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AZ GOP losing its head

Gov. Brewer Claims Illegal Immigrants Are Beheading People

posted by: Nicole Nuss on Care2

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has opened her hate-spewing mouth yet again.

Last month Brewer appeared on Fox News in yet another attempt to defend SB 1070 — her anti-immigration law set to take effect in Arizona on July 28. On the show, Brewer said the law was necessary to combat the crime seen in her state, including kidnappings, extortion and BEHEADINGS?!

When questioned about her beheading accusation on a local Arizona political show, 12 News’ Sunday Square-Off last week, Brewer had this to say:

“Our law enforcement agencies have found bodies in the desert, either buried or just lying out there, that have been beheaded,” said Brewer.

One problem: officials from six county medical examiners around the state could not back Brewer’s claim, saying they’ve never seen or heard of such attacks.

Hm. Sound familiar? Accusations, threats and loads of that good-ole steaming Arizona dung that’s been the GOP’s fame for years. Just like Longmont’s crop of gibbering wingnuts. Nothing to get attention with? Make shit up! Lie! Make it lurid as crap!