It’s not a wonderful life for many

Charles Dickens’ “Christmas Carol” is relevant these days with many in Congress playing the role of Scrooge before he was visited by the Christmas spirits. Dickens was greatly concerned about the plight of children forced to work under dreadful conditions and about the lives of the poor.

Deadbeat Bosses

Deadbeats in suits.

Low wage earners are prey for the lowest form of life: Deadbeat Bosses who decide not to pay their employees. Too often they get away with it because the workers they pauper can’t afford to feed their families, let alone a legal battle.

Finding homes is the next difficult task

Photo by M. Douglas Wray

It has been inspiring that so many nonprofits, churches, individuals and city/county staff and departments stepped up to help flood victims. The real challenges come ahead of us when funds run low and most residents return to normal life.

Need vs Greed

The fast-food execs are screaming that a wage increase would mark the end. It’s long overdue and everyone knows it.

Down the corporate greed rabbit hole

When did making a profit turn into greed? Greed has been around from the beginning of time, but my guess would be it was unleashed in the1980s when American voters bought the farce that wealth would trickle down to them. There was no proof of this theory, but politicians kept saying it over and over…