Why I am Opposed to the Heaven fest Music Festival at Union Reservoir

I’m a resident who appreciates Longmont’s small town, quiet atmosphere. I don’t relish my town becoming the site of an annual, multi-day, large scale rock concert, with all the noise, congestion, environmental degradation, traffic jams and inconvenience that it would entail.

I don’t think this event should be a “done deal”, in spite of the gushing enthusiasm expressed for it on the part of one of the local newspapers, some local business groups,  and many of the conservative members of the City Council.   I’m worried that the City hasn’t even asked the threshold question about such an event: do Longmont citizens really want our town – and sensitive public lands – being taken over by 50,000 people for a huge, loud, multi-day event?  This isn’t being touted as a one time event.  The promoters openly say they are looking for a permanent home, to have the event come back year after year, hopefully gaining in size each year.  On their website, the Heaven Fest promoters say that the event has basically doubled in attendance each year.  So what does that mean: next year’s attendance will be 100,000 concert goers?  Our town is only approximately 88,000 people-strong.  We’ll be swamped by such huge numbers of people.  I say the initial 50,000 applied for is too much.  I’d prefer to stop it before it starts, before it becomes entrenched.  Personally, I wouldn’t be happy to see other huge events come here either – such as the Kinetics Conveyance Race which apparently is no longer welcome in Boulder.  In my opinion such huge events belong in stadiums, not small town scenic reservoirs.

The Heaven Fest promoters have been talking to City staff for several months about using the Union Reservoir as their concert venue, even though the Reservoir is a sensitive wildlife area.  It doesn’t appear that City staff as of yet have raised a peep of an objection to the Reservoir usage.  The Reservoir is a wetlands area that provides foraging, nesting, migration or general habitat usage for bald eagles, great blue herons, ducks, geese, pelicans, pheasants, white-tailed deer, raptors, songbirds, shorebirds, coyote, fox, raccoons, etc.  In spite of this sensitive ecosystem, the Heaven Fest promoters want to use this or adjoining open space land for campers, RVs, massive parking, 7 stages, multiple events, and numerous vendors.   And they want this ecosystem to be subjected to a deluge of 50,000 people in a two day period, with build-up and tear-down for the event expected to last an additional ten days.  Our Reservoir was never intended to be subjected to such an onslaught.

It doesn’t appear that the City is taking its own permit ordinances into account, in its haste to get its hands on hoped for – but unsubstantiated – claims of revenues.  The Longmont Municipal Code sets very high standards before a public use permit involving the public lands can be issued.  Chapter 13.37 says that the City Clerk shall not issue a special use permit if any of a variety of problematic conditions would be found to occur.  These supposedly deal-breaking conditions include a finding that the event would unreasonably obstruct public access; or would generate unreasonable noise; or would bring a crowd so large as to threaten the public peace; or would be likely to result in excessive damage to the property in light of that property’s prior usage or current condition; or would conflict with the scheduled use of the property.

In my opinion, a fair analysis of Heaven Fest’s request for a two day loud noise permit, to accommodate 50,000 concert goers, parking for 15,000 vehicles, the use of 7 stages, several nights of mass overnight camping, plus an extended ten day preparation/dismantling process, would show that all of the above conditions would be violated at the Reservoir.  If reasonably obeyed, our City Code would not tolerate the issuance of a permit for this event.

I support the spirit and intent of the City Code, and say: “Keep Union Reservoir Wild.”  Just say no to huge events like the proposed Heaven Fest concert.

Letter to the Editor – Firestone Lawsuit

The Longmont City Council recently voted to initiate settlement discussions in its lawsuit against the Town of Firestone. The Firestone lawsuit was and is a hot-button political issue for many people in Longmont.  It concerns Longmont’s willingness to contest the proposed development plans of the Life Bridge Church on property annexed by Firestone, which is so near to the Union Reservoir.

Many folks are disappointed by Council’s settlement decision because we continue to be worried about the impacts of the proposed LifeBridge development on quality of life in Longmont.  For example:

  • The planned Life Bridge development is putting Longmont’s eastern boundary  at risk of being swallowed up into undifferentiated urban sprawl.
  • The planned Life Bridge development would put the equivalent of a new town right on the edge of Longmont’s eastern border.
  • Longmont has a very substantial financial investment in the Union Reservoir and surrounding properties – almost $75 million dollars.  This huge public investment would be negatively impacted by the Life Bridge development and by Longmont’s loss of control over what happens around its properties.
  • The sensitive environmental ecosystem in and around Union Reservoir would be seriously compromised by a development the size of Life Bridge.  This at-risk ecosystem includes bald eagle plus migratory bird habitat.

I am not surprised that the newly elected City council – which now is controlled by a majority of four conservative members who are very pro-development – would vote to settle the Firestone lawsuit rather than proceed with it.  That doesn’t mean that we folks who were concerned with the Life Bridge mega-development are any happier with it.  We will be following the settlement negotiations and continue to make our opinions heard.  The issue isn’t over – it is too important to forget.

Be Alive ad campaign funds misused? 12-20-09

Be Alive in Longmont, a contractor to the City of Longmont, received City taxpayer funds to advertise a partisan ad on December 20, 2009, in the Longmont Ledger and possibly in other media venues.

I find the fact that City taxpayer money has been used to pay for an advertisement extolling the virtues of a partisan politician, who happens to be our present Mayor, Mr. Baum, is personally offensive. In addition, I believe it is also an unethical use of taxpayer funds for political purposes, even if that was not the intention of the ad. The City has just come out of a rather ugly political campaign in which Mr. Baum was a candidate. Why is the City spending its limited funds to advertise to the public the virtues of a politician in that campaign, or any politician? It’s not an ad that says that the Mayor is doing his job as a Mayor. No, it’s an ad saying what an exceptional guy he is, a (quote) “community pillar with generations of support” and other personal superlatives. The Mayor’s campaign manager couldn’t have spun it any better, and our tax dollars should not be used to further any politician’s career. At the very least, it creates the appearance of impropriety and is unacceptable on that basis alone.

Furthermore, the ad uses our taxpayer dollars to say that Mayor Baum takes his family to two particularly named Longmont restaurants. So, now our taxpayer money is not only favoring a particular politician, it is also favoring two out of the dozens of great restaurants that exist in Longmont. Again, the misappropriation of taxpayer funds for biased purposes, unacceptably favoring certain Longmont businesses over others, is reprehensible.

I don’t believe the City could, on its own, use City funds to run such a biased and inappropriate advertisement. I certainly don’t think the City can avoid responsibility for this ethical lapse merely by running the money through a contractor. I have never heard of either the federal or the state governments running ads saying what a great person the present incumbent was, and I don’t think the City government has any greater right to do this than the other branches of government

For all the above reasons, I urge the City’s Attorney’s Office to investigate the use of taxpayer funds for this inappropriate ad. Further, I think the moral murkiness surrounding this ad provides a valuable insight into why Longmont’s Fair Campaigns Election Committee should be maintained and strengthened. As our Founding Fathers knew so well when they created our Constitution, politics – and power – brings out the worst in people, in everyone. I believe we need all the help we can get in making sure Longmont’s campaigns are fair and above-board.

Comments to Council 1-5-10

We’ve hearing in the newspaper about the proposed Heaven Fest Christian music concert which – if a City permit will be granted – will be held at the City’s Union Reservoir this July.  Unfortunately, we’ve only been given the rose-colored, glowing “good” side of the story.   As a citizen of Longmont, I am concerned about the potential negative consequences of permitting this event to go forward – or others like it – without a fair and adequate analysis being done of the actual costs and benefits to the City.

Think of it -Heaven Fest is promoting on its website that it will have room this year for more than 50,000 concert goers.  A concert of this magnitude – 50,000 concert goers – would attract to our small city for a multi-day event, a clientele whose population would almost double the population of our City.  This is no small matter – it is huge.  I am very concerned that our City is rushing into this permitting process, without having given enough thought to the potential negative consequences.

For instance, has anybody in the City contacted the City of Boulder and found out why the Kinetics Races, which had been held in Boulder and had attracted huge crowds similar to those expected by Heaven Fest – was no longer happening in Boulder?   Has anybody found out what the actual costs of the Kinetics Races were to the City of Boulder, such as the police, cleanup, or power-related expenses, as well as finding out what the quality-of-life and environmental impacts had been?  Similarly, has anybody from the City of Longmont gotten an opinion from the Division of Wildlife or other bona fide wildlife expert, concerning what the possible negative effects on wildlife and plant life might be, of placing such a huge amount of people into the environmentally-sensitive Reservoir?

These are serious questions – and I don’t think they have been adequately analyzed yet.  Even larger questions than these, I believe are not being addressed.   These are: do the citizens of our small town really want to be deluged by crowds as large as those expected at Heaven Fest, and do they really want our recreation areas to be turned over to huge commercial ventures?  I, personally, have serious reservations about these kind of ventures being held on our public lands, and I imagine others do to.  Yet such concerns are not even being mentioned, much less being addressed.

So I urge Council and the City to slow down the freight train here, and give much more adequate consideration to whether the huge Heaven Fest event is an appropriate event for our City.  I am not convinced that it is.

Remarks I shared at Longmont City Council on 1/12/10

Earlier today I attended the Martin Luther King celebration in these chambers. The City put together a beautiful and inspirational program. When I looked at the posters of MLK and President Obama together, I felt both hopeful and melancholy. Hopeful to think of how far we’ve come, and melancholy as I realized how far we still need to travel to end discrimination… As my friend Strider reminds me, “It’s a long march.”

While that’s not what I came to speak about, I was inspired. See, I too have a dream. My dream is to keep Union Reservoir Wild. This dream started in 2001, when the City of Longmont had a contract on 315 acres at Union for Open Space. Due to a glitch in the contract, the landowner was able to get out of this contract when Lifebridge Church doubled the offer the City had made.

I was on a organized bird walk at Union 10 days ago where we saw 7 bald eagles, 2 golden eagles, 2 norther harriers, 1 coyote, 2 foxes and a flock of about 100 horn larks. All this is 70 minutes. Union Reservoir and the wildlife it supports and surrounding land is precious and needs protection.

My ultimate dream is that Lifebridge has a change of heart and decides to sell this land back to the city to be kept wild as was the original plan.

My new short term dream is that the organizers of Heavens Fest realize the incredible jewel Union Reservoir is and rethink the location of their event. I was thinking Main Street would be far superior for the following reasons: 1) They know hoe to do large festivals–accommodating 20,000+ people. Extending a couple blocks might be necessary if there will be 35,000+ people.
2) There is regional and local RTD services to Main Street and from Main Street all over Longmont. 3) Downtown businesses would get an economic boost and lots of great exposure. Frankly, Union attenders would travel east, north, south in addition to those that might come west into Longmont. A more central location increases the likelihood of dollars staying here. 4) The Main Street location would not have a negative impact on Land & wildlife. 5) Shuttles could be arranged from the fairgrounds etc. to offset parking.

Heaven Fest maybe a good idea. It’s just not a good location.

Left Hand Hosts Haiti Fundraiser

Longmont’s Left Hand Brewing Company will host a fundraiser to raise money for the victims in Haiti.

“Left Hand for Haiti” will take place on Jan. 21, 5-8pm, at the Left Hand Tasting Room. The event will include a live band, food, a silent auction, a representative from local nonprofit “Colorado Haiti Project” and, of course, beer.

All donations, funds from the silent auction, tips for the band and $1-per-pint sold will go directly to the Louisville-based Colorado Haiti Project, which has given aid in Haiti for more than 20 years.

For information on Left Hand, visit or call 303.772.0258. For info on the Colorado Haiti Project, visit

January 2010 Yellow Scene


From the Daily Camera Letters online:

Fair and balanced?

Yeah, right

My wife and I watched 60 Minutes with interest last Sunday to discover that Sarah Palin had to ask Joe Biden if she could call him Joe at the vice-presidential debates so she wouldn’t make the mistake of confusing his last name with Obama’s. She ended up calling him O’Biden anyway.

However strange that was, your story in Monday’s paper topped it. Fox News hired Sarah Palin as a political commentator and analyst. Her response? “It’s wonderful to be part of a place that so values fair and balanced news.” Fox News fair and balanced? Now that’s an oxymoron.

And Sarah Palin as a Fox political analyst? That’s even better, my wife said. That`s a Foxymoron!


Ice Rink expects profit in 2010

From the Times Call:

Longmont ice rink expects 11.5 percent profit from 2009

By Scott Rochat
© 2010 Longmont Times-Call

LONGMONT — The Longmont Ice Pavilion is becoming a moneymaker for the city.

According to preliminary 2009 numbers (which don’t become final until March), the ice rink took in $146,956 during the year while spending $131,752. That comes to $15,204 of revenue, or roughly an 11.5 percent gain.

“It was just awesome,” said city recreation manager Jeff Friesner.

“This is becoming the place to be in the wintertime,” agreed Mark Mann, who manages the ice rink.

The 2009 figures reflect the last half of the 2008-09 skating season and the first half of the 2009-10 season. The season ends March 14.

The news is a welcome turnaround for a rink that once was on the chopping block. In October 2007, the Longmont City Council cut the rink from the budget due to its operating costs; at the time, the ice pavilion was making back no more than 60 percent of its expenses.

A new council gave the rink a second chance that December. Skaters didn’t take long to make the most of it. The rink broke even in 2008 and drew an estimated 21,000 people to the ice for the 2008-09 season.

“I would comfortably say we’ll easily surpass that figure,” Friesner said of this season’s expected attendance.

Read the rest at the Times Call

Heaven Fest not popular with neighbors

Officials, neighbors talk about 2 previous Heaven Fest events

Event could bring 30,000 people to Longmont

By Rachel Carter
© 2010 Longmont Times-Call

BRIGHTON — John Jukkola is happy Heaven Fest won’t be in his back yard this summer.

And he doesn’t want to see the Christian music festival return.

“I’m glad they’re gone, and I hope they don’t come back, but Longmont needs to know what they’re in for,” Jukkola said Tuesday afternoon in his shop on his 60-acre property on Weld County Road 4, about a mile north of the field where Heaven Fest was held the past two years.

Read the rest at the Times-Call

Cognitive Dissonance Overload

One of the anonymously insane commenters at the TC blurted this out:

mfrede, sorry that you don’t get it. We have to rescue progress from the so-called progressives. We need a liberal, not a libertarian, social order with deeper values than material advances. Your idea all pre-existing traditions or values are by definition just so much unprogressive baggage is as philistine as it is laughable. Pseudo progressives pose danger of fanaticism, authoritarianism, abuse of power, exploitation or abuse of the old and the young, corruption, rigged elections and harm to minorities. In our confused discourse, some people who embody these very threats have disguised themselves as liberals. Their deep intolerance and intimidatory techniques in pursuit of license and power must be resisted in the interests of preserving a decent, fair and free society. That is why I am a progressive.

Wrangler, Longmont, 1/15/2010 12:21 AM

This is so twisted up logically it hurts to read.

The person behind this pseudonym should really seek psychiatric help immediately… obvious loss of connection to reality.

I mean, this person is so spooky they should be required to wear a yellow shirt with thick black diagonal stripes at all types to indicate ‘hazard’.

Anyone this mentally disrupted shouldn’t be allowed to drive.


Here comes the Baum Squad!

The Baum Squad

The new Longmont City Council is sworn in – and at. These are images from and may take up to thirty seconds to load. Please wait.

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A few educational notes about public photography

The following is from Petapixel and is the text of a reference on photographers rights. If you’d like to submit a photo to Free Range Longmont, please be sure these rules have been observed:

  1. You can make a photograph of anything and anyone on any public property, except where a specific law prohibits it. i.e. streets, sidewalks, town squares, parks, government buildings open to the public, and public libraries.
  2. You may shoot on private property if it is open to the public, but you are obligated to stop if the owner requests it. i.e. malls, retail stores, restaurants, banks, and office building lobbies.
  3. Private property owners can prevent photography ON their property, but not photography OF their property from a public location.
  4. Anyone can be photographed without consent when they are in a public place unless there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. i.e. private homes, restrooms, dressing rooms, medical facilities, and phone booths.
  5. Despite common misconceptions, the following subjects are almost always permissible:
    • accidents, fire scenes, criminal activities
    • children, celebrities, law enforcement officers
    • bridges, infrastructure, transportation facilities
    • residential, commercial, and industrial buildings
  6. Security is rarely an acceptable reason for restricting photography. Photographing from a public place cannot infringe on trade secrets, nor is it terrorist activity.
  7. Private parties cannot detain you against your will unless a serious crime was committed in their presence. Those that do so may be subject to criminal and civil charges.
  8. It is a crime for someone to threaten injury, detention, confiscation, or arrest because you are making photographs.
  9. You are not obligated to provide your identity or reason for photographing unless questioned by a law enforcement officer and state law requires it.
  10. Private parties have no right to confiscate your equipment without a court order. Even law enforcement officers must obtain one unless making an arrest. No one can force you to delete photos you have made.

These are general guidelines regarding the right to make photos and should not be interpreted as legal advice. If you need legal help, please contact a lawyer.

Here’s a few more good references on photographer’s rights:

The Photographer’s Right by Bert P. Krages II, attorney at law. PDF Pocket Ref.

Photography & the First Amendment

Know Your Rights: Photographers

The Anti-Solar Mayor

Video from Longmont City Council Open Forum January 12th, 2010. Listen to our new mayor’s remarks to a citizen asking for reconsideration of the solar tax credit.


A Greater Vision for Longmont and America Continues

A Greater Vision for Longmont and America Continues

Progress is not made by one endeavor or one election.  It requires persistence, dedication, and commitment – no matter the obstacles, no matter the adversaries.

Longmont endured a huge setback in the November 2009 elections.  Some are still wondering how this happened.  Simply stated, progress was out-gunned and outspent.

While we can learn from the past, we should not dwell on it.  We should recommit to achieving our goals and understanding our challenges.

The Longmont Vision remains a “greater vision” of realizing the goals that will guarantee sustainability and prosperity in the 21st century.  Its content will serve as an antidote to the agenda of the Times-Call and other outlets whose interests are narrow and self-serving.

Share your insights and understandings with me as I will with you.  Together we can return Longmont to realizing the promise that it holds but will not be achieved under its current leadership.

Local developers, the religious fundamentalists represented by LifeBridge Church, and the Times-Call took aim at the council majority elected in November 2007 almost immediately upon their swearing in.  When the “other side” has the benefit of a daily mouth organ, the odds can be insurmountable.  Sometimes the effect on public perception is accomplished with subtlety and sometimes it is blatant.

Those who’ve studied journalism and politics recognize that this is accomplished by the choice of what stories are covered, by the headlines attached to them, by information left out of articles (or stripped from them), by the editorials, by local OpEd pieces sought or rejected, and by the balance of letters to the editor to name just a few mechanisms.

And the Times-Call frivolously filed a lawsuit against the city for “secrecy” that it knew was within the Colorado statute.  The lawsuit was intended to blacken the eyes of the progressive council majority in the public’s eye—and, based on the election results, it apparently helped.

It is unfortunate, but no surprise, that the newly-elected Longmont City Council majority, all of whom were endorsed by the Times-Call leading up to the election, have no doubt pressured the remaining city council members to settle that suit.  After all, 4 beats 3 in any mathematics textbook.

I wonder what the indirect payback will be to the Times-Call for their help in getting this new majority elected.  And I hope that the remaining three council members will vote “No” regardless of the settlement terms when the issue returns to council.  They may have the numbers, but “might” doesn’t make “right.”

Other Republicans from within the city, throughout the state and from out of state also engaged in the same strategy.  They succeeded in costing the city a great deal of money and gaining only limited changes to the Fair Campaign Practices Act.  Not only did the city agree to a $68,500 settlement but the group filing the suit intentionally violated the Longmont Fair Campaign Practices Act as it stood.  These people are not naïve; they knew their actions would provoke complaints and they knew costs would be incurred in the process.

There was no “free speech” issue – never was, isn’t now, and never will be.  The proof was in the pudding – and that pudding was rancid as soon as it was written and arrived in mailboxes across Longmont as the Longmont Leadership “newspaper.”

The money that poured into conservative Republican candidates was greater than ever seen before in Longmont.  Out of area organizations funneled nearly $25,000 to their anointed candidates.    And local contributors angered and fuming since November 2007 contributed nearly $61,500, to candidates who have no intention of representing “the citizens of Longmont,” much less ALL of the citizens of Longmont.  The evidence of this is already in and will be compounded over the months to come (24 minus 3 and counting).  Over $86,000 buys a lot of something, and it’s not just candidates.

As a great Republican bearing no resemblance to the current batch said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” (Abraham Lincoln)

2011 will be the End of an Error.

Longmont Vision and are publications of Longmont Vision, created for the purpose of informing members of the Longmont community about issues and activities that impact their present and future wellbeing.  Editorial decisions are determined by Kaye Fissinger.

Consumers Beware: Monsanto Is A Global Multinational Biotech Killer

Henry Kissinger is on record calling us a bunch of “useless eaters.” Is Monsanto a depopulation tool of his liking?

By Vincent L. Guarisco
January 14, 2010

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall — think of it, ALWAYS.” ~~Mahatma Gandhi

I am a person with strong moral and ethical convictions and, as a proud parent who cares, I have read many child development books — most of them have a couple of things in common — they say it’s imperative to feed our kids a well-balanced diet and they strongly advise us to lovingly hug our children as often as we can. If this is true, then I’m no longer blurry about something.  The mystery is revealed; Mr. Henry (kiss of death) Kissinger is a bad-ass example of “bad nutrition” and cruel “child neglect.”

Indeed, food and water and love’s aphorism is our common ground, a universal experience to be revealed. But let’s be real, it’s also a vulnerable weak point for some people to abuse in ways unimaginable. Aside from being kind and loving to one another, if we are what we consume, we’d better be much more selective in what we eat or drink. Especially in knowing we physically and mentally grow or disfigure from that digestive starting point. After all, destroy the body and the mind dies with it.

Call me an activist dreamer. I live for the day when we can birth a healthy revolutionary movement to subdue all the crazy power-hungry carcinogenic-producing multinational biotech industrialists who seem determined to condemn us to miserable life of sickness, birth defects and death. Although there are many honorable individuals and companies out there producing healthy consumer products, that demand is not being met, so affordable organic supply is slim to none. Having said that, and with no offensive pun intended, a legitimate question nudges the non-nutritious lobe: Where is it mentioned anywhere in the Big Black Book that the future bread of Christ would later be dipped in 21st century arsenic?

For some time now, I have watched my America and the world fall ill in epidemic proportions while most surrender their sensibilities and concerns. I find this woefully unacceptable. Im sure most would agree that Gandhi (quoted above) is highly regarded as one of the most optimistic spiritual deities of our century. However, I’m equally sure even Gandhi would agree that the wellspring for love and truth starts with giving our bodies a healthy nutritional chance to evolve through safe consumerism. A necessity for achieving that higher sphere of philosophical excellence and grace that he himself inspires. So I quickly recommend we lose the narrow visio n and quickly find a better platter and chalice for which to wine and dine, because seed giant “Monsanto” is manufacturing some of the most poisonous Trojan horses the food chain has ever seen. Consumers beware, we are now trapped in a deadly chemical labyrinth!

One of the most insidious corporations to ever taint the consumer realm, Monsanto is a global killer; a maker of growth hormones in livestock, Agent Orange (dioxin), MON 810, and RoundUp Ultra, a highly concentrated Glophosate herbicide used on global agriculture crops with additional surfactants (to increase lethality). As the inventor of genetically modified (GMO) crops and food products, Monsanto is a major producer of agriculture (GMO) seeds specifically designed to yield only “sterile” seeds from farmers’ next harvest; thus, causing economic and environmental disaster for farmers at home and abroad.  A maker and distributor of deadly PCB’s added to global water supplies and one of the biggest toxic-waste polluters the world has ever seen — under the worst circumstances, Monsanto is probably a conspicuous card-carrying member of Kissinger’s vehemence that is helping to thin the flock in what the globalists call “the great culling.”

Please take a moment and join the “Organic Consumers Association” (OCA) campaign to “mobilize one million consumers to end Monsanto’s global corporate terrorism.”

According to them, Monsanto’s Board of Directors include many high profile names such as former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and former Secretary of Agriculture Anne Veneman.  With large campaign contributions given to buy politicians, Monsanto lobbies to a host of them — former Secretary of Health (Wisconsin’s Governor), Tommy Thompson, former Attorney General John Ashcroft, former Chairman for the House Agriculture Committee Larry Combest are just a small handful on a very long list.

Plus, it’s interesting to note that, prior to being confirmed as a US Supreme Court Justice, the Anita Hill bashing, Long Dong Silver enthusiast “Clarence Thomas” was Monsanto’s “Lawyer” (sic). How convenient, they also have a powerful enabler on the highest court in the land to continue protecting them as well. . .

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him p ower.”  Well, I’d venture to say that if Lincoln knew the dire health consequences associated with Monsanto’s death dealing minions and — providing his voice could travel up a golfer hole from the grave — we would probably hear him ask to be re-buried several feet deeper in a more secure vacuum-sealed vault.

And nothing drives the nail further into the proverbial coffin than “Phil Angell,” Director of Corporate Communications when he gushed to the New York Times: “Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe biotech food, our interest is in selling as much of it as possible.” Angell added, “Assuring its safety is the FDA’s job.” Well, that would be fine and dandy if the FDA actually did its job, but that is simply not the case. Sadly, the FDA does not come even remotely close to fulfilling its government regulatory safeguarding obligations. Not with past presidential appointees heading the agency, and certainly no t now with Obama. What a hateful monopoly game it truly is — Monsanto gets a free fucking pass around “Go” each and every time.

In addition, “Honest Abe” also said, “If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?” I guess it’s fair to say that Philly boy and the rest of the motley crew at Monsanto is a classic ambidextrous mix of Lon Chaney facial types who see fit to add cancer-causing preservatives, additives, colorings, artificial flavorings, steroids, etc., to their GMO products. In this context, “two-faced” is far too kind a depiction.

Well, as long as we’re exhuming legacies and looking for “saviors” in scarcities realm, I might as well emphasize how another great patriot made his powerful stand. We can all learn a thing or two from “Nelson Mandela.” He mustered immense strength, courage and determination to survive his captivity and still fight the powers that be. Well, we share some obvious common ground with this great a nd noble man — we’re all prisoners now in this new terrible Eden full of sick Monsanto apples poisoning the landscape. However, regardless of the challenges we face, no one can deny that Mandela’s incredible wisdom and endurance is a valuable lesson for us to ascertain. Yes, Mandela went boldly into bondage as a martyr for his nation. He defiantly stared into the eyes of his suppressors who wrongfully held him captive for decades as a political prisoner and yet, he overcame their torture and came out on the other side even stronger as a free man who went on to help millions. Wow.

I ask you this, was he born with some magical celestial “organic” genetic cocktail from above? Seriously, along with toasting Gandhi’s spiritual cup, we may want to quickly “in vitro” this same courage, tenacity and perseverance into future wombs to fertilize a big bang of truth, activism and justice. It’s amazing that so many great moral compasses have com e and gone; yet, the needle remains pointed in the wrong direction today.

Here in the US, some of our past leaders, especially Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, had their hearts and priorities in the right place. They both warned us of a powerful pending threat that, if left unchecked, would not only control government, but become it. Well, that day is here. These unpleasant Bilderberg, Rockefeller, Rothschild elites with all their augmented subsidiaries now seem to think they own us lock, stock and barrel. Or, they seem to think they do. . .

(((insert a very “stale” consumer wink here))).

Listen-up world: our common goal collectively binds us together. Our mission is one and the same. We all seek global peace, personal freedom, compassion and respect for all nations with different cultures and belief systems.  We seek to conduct our own affairs without intrusive interference from New World Order foreign entities, corporations or government tyranny that would subvert the very fabric of each nation’s sovereign right.

In retrospect, We each share the same sacred birthright. We demand to live free and prosper, to grow peacefully, to maintain healthy living standards without aggressive chemical-pushing biotech behemoths like Monsanto (and others) who are trying to kill us off by destroying the world’s food and water supply right out in plain sight.

In fact, when considering other disturbing anomalies like this deadly H1N1 flu virus that’s currently flying around the globe like an evil fairy dust, we can also add the giant Baxter Healthcare Corporation to the hit-list for surreptitiously spreading this infectious disease, and for manufacturing and distributing a global pharmaceutical immunization “hot-shot” for all of us useless eaters to harmfully inject or inhale. But that’s another nutshell for me to crack at a later date. . .

What we already know for sure is bad enough. It’s our very own personal “in our face” live-streaming 3-D featured event. An outrageous high definition virtual reality horror picture show. Yes, and the poison Koolaid and popcorn has already been doled-out at the snack shop.

Indeed, the mutli-national biotech globalists are working non-stop, feverishly attempting to create a one-world empire in order to dominate the world’s natural resources and everything contained within. We also understand this treachery was created by design — with calculators in their laps — as a means to measure, divide, conquer and reduce the world’s population to a more efficient, manageable amount for them to better control and enslave us. So, bottom line, we must unite under one collective banner in order to defeat them and survive.

Across the globe, a great awareness is quickly gathering steam. We ask all nations to harness that energy and join forces in solidarity to help restore health, stability and freedom to prevent this impending tragedy. Let us combine our unique abilities and gifts to enhance our greatest advantage.  We are billions strong! Our brilliant points of light can surely light the way for the greatest global arch of activism the world has ever seen for the betterment of all mankind.

I say let’s shut down the evil ruling class business machine with some mass global “boycotts” and “strikes.” Dissent is beautiful thing. Let us organize some real dates when we will all stop paying taxes, stop buying their products and services and stop manufacturing their goods for them even if it’s only for a day or a week at a time (as needed). As pissed-off consumers, we hold so much more power than we will ever realize! This will take their breath away. Divided, we may not have a real voice in today’s society, and we may not be able to defeat the power ful standing armies of today, but truthfully, we don’t have to — all we have to do is combine our efforts and effortlessly do nothing. Ironically, it’s as easy as that.  If we buy nothing, do nothing, produce nothing and spend nothing, the New World Order Empire will ultimately crumble into the ash bin of time and we will be much better off without their presence.

As Thomas Jefferson famously said, “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” I say we can defeat the elitists without firing a damn shot and without spilling any blood whatsoever. All we have to do is get our shit together and bankrupt them as they have already done to us. Think about it, but not for too long…

Vincent L Guarisco is a freelance writer from Bullhead City AZ., a contributing writer for many web sites, and a lifetime founding member of the Alliance of Atomic Veterans. Reprint permission is given as long as article content is not altered or changed and credit is given to the author. The 21st century, once so full of shining promise, now threatens to force countless millions of us at home and abroad into a dark abyss of languishing poverty and silent servitude; a lowly prodigy of painful struggle and suffering that could stream for generations to come. I’m wishing for a miracle, before it is too late, the masses will figure it out and will stand as one and roar. So, pass the word — it’s past time to take back what is ours — the American Dream where the pursuit of happiness, the ability to live in a free and peaceful nation is a reality. We bought it, and we paid for it. It’s time to take it back .. For replies, contact:

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