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Room for all of us

Our lives are not a game

Our lives are not a game

Someone wrote a letter a few weeks ago about Longmont being “infiltrated”  by left-wingers. At first I was incensed–until I started laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of such a comment. Since I’m sure someone will give me a chance to respond to a baseless opinion like that, here’s what I’ll say:

“When my husband and I moved from Boulder to Longmont 10 years ago, we thought we were doing so because we were able to buy a home in a great Longmont neighborhood. Little did we know we, who are lifelong Democrats who have actively supported many Democratic candidates for political office, were “left-wing infiltrators.” Why, that’s just a bonus!

So let me ask this: is there an expectation that we can spend our money in Longmont, but that we should check our progressive politics at the city gates? Now that’s taxation without representation!”

Dave Larison does a fine job as the Times-Call’s weather consultant. I hope he sticks to that.

Because after reading his screed against “a noisy band of hard-left progressives,” I sure hope he doesn’t consult with the paper’s editorial committee. I recognize that conservatives won a majority in last November’s election, but I don’t take it to mean that we of the progressive bent “lost” and need to “deal with it some other place, preferably Boulder.” A majority does not a dictatorship make. The minority still has the right to oppose the policies of the majority, by speaking at council meetings, publishing opinions in the newspaper and supporting a slate of progressive candidates.

But if Mr. Larison wants to extend his win-lose argument, I’m game. By his logic, Republicans “lost” the 2008 election, and they should stop griping endlessly about President Obama’s policies and legislative triumphs and just “deal with it.”

But oh yeah–I’m a progressive. I believe in diversity of opinion and expression. There’s enough room in Longmont for all of us.