Psycho Talk

Samples from the farthest reaches of the Longmont Lunatic Fringe and beyond

Signs of Dementia

These are signs seen primarily at Tea Party Protests. They all feature “creative” spelling or grammar. This new dialect of the English language shall be known as “Teabonics.”

See the set (be prepared to laugh out loud)

Removing Jefferson

They're grim alright

Cutting out Jefferson?

So much for those ‘Founders’ we hear so much about.

From TFN Insider:

9:30 – Board member Cynthia Dunbar wants to change a standard having students study the impact of Enlightenment ideas on political revolutions from 1750 to the present. She wants to drop the reference to Enlightenment ideas (replacing with “the writings of”) and to Thomas Jefferson. She adds Thomas Aquinas and others. Jefferson’s ideas, she argues, were based on other political philosophers listed in the standards.

To paraphrase a local political figure: I will fight you with every fiber of my being before I let you do this.

Apparently politics is supposed to get extreme this year – and this is exactly the way to start it by attacking the core of America’s beliefs.

Hat tip to Say It Ain’t So and TFN

Think Progress has more.

The Fringe Element

Making a few adjustments

It's all a conspiracy. Really!!

Via the Times-Call:

If you go to a public meeting in Longmont and see uniformed officers who are not part of a presentation, check to see if Councilman McCoy is present. These are his cops. He calls them ostensibly to keep the peace, but they are really his body guards. If there’s an issue on any agenda that Mr. McCoy believes will draw a crowd, the cops will be there in force. Citizens with objections or discussion points = Fringe Element.

More violence in TC comments

Lunatic Fringers on parade

Good guys show their face

I’ve noticed that two frequent commenters at the Times-Call – ‘Weld Resident’ and ‘conservelongmont’ routinely spout violent, off-topic partisan rants like these:

Isn’t it ironic that the BCC can spend millions on open space that is closed to the public but can’t spend some of that same money on roads that benefit the public directly. They should be thrown out of office, tarred and feathered and run out of town!!

Weld Resident, Longmont Co, 3/5/2010 9:43 AM Report abuse

The Messiah is handing out STIMULUS money right and left why dont the LIBERAL county commissioners get their hands out there and ask for money to pave the roads after all this government builds bridges to no where and can get terrorists lawyers to defend them and can have tax cheats in government And then there is all the OPEN SPACE that we get to buy And you might look at who was a County Commissioner when the deal was passed to not pave the roads if I am not mistaken it was the LAND TZAR Ronnie Stewart who now has a 150000$ per year job running open space just an observation I apologize for the punctuation I am a product of public education

conservelongmont, Longmont,colorado, 3/5/2010 8:42 AM

Funny how ‘Weld Resident’ makes a fetish of the word ‘ironic’ – something a local hate-blogger/GOP activist also does.

Also, ‘tar and feather’ someone? If that’s not inciting violence, what is?

The real irony here is how these kind of comments are virutally always anonymous. There’s some real courage of conviction for you.

GOP sends out fake census surveys

ProPublica: A few weeks ago we wrote about a faux “Census” survey (image) being sent out by the Republican National Committee. We’ve gotten about 40 responses pointing us to other examples of questionable invocations of the census and other official-sounding surveys that are actually fundraising requests. One, called the “Official Ask America Datascan Survey,” (image) was sent out by the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and makes the questions on the faux “Census” form look tame. One question from the survey:

“Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi want to confiscate legal fire arms from law abiding American citizens. Do oppose [sic] this liberal effort to restrict your Right to Bear Arms?”

Someone please explain to me how more money is going to discourage this kind of unethical activity.

Progressives need to get voters activated and informed. Right now.

Wheatland, the town that time forgot

And maybe it’s a good thing.

Reminds me of the underground community in A Boy and His Dog

From the Denver Post:

Wyoming school district bans Anti-Defamation League’s anti-hate banners

By Susan Greene
Denver Post Columnist

Posted: 02/23/2010 01:00:00 AM MST

Wheatland is a community of about 3,400 in southeast Wyoming, with a school board dominated by dolts.

Platte County School District No. 1 has banned anti-hate banners because the signs were co-sponsored by the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado.

“We’re a conservative community. We don’t need extremist organizations coming in propagating their liberal views,” said dance studio owner Joe Fabian, a school board trustee.

Starting in 2008, an elementary and a high school in the district signed up for “No Place for Hate,” a project run by the Anti-Defamation League in Colorado and Wyoming. The initiative works to “enhance the appreciation of diversity and foster harmony amongst diverse groups,” its mission states, and to “empower schools to promote respect for individual and group differences while challenging prejudice and bigotry.”

Subversive stuff, huh?

As a reward for participating, the ADL provided 3-foot-by-6-foot banners bearing the schools’ names, the words “No Place for Hate” and acknowledgments to the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado, as well as to Qwest and the David and Laura Merage Foundation, the two other major sponsors.

Concerned presumably that the mere mention of the words “gay and lesbian” could sway students’ sexual orientations, the district ordered the principals of both schools to remove the banners. Trustees voted 4-3 to back that decision.

Fabian, who was part of the majority vote, takes issue not just with the Gay and Lesbian Fund but also with the ADL, a Jewish organization. He figures both groups threaten to erode the rectitude of his community.

“We have a different moral standard here,” he said, apparently sensing my green horns over the phone. “We don’t need people coming in promoting premarital sex, extramarital sex and all other kinds of belief systems.”

Principal Maureen Ryff approved “No Place for Hate” at Wheatland High School. “Not in my wildest dreams,” she said, did she think the district would usurp her decision.

The ADL has dropped the district from its program, saying it makes no exceptions for homophobia.

Wheatland, it is worth noting, is about 90 minutes northeast of Laramie, a town notorious for the 1998 beating death of Matthew Shepard, a 21-year-old gay man. The Denver-based Matthew Shepard Foundation decries the school district’s decision.

There’s more at the Denver Post

Disabled kids are god’s punishment

This is classic Psycho Talk:

Bob Marshall, a Republican state legislator from Virginia, said at a press conference that disabled children are God’s punishment against women who have aborted their first pregnancy.

“The number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion with handicaps has increased dramatically,”

he said at a press conference opposing Planned Parenthood.

“Why? Because when you abort the first born of any, nature takes its vengeance on the subsequent children. In the Old Testament, the first born of every being, animal and man, was dedicated to the Lord. There’s a special punishment Christians would suggest.”

Questionable on both counts

Welcome to the Longmont Advocate Blog. Here you’ll find a (mentally) balanced community of (adult) contributors discussing various topics involving Longmont and the surrounding areas…

Classic example of Psycho Talk.

Re-Education Camp

Freeze, methane-breather!

Space aliens... yeah... that's it!

After responding to someone calling the Teabaggers ‘patriots’ (I suggested perhaps they actualy meant ‘seditionists’) Wrangler blurted this out:

“…I think the word you’re groping for is ‘Seditionist’”, M. Douglas Wray, In other words criticism of Longmont’s Ministry of Election Control has now been declared to be a thought crime by progressives.. There is a lot of disinformation about LFCPA reform out there spanning from control of personal finances to images of foreign corporations buying Longmont elections. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since they can’t keep track of all of them at the progressive Ministry of Truth, they’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on line about Election Committee reform that seems fishy the thought Police will be notified and the thoughtcrime perpetrators sent re-education camp.

Wrangler, Longmont, 2/11/2010 7:38 PM

Uhhh huh…

And they claim the left makes up crazy stuff… the wingnuts out-crazy everyone by a mile.

Welcome to Psycho Talk

They're grim alright

Pay or else

In an effort to try and understand the ‘thinking’ of Longmont’s far right, we present some  quotes:

If you fail to pay your doctor bill or your credit card bill or your cell phone bill, the doctor’s office or cell phone company or bank doesn’t come around with guns to collect.

If you fail to pay a tax (property, sales, etc, etc, etc) men with guns come to you to either take your property by force of arms or throw you in jail for non-payment.

LC4Freedom, longmont, co, 2/1/2010 5:27 PM (Source: Times-Call)

Uh huh…

…and what else do the rice krispies say?