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Government waste imperils environment

As seen in the The Longmont Ledger, March 27, 2011

By Tom Lopez, Longmont

Deriding government subsidies for renewable energy that reduce our dependence on foreign oil, while ignoring the huge subsidies going to the oil industry, which is drowning in profit, makes no sense to any critical thinking person.

How short-sighted can people be to ignore the fact that man-caused carbon-dioxide levels are killing our planet? How many permanent ice sheets melted, dying coral reefs identified, ocean ph levels dropped, low-lying islands drowned and people dying from breathing foul air will it take to convince this talk-show tainted mindset that we have a perilous environmental problem on our hands?

Meanwhile, some make the ludicrous claim that every significant tax cut has resulted in increased government revenues. No one has ever supplied quantifiable evidence to support that claim. It is true, however, that any tax cut reduces government revenue by that exact amount so before anyone claims increased government revenue, he must first cover the revenue lost from the tax cuts.

Compare the $1.5 trillion cost of George W. Bush’s war in Iraq and his half-trillion dollar prescription-drug giveaway, plus the hundreds of billions annually to tax cuts for the well-off and the more than $2 trillion Wall Street meltdown to the cost of increased unemployment insurance for the out-of-work, food stamps for the hungry, the $200 billion program for renewable energy and health insurance for all that actually saves money and you will clearly see where the real government waste exists.