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Rep. Cory Gardner’s anti-environment record

In three months in office, U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner has quickly positioned himself as one of the most anti-environmental members of U.S. Congress. Ignoring poll results indicating his constituents want Congress to protect the environment, Rep. Gardner keeps voting against clean air, clean water and public health protections.

Rep. Gardner voted to block the EPA’s ability to protect Americans from climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions (HR 203).

Rep. Gardner introduced a bill to fast-track oil drilling off the shores of Alaska and undercut the EPA’s ability to keep Alaska’s air clean.

Rep. Gardner voted for HR 1, a massive budget bill containing 19 amendments and riders gutting protections for clean air, clean water, wild lands and wildlife.

Longmont and all Colorado residents deserve better. Please urge Rep. Cory Gardner to stop voting against clean air, water and public health protections. Our economic recovery depends on protecting our environment and health.