Farewell to Rush

List of Recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom (Wikipedia)

Here’s the entry in Wikipedia. Thomas and Harvey are no doubt turning over somewhere.

Some of his more noteworthy remarks. (Snopes)

At least he got his medal

It will look almost as good as one of these on his gravestone.

Having lost my dear friend

Kaye Sillery Fissinger – 5/16/44 – 5/18/17

to lung cancer, I can truly say that I understand the gravity of the situation.

Farewell Rush.

You won’t be forgotten… that’s for certain.

Your entry in this list will be a lasting reminder of GOP corruption gone wild.

Enough yet boys? Is it??!

Mile High Arrogance

This is what a ‘professional’ at Mile High Skydiving considers funny: sending a community activist* a large-format mailer (source has been verified**):

Large-format envelope, they paid extra for this middle finger.

containing a low-grade laserprinted color poster:

I don't find this admirable at all - it's crude and high-school childish.


and a crude, cheaply-made bumper sticker:

When will this one land on Airport Road?


Nothing says ‘little town’ more viciously than immature thugs with money and idle time.

The thing is, they seem to spend their time and money (but not much) doing ‘pranks’*** when they really need to be working more on their safety record:

I have to say, from a personal point of view, this information does not inspire respect in me.

In fact, something like this, in my opinion, has the aspect of an upraised middle finger.

Longmont, every time you hear that loud droning remember: you “love airplane noise.

Get used to more of it.

All the time.

Every day.

And night.

*  Who’s fighting a nuisance his business is creating. Oh, and the members of the organization – all homeowners.

** Mile High’s management gleefully admitted to doing it in an article in the Longmont Times-Call.

*** That I suspect nearly no one finds funny. It’s in the same class as soaping car windows and flaming bags of poop on doorsteps.

Oil & Gas “clowns” — hubris not humorous

It was a three-ring circus at the Longmont Planning and Zoning meeting on Wednesday, February 15. Industry clowns, COGCC Attorney, Jake Matter and COGA’s Schuller were juggling their corporate supremacy balls as they told us: 1) we are preempted as a City to do anything to regulate gas drilling — plus we “must” accept the COGCC rules; 2) we have “misperceptions” about how the oil and gas industry operates, and, by the way, “we need to be corrected.” Billion-dollar corporation, Anadarko, sent an emissary from Texas to assure us that they have our best interests in mind. However, this person was paid to fly out and feed propaganda to our Planning and Zoning Commission. Top Operating defended cleaning up the leaking Rider Well next to Trail Ridge Middle School. The Times-Call reported that Well had benzene levels 100 times the State level. With benzene levels that high, it doesn’t appear to be cleaned up.

COGCC says we can’t ban open pits. Do you understand the implications of living next to an open pit? It is described in Theo Colborn’s video, “What you need to know about Natural Gas Drilling.” The industry blows wastewater infused with toxic chemicals into the air to be evaporated — but you better watch out if you are downwind! Children are especially vulnerable when exposed to these toxins.

The P & Z decision to accept flawed regulations that won’t protect the health and well being of the citizens while voting to recommend a moratorium extension seems contradictory. What I heard at this meeting was a repeat performance of arrogant industry insiders who wish to put us under their big thumbs.

Our rights as citizens are being trampled by corporate supremacists and by our corporate municipality. We should be exploring ways to ban fracking and stop this three-ring circus once and for all.

One Too Many

The Occupy Wall Street mission.

Also I wrote a new song that was definitely inspired by the movement.  Here’s the lyrics (so far, they could change a bit):

One Too Many

All around the world one day
One too many senseless things
Raging wars, corporate greed
Homelessness, poverty

Brought too many to their knees

And one fine day

One too many prayers were prayed
One too many answers came
One too many chose to feed
The change they longed to see

One too many took a stand
One too many held their hand
One too many felt a call
To build a better world for all

And one fine day

One too many tipped the scales
All around the world until
One too many fantasies
Morphed into reality

Just like Martin Luther King
One too many dreamed a dream
One too many felt a call
To build a better world for all

And Earth was quite the place to be
Brimming with vitality
When one too many formed the “we”
That changed the course of history

One fine day

By Kathy Nelson ©2011

Kathy Nelson

Progressive Candidate Forum a Success


City Council/Mayoral Candidate Forum a Huge Success!

The year’s first City Council/Mayoral Forum took place at the Longmont Progressive Center this evening and featured questions covering a wide variety of topics posed to eight of Longmont’s candidates. 73 citizens (not including candidates) packed 723 Main for the standing room-only event moderated by John D’Amico.

Questions focused on such topics as affordable housing, small business climate, downtown and mall development, Latino-based issues, train noise and others. Due to the impressively sizable number of questions submitted online and in person at the event, not all questions were able to be addressed.

Candidates in attendance included:

Sean McCoy (Ward 3)
Ron Gallegos (At Large)
Sarah Levison (At Large)
Dennis Coombs (Mayoral)
Paul Tiger (Ward 1)
Suzzanne Painter (Ward 1)
Brian Hanson (Ward 1)
John Daniels (Ward 1)

Bonnie Finley (Ward 3) and Brian Bagley (Ward 1) were unable to attend due to prior commitments and current Mayor Bryan Baum and Council candidate Heath Carroll (At Large) declined their respective invitations to participate in the forum.

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A “ghost” from the past

I don’t know if there’s life after politics, but I do know that there was life BEFORE politics.

Prior to the 1980s I was an actor, dancer, singer, director, and choreographer (and theatre instructor) – almost entirely stage. I abandoned those efforts in favor of making a sustainable living. However, my memories are long and deep. The sad part of live theatre is that it is retained only in our memories. Film lives on for posterity.

Today my daughter stumbled upon a movie I did in 1977 – Hot Tomorrows. Hot Tomorrows is a delightful tongue-in-cheek treatise on death. Watch the finale below and have a ball. It’s done in Busby Berkeley style. Hot Tomorrows was directed by Martin Brest who went on to direct Beverly Hills Cop, Meet Joe Black and the Golden Globe winning, Scent of a Woman, amongst many others in his illustrious career.

In the Hot Tomorrows finale I am amongst the dancers in “42nd Street.” I’m on camera right (yes, you read that correctly – wink, wink). I’m the fourth dancer from the top of the line. As to the rest, not a clue; and it moves too fast and there are too many of us.

In the still, I’m on the very far right. Believe me, this is the only time you’ll find me there.

Our make-up (though hard to tell here) was sunken eyes and our long fingernails were in black to match the black and white cinematography of decades gone by.

The opening sequence has us dancing with lit cigarettes hanging from our mouths. Although I’m now a lung cancer survivor (thanks to cigarettes), it doesn’t diminish my ability to enjoy this, perhaps even more now than at the time it was filmed. After all, the “Grim Reaper” will take us all in due course. Perhaps he will WINK AT US when that time comes.

Don Quixote’s Lanser

What the Hell? Why NOT?!

Jerry Lanser is the lone lancer for the knights of the oddly-shaped teabag. He and Don Quixote share a common tradition – they both ‘dream the impossible dream’ and Jerry’s dreamin bigger than even Obama can.

Jerry’s not deep-pocketed, Jerry doesn’t hobnob with the wealthy and powerful (yet) but he’s tilting at that big federal windmill with everything he’s got – which ain’t much by his own account. A humble man. Mr. Lanser goes to Washington.

It’s hard being a teabagger.

Some days it’s extra-special hard.

But I suppose there are worse things than spending your summer vacation in Iowa, especially if you can get your face on the teevee and have that fifteen seconds of fame to spout your talking points.

Oh, the glory… transitory as it is.

Shine Jerry, shine on you crazy diamond.

Somewhere Don Quixote is smiling and nodding.

And so are we.

Daniel Linder, American Univ Commencement 2011

My nephew Daniel was offered the honor of giving the Commencment speech today at American University in Washington — on the 50th anniversary of the day another American, John F Kennedy gave it. His speech begins at the 2:30 mark. We are all *SO* proud of him!

Gardner Faces Packed House at Loveland Town Hall

Despite being held at 9am on a Monday in Loveland, the Town Hall in Loveland for Cory Gardner was packed. FRL was there and we’ve got photos and video. Please note: all photos and video are free for use if attributed ‘Courtesy of’ – please.

Cory Gardner finally facing his constituents.

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Wisconsin Solidarity Protest, Denver Capitol 2-22-2011

I attended the Wisconsin Solidarity protest at the Denver capitol building – what an incredible event!

Huge turnout, at least a thousand union supporters of all ages. There was a tiny counter-protest… it was so cute!!

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Look – even St. Reagan said that being in a union is a basic human right.


Denier dementia: a weather forecast

Might it be in the water? Could it be in the air? Or more likely it’s a matter of a unique dementia that strikes those who listen to rightwing talk radio or watch Fox News. The climate change deniers are on a roll because of the blizzard of 2010 on the East Coast. And they are getting ready to roll right into Longmont and Denver Metro with the forecast of the first winter storm of the season. The logic goes something like this: If it’s cold anywhere, then there is no such thing as global warming.

Watch Sam Seder’s most remarkable “weather forecast.”