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Deer in the headlights

Cory Gardner 2011 - photo by M. Douglas Wray

Cory Gardner, getting asked the tough questsions

On a roll.  Or so he thought.  His script was down tight.  Celebrate the free market even though it’s far from free.  The deck is stacked for the 1% and I’ll bet he damned well knows that.  The house always wins.   But, hey, as long as you’ve got gullible people who can’t find their rear end with both hands, it works.

Lots of old fogies, as my parents used to describe them.  Not because they were old, but because they lacked that which the “conservatives” think they have – common sense.

How many lifetimes will it take for some of these people to grasp the fact that they are never going to be part of the 1%.  The 1% doesn’t want them.  In fact, they’d be more than happy to see the number be half a percent or smaller.

With the help of wordsmiths like Frank Luntz and a year of practice, one of the 1%’s water carriers has got that political “pivoting” maneuver down pretty well.  But someone’s always going to show up with that question, the one not expected, the one that wasn’t included in the script.  And then the guy would rather run for the door – but that would be way too humiliating.  So what to do, blabber a little and quickly, and then look the other way, call on someone else, and be very glad that the scheduled hour is almost over.

Here’s the question:

There is a 501c4 that is rabidly anti-environment and places property rights ahead of all other rights.  This organization inserted itself into Longmont’s municipal elections in 2009 and again in 2011.  It began in Montana and the Montana Political Practices Commission described the campaign practices as raising “the specter of corruption.”  There was testimony that the organization even accepts money from outside the United States.  Recently the Montana Supreme Court  in its ruling against Western Tradition Partnership, now known as American Tradition Partnership, said, “We take note that Western Tradition appears to be engaged in a multi-front attack on both contribution restrictions and the transparency that accompanies campaign disclosure requirements.”  Mr. Gardner, you have accepted campaign assistance from this corrupt organization.  Will you renounce American Tradition Partnership, its policies and its political practices?  Yes or No

Here’s the answer:

I don’t know.  I can’t give you a yes or no because I don’t know the organization’s contribution.  I don’t know if they did, when they did it, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.  So there’s lots of different opinions in this room and you may have a different opinion on the group than someone else in the room.

Now that might have worked, but there was a little problem with evidence that was raised high for all in the room to see.

“Cory Gardner has pledged 100% support for Western Tradition Partnership’s agenda…”

“With jobs fleeing Colorado and your prosperity in danger, you need to know where the candidates for Congress stand.”


And Mr. Know Nothing from a Do Nothing Congress controlled by a Know Nothing Party verifies it:


“I don’t know…I don’t know the organization’s contribution…

I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Hey, but who and what ya gonna believe?  Your lyin’ eyes.  The evidence?  Or Colorado Congressional District #4 Representative Cory “I don’t know what you’re talking about” Gardner?

Sorry, Cory.  The headlights gotcha.