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State Senator Neville (R-Littleton) revives ‘Constitutional Carry’ bill

2nd Amendment + idiots = civil war

Photo courtesy of Geekolgie.com

The last time the NRA and pals tried to sneak this through it got soundly defeated. But never let it be said that Colorado’s gun enthusiasts give up easily.

Colorado State Senator Tim Neville, R-Littleton (email) has snatched up the fallen flag of ‘Constitutional Carry‘ and decided to run with it. Clearly he’s courting NRA members (and don’t forget that tasty, tasty money!) for his eventual reelection bid.

I suspect the bill will look a lot like the last one (previous House Bill 11-1205 – the new one is SB-25) – it’s passed the Colorado House and is currently in the state Senate.

Gun rights organizations are pimping the daylights out of it and urging their members to ‘turn up the heat’ on state Senators.

Here’s some background info on Constitutional Carry and an editorial at the DenverPost.

Here’s something that should alarm even the most politics-resistant person: the folks supporting this endorse (and heartily so) arming blind people. Oh, what a great concept that is. “Firing blindly” takes on a whole new (and horrifying!) meaning.

No. NO. NO! Call your state Senator and say no to this insanity again: Directory by District.