more. Our fiber network can be used to enhance the three Es, Employment, Education and Entertainment, here in Longmont. Low cost communications is as much a necessity today as is low cost power and water. Longmont already benefits from the lowest power rates in the country and the best service. Why wouldn’t we want the same advantage in the communications network that serves our businesses, our schools and our homes? Do you really believe the opponents of this measure, the lawyers from Denver being paid for by Comcast and CenturyLink, (stated so in a recent Chamber of Commerce session by the very lawyer), and the folks from Colorado Springs being funded by the same organizations, REALLY have YOUR best interest at heart? Do you think these folks would even be here if they weren’t being paid by these corporations?

When the election was over in 2009 and we lost by a very slim margin and the city was then able to explain more clearly what we lost, many of you wrote to the editor of the paper stating that if you had known what the ballot issue was actually about, instead of the “No Blank Check” that you had ben convinced it was about, you would have voted for it. Well, here is your second chance Longmont. Don’t let the two mega-corporations “buy” your vote with robo-calls and the mis-information mailings that will no doubt start this week. Be informed and take back the right you had to an asset that you already own, to the benefit of our businesses, our schools and ourselves.

Vote YES! on 2A! Visit

Be part of Longmont’s Future!

The following statements discuss the Federal Communications Commission encouragement of communities building their own networks when they feel there is an unmet need:

Even Google has defended the rights of communities to build these networks.

Institute for Local Self Reliance

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