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The BP Disaster

Bet you thought I was talking about the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Not this time. Although this one won’t blow a well, it will blow your mind.

I’m speaking of Bristol Palin and her stint on Dancing with the Stars.

I used to watch the show faithfully. As a former dancer and choreographer, I viewed Dancing with the Stars from a unique perspective. Amongst other reasons, I enjoyed comparing my assessments of performance with both the judges and the voters in TV Land.

Generally speaking, the results were as they should have been. On occasion there would be a “star” contestant that was judged better than the performance justified because of his or her fan base, but generally that was in the early broadcasts. After the first three or four weeks, the competition got down to some serious business.

I’ve been hearing about the controversy over Bristol Palin’s road to finalist status. Many believe that she should have been eliminated many episodes back and that better dancers were eliminated too early. So I decided to take time out and watch the final competition myself.

And guess what? Those who voiced the opinion that Bristol Palin doesn’t deserve to be in the finals are absolutely correct. I’ve see contestants three to four times her age work harder. And I’ve seen genuine talent be eliminated before the finals.

Bristol Palin is a terrible dancer. She has no musicality. Her body has not developed over the course of the competition. Her technique, well, stinks; she has none. BP has no talent and even the best choreographers cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

So how did she get this far? Well the answer to that is simple. It is one about which political conservatives know a great deal . They harp on it each election because of their own guilty consciences.


Every Dancing with the Stars voter gets five votes. Those votes can be allocated in any fashion – all for one couple or dispersed among several in any combination that totals five.

If your fan base is large enough and it consistently allocates all of its votes to just one couple, the result is skewed. The TV Land vote is 50% of the result; the other 50% comes from the judges qualified to actually judge the performances.

That is how Bristol Palin reached the finals. Sarah Palin’s base has been watching and voting in droves.

Will it work when the champions are chosen tonight? We shall see. I watched the judges scores carefully last night. They were scores that reflected Bristol Palin’s performance level. Will they be low enough to overcome the ballot box stuffing by The Grizzly’s fan club. We shall see.