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Insuring Unity and Improved Governance

There are two steps Michael Bennet could take to insure Democratic Party unity in Colorado after the divisive primary campaign. First, he could relieve some of Andrew Romanoff’s campaign debt (similar to what President Obama did with Hilary Clinton’s campaign debt). Second, he could commit to working hard for the swift passage of The Fair Elections Now Act (FENA), which would allow federal candidates to run for office with fair election funding, not having to rely on corrupting large money contributions from special interests. The Aug. 9 issue of The New Yorker Magazine has an article entitled “The Empty Chamber” showing that US senators spend 50% of their time fundraising, when they should be spending that time representing the interests of their constituents. Senator Bennet, who only recently became a co-sponsor of this legislation, needs to go farther, and become a champion of it.

Shari Malloy
Longmont CO  80501