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The super-secret spy network

This is shocking, chilling and un-American for any City Council member to be affiliated in any way with the Longmont Area Democrats’ political spying machine and intimidation functionaries. Holy smoke,if they can track the Mayor and his wife’s IP addresses and discriminate this to political spy masters they can do it to YOU! These people are far more dangerous than the Watergate plumbers because they are here and now spying on the very people the sworn an oath to protect. With this revelation a Mata Harri spy network run possibly by someone sitting up there on that dais is either controlling the probing the lives and privacy of their fellow Council members or they are receiving the fruits of the possible crime. The corruption of the liberal progressives gets deeper the stronger the political power of the Council members involved. If this spy ring can tap the mayor and his wife’s computers they can and probably are spying on you or will if you don’t agree with them.

KC, Longmont, 6/8/2010 2:40 PM

This is just silly.

Whenever a person posts a comment on a website, their IP (Internet Protocol) address is also posted – it’s public knowledge.


The real corruption is the mayor and his wife having secret meetings with attack bloggers and running a nonstop smear campaign with the eager help of far-right teabaggers.

These people are just plain nuts.