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Dan Maes will walk in the door and “start firing people”

The following Letter to the Editor appeared in The Denver Post “Perspective” on Sunday, July 18, 2010 and in the Post’s e-Letters:

Dan Maes responded to The Denver Post’s questions as a run-of-the-mill conservative Republican. But I saw the real Dan Maes at the April 22 Tea Party Forum in Longmont. I recorded the event and wrote about him and others on FreeRangeLongmont.com.

Maes spoke then as he is and not as he would like you to believe he is. He proclaimed, “You can take TABOR from my cold dead hands.” And you better watch out because “here come the unions, here come the teachers with the violins” and “is this a nanny state or what.” If elected, he’ll “walk in the door and start firing people” in the Governor’s Office, the Department of Local Affairs, and at all of the regulatory agencies.”

He’ll “beg forgiveness from every energy company that Bill Ritter chased out of the state.” And he’ll be darned if he’ll support solar or wind if there are any subsidies involved. He wants to make Colorado a police state like Arizona is about to become, and he claims this has “nothing to do with race.” It has to do with “environmental sustainability.”

As a sign-off, Maes rallied the group’s hatred of President Barack Obama, proclaiming, “In 2012, this idiot is so gone.”