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Free Range Longmont Endorses: Dennis Coombs for Mayor

Dennis Coombs 2011

Dennis Coombs, candidate for Longmont Mayor 2011

Longmont is badly in need of a fresh start at the helm of the city’s leadership.  It needs someone who is courteous and respectful.  It needs someone who will genuinely consider the many and varied viewpoints within our city.  It needs someone who will make decisions based upon thorough and insightful analysis.  It needs someone with a proven track record in business, and especially in small business.  It needs someone who will set the city’s agenda on the basis of the betterment of the community and not on the basis of rigid ideology.  It needs someone who is not ego-driven.  It needs someone who will keep the needs of the people and city of Longmont at the forefront.

For these reasons and many more, Longmont needs Dennis Coombs.

Our current mayor, Bryan Baum, has divided the city and inflamed passions.  It is as if he is powerless to do otherwise.  Longmont cannot tolerate another two years of more of the same.

It’s time for a change.  It’s time for true leadership.  It’s time to begin again to realize the full potential of a community with much to offer.

Elect Dennis Coombs