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Stand up for Democracy!

Update 9-23-2011 : Cliff Smedley and Judy Lubow on KGNU radio (mp3)

Our friends in the City of Boulder are standing up against the deplorable decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court that have equated money and speech and elevated corporations to the status of “personhood.” Boulder will be the second city in the nation to place this issue on its ballot. Other cities around the nation have passed resolutions declaring that corporations are not granted the protections or rights of natural persons and that expenditure of corporate money is not constitutionally protected free speech.

We applaud Boulder and only wish that we in Longmont had a city council majority with the same set of moral values. Restoring our governments to the will of the people should not even be an issue. We have traveled the slippery slope of corporate rule, by whatever name you chose, and it must be reversed.

Good luck, Boulder, with your ballot issue.