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Jonathan Singer joins Colorado legislature

Jonathan Singer takes the oath of office in the Colorado House of Representatives

A major snowstorm blowing through downtown Denver this morning did not prevent standing-room only at the House chamber of the Colorado State Legislature. The event was the formal induction of Jonathan Singer into the 2012 session of the Colorado House of Representatives. Singer, a resident of Longmont, took the vacated seat of former HD11 Representative Deb Gardner, who herself had moved into a vacated seat on the Boulder County Commissioner’s Court.

Surrounded by his parents and Senate President Brandon Shaffer, Singer took the Oath of Office from Justice Nancy Rice of the Colorado Supreme Court. He then addressed the legislative assembly which he will be joining, expressing the responsibilities which legislators have in working to solve the major social and economic issues of the State of Colorado.

Jonathan Singer Colorado House Representative for HD 11. Photo by Charles Hanson.

As a freshman legislator, Singer nevertheless seems to be well-known by his peers on the Democratic side of the House chamber, so he will be quickly up-to-speed on the bills which are being considered in this second-session of the 68th General Assembly. Importantly, Singer will be assigned to the House Economics and Business Development committee.

While serving as legislator, Singer will also continue his campaign to be elected this November for the HD11 term beginning in 2013.