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A Tale of Four Bumper Stickers

Sometimes the truth is right in plain sight. Click image to enlarge.

Recently I saw another John Birch-esque placard. It said “Get US out of the UN.” I had an uncle, who lived in Longmont, who was an active member of the Birchers. He figured that no one should ever tell America what to do, because soon the thing they might tell us could be to “give up.” I wonder what he’d say about our giving up our financial sovereignty, courtesy of Wall Street and many banker types. This placard, by the way, was on a Prius. Go figure.

The second sticker said “Bankrupt America? Yes, we can.” Are there still people among us who get their thought leadership from a Wheaties box? Read W’s new book; he tells us there he initiated the “big bailouts,” and he tells us why. For a clue as to how things would be going if we left things economic to “the market,” check how much hiring is going on, even WITH all the help, including LOTS of encouragement from the stock market. Oops. My bad. Labor’s share of our economic pie is at an all-time low. Capital’s share? You guessed it – the opposite. Too bad Obama couldn’t have just opened the rainy-day sugar bowl in 2009. On January 19, 2001, we saw a lot more than dust in that bowl.

Yes, we did.

Number three was this: “Hypochondria, Hypothermia, Hypocrisy – Only one is contagious.” ‘Nuff said.

I saved the best for last. This was seen four decades ago, but it’s my personal favorite. It paraphrases our heroic past, when men like Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine walked our shores: “You know I do not agree with your bumper sticker, but I will defend to the death your right to STICK it.”

Public art with no bounds. I kind of like that, hey?