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Van Dusen Campaign Kick Off

Bill Van Dusen

Bill Van Dusen

Bill Van Dusen officially kicked off his campaign for Boulder County Commissioner tonight at the Dickens Tavern. Here’s Mr. Van Dusen’s announcement.

A little while back, I announced my decision to run for Boulder County Commissioner, for the seat being vacated by Commissioner Ben Pearlman. I am running for my daughter and I want my daughter to continue to grow up in this amazing place where she has all the opportunities to grow and thrive. For me, that is a county that continues to place great value on its open spaces and public lands; it is a county that strives to provide exceptional services and resources to its residents; and it is a county that partners with businesses to bring job opportunities and meet the challenges of the current economy.

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing my vision for Boulder County.

Your support means so much.

Thank You,

Bill Van Dusen

Here’s some photos from the event:

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The Dickens is such a lovely place. Here’s a multi-frame panorama of the event:

Insuring Unity and Improved Governance

There are two steps Michael Bennet could take to insure Democratic Party unity in Colorado after the divisive primary campaign. First, he could relieve some of Andrew Romanoff’s campaign debt (similar to what President Obama did with Hilary Clinton’s campaign debt). Second, he could commit to working hard for the swift passage of The Fair Elections Now Act (FENA), which would allow federal candidates to run for office with fair election funding, not having to rely on corrupting large money contributions from special interests. The Aug. 9 issue of The New Yorker Magazine has an article entitled “The Empty Chamber” showing that US senators spend 50% of their time fundraising, when they should be spending that time representing the interests of their constituents. Senator Bennet, who only recently became a co-sponsor of this legislation, needs to go farther, and become a champion of it.

Shari Malloy
Longmont CO  80501

Fair Campaign Practices Act



Legislative declaration. The people of the state of Colorado hereby find and declare that large campaign contributions to political candidates allow wealthy contributors and special interest groups to exercise a disproportionate level of influence over the political process; that large campaign contributions create the potential for corruption and the appearance of corruption; that the rising costs of campaigning for political office prevent qualified citizens from running for political office; and that the interests of the public are best served by limiting campaign contributions, encouraging voluntary campaign spending limits, full and timely disclosure of campaign contributions, and strong enforcement of campaign laws.”

With that as a foundation, it would seem that Longmont might just piggyback on what our state has done in regulating our municipal elections. But there’s a BIG, BIG problem with that. Our state statute does not extend to municipalities and local elections in any of the ways identified in the legislative declaration. I used the very useful “find” feature for this pdf document and I’ll be darned if it found only one reference to “municipal elections” and one more for “local elections”” So if Longmont chose to use the state statute, guess what – There would be NO regulation of our municipal elections.

I also recently read another very interesting statement:

“The rights of citizenship do not stop at the ballot box. They include the free-speech right to devote one’s resources to whatever cause or candidate one supports. We oppose any restrictions or conditions upon those activities that would discourage Americans from exercising their constitutional right to enter the political fray or limit their commitment to their ideals.”

“…right to devote one’s resources…”: How much of one’s resources. All of them? Any amount one wants?

“We oppose any restrictions or conditions…”: That sure sounds like a political free-for-all to me and I submit to most people, including most people in Longmont.

Mayor Baum, at a recent council meeting you strongly promoted that Longmont scrap it’s Fair Campaign Practices Act in favor of state statute. So I guess you subscribe to the second quotation. That quotation comes from the Republican Party platform.

Much has been said about keeping Longmont’s election non-partisan. Let’s hope that the new council majority will not adopt the Republican Party’s ideology in our non-partisan municipal elections.