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Republican Insanity: Piece by piece

First in an occasional series of articles that defines who and what represents Republicanism in the United States of America and why, everywhere across this great land, we are in danger of losing the ability of rational self-determination, individually and collectively.

A Tea Party Manifesto: “The movement is not seeking a junior partnership with the Republican Party. It is aiming for a hostile takeover.”

Daniel Webster, Republican Florida congressional candidate:

Have you ever heard of Roach Motel Marriages? Well if Daniel Webster, candidate from Florida for the U.S. Congress has his way, that’s what we will live by. Why “Roach Motel”? — You can check in, but you can’t check out.

In the Florida Legislature, Dan Webster sponsored and supported a bill to institute “covenant marriage.” In a covenant marriage, you can’t get divorced. There is an exception for adultery, but there’s a catch. If one party (for example, an abused woman who deliberately commits adultery to get out of the marriage) finds out that the other party also committed adultery, then she’s stuck FOREVER.

There is only one place where in the entire world where both divorce and annulment are forbidden, The Taliban Government in Northwest Pakistan.

Taliban Dan wants to inflict the same on Americans. The man with the 19th century name wants to pass 13th century laws.

Dan Webster is not just a part of some lunatic fringe and someone to ignore. He’s what now passes for mainstream Republicanism and is just one example of those who would destroy our freedoms and everything else we hold dear. He was Speaker of the Florida House, Majority Leader of the Florida Senate and in the State Legislature for 28 years.