Longmont City Council chamber - photo by M. Douglas Wray

The beige seats are for Citizens – the Green chairs are for Representatives – they work for US.

FreeRangeLongmont is more than happy to hear from our readers! We love to see free speech in action. We hold all comments for review and moderation. Also, we require that users have a verifiable e-mail address and limit them to a single account, unlike other websites that allow multiple ‘sockpuppets’ and anonymous libellers. If you want to speak here, you’ll give your real name and accept the consequences of what you say.

Also, if you leave a comment, I own it. Period. I can reuse it any way I like and edit or republish as I please. Don’t like that? Don’t comment. Thanks for playin!

Another day dealing with the Lunatic Fringe

Biting is bad manners

We summarily nuke any of these kinds of comments:

  1. Anonymous or invalid email on comment1.
  2. Anything we deem ‘uncivil’ 2
  3. Threatening or attacking in any way to our writers.
    Be abusive and be gone. There is no leeway here – the lunatic fringe need not write to us, their comments will be summarily deleted. All threats of violence or harrassment are reported to the authorities as are repeated attempts to comment after banning. ‘Gone’ means just that. Feel free to go away mad but you will go away.
  4. Libellous. The Times-Call seems to encourage it (based on numerous LTEs),
    we don’t. Period.
  5. Hate speech.
    See LongmontReport for examples.
  6. SPAM. We have an automated filter
    and we promptly report all attempts to spam.
  7. Off-topic ranting, polemics, multi-page obfuscation or teabagger rhetoric.
    Save your (foul) breath, we’ve heard it before.
  8. Attempts to publicize your teabagger website.
  9. Comments longer than the article itself. If you have that much to say, submit it as an article for consideration.

All that said, if you’ve got more to say than you can get into a comment, contact us. We are the alternative to the nonsense and slant that permeates our long-standing press and its usual spinmeisters.  We will be happy to discuss your ideas and/or review your submission for potential publication. We will be more than happy to help you get started. Basic training is available and no software other than a web browser is needed!


Photo courtesy of Black and WTF

  1. We know you’ll keep trying, but we maintain IP records (available to other webmasters) and obviously-spoofed IPs (I mean, really, Romania?) are summarily deleted. High-school hijinks are for children, grow up.
  2. By uncivil we mean: “Barbaric, brutal, coarse, crass, crude, discourteous, disrespectful, impertinent, impolite, outlandish, primitive, savage, troglodytic, unaccommodating, uncivilized, uncomplaisant, uncourteous, uncouth, uncultivated, uncultured, ungallant, ungracious, unpolite or unrefined.” Note: all decisions are final and not open to discussion. Commenters that persist in posting uncivil comments will be banned.

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