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Once Reverend Huckabee aligns with fraudster – and Dominionists

They're being played

You probably have seen them by now, the angry commercials featuring Mike Huckabee rallying the fearful (and faithful?) against the perceived government takeover of your healthcare by the Affordable Care Act. (They like the pejorative “Obamacare.”). He and his commercial rant and rave that “the American people” want it repealed and urge you to sign their petition to help make it happen? How much you wanna bet that once they have your email and address, you’ll be dunned incessantly to contribute to the effort. I thought of “signing” it to see what would happen but don’t want my reputation attached to a pack of lies and don’t want my Inbox polluted.

The “Repeal It Now” campaign was set up by Restore America’s Voice and 949 Media Group. And low and behold the 949 Media Group is a firm run by a notorious scam artist known for bilking struggling homeowners seeking to renegotiate their mortgages. A Think Progress article provides the skinny on Derek Oberholtzer, the ne’re do well who runs the media operation.

“Consumer report websites are rife with complaints about Oberholtzer’s odious business practices. In one scheme, Oberholtzer paid for radio and other advertisements telling distressed homeowners to contact his company A2S to pay a flat $595 fee to receive assistance in renegotiating their loans or to block a bank foreclosure. The Federal Trade Commission has prosecuted Oberholtzer for deceptive practices. In numerous cases, Oberholtzer took the $595 payment, and never did anything to stop a foreclosure or even contact the mortgage company in question. In many instances he continued billing his customers further fees totaling nearly $1,000 without lifting a finger to actually renegotiate their mortgage or halt a foreclosure, as his “Apply 2 Save” company promised.”

According to the FTC, the defendants have filed for bankruptcy. The order imposes a judgment of more than $4 million, which is suspended based on their inability to pay. The full judgment will become due immediately if they are found to have misrepresented their financial condition. The order was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Idaho. Delightful. Once you see the cops in pursuit, simply file for bankruptcy and “all is forgiven.” So it appears that Olberholtzer will not receive the “spanking” he so richly deserves (pun intended).

Following news reports of Oberholtzer’s illegal activities, Ken Hoagland, chairman of Restore America’s Voice, terminated the 949 Media Group saying, “We were unaware of the seriousness of the past issues with this vendor and we have taken immediate action to terminate the relationship. No public official working with us to repeal the healthcare act had any knowledge of nor relationship with any vendor or subcontractor.” And if you believe that, well, you know the rest.

Having been driven out of the business of defrauding already desperate people facing foreclosure, Oberholtzer became active in Republican politics. Olberholtzer also owns inactive domains called electmichele.org (presumably for Rep. Michele Bachmann , R-MN), repeality.biz, electme2012.com, and ravpac.info.

Before Huckabee ran for president, before he was governor of Arkansas, he was a Baptist minister. Before you jump to positive conclusions, remember that while all religions are created equal under the law, not all religious beliefs and churches are created equal. Huckabee has strong ties with the Dominionist and Reconstructionist factions of the Christian right. At their root they believe that America, indeed every nation on earth, is meant to be governed by biblical law.

Is there a coincidence that many on the right – religious or otherwise – are trying desperately to get out in front of Sharia Law with state laws and hyperbolic rhetoric that “Sharia is coming, Sharia is coming”? I doubt it. They are fully aware of Dominionism and all that follows from it and undoubtedly see a similar totalitarian attempt in Sharia. These free enterprisers want to demolish “their competition” before it can gain market share.

Mike Huckabee is a Fox News contributor. So is Sarah Palin. On March 2nd, Fox News terminated the contracts of potential 2012 presidential candidates Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum – but not Huckabee and Palin. Could it be that Fox News likes either of them as presidential picks and is more than happy to give them free air time to promote themselves and their beliefs? It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

So be careful, be very careful. You could end up with a President Huckabee. Not only would you lose the benefits of the Affordable Care Act that go a long way towards making healthcare a right. But you would be well on the road to making America a Dominionist nation

What they do is not spontaneous or random. It is planned.

Sadly, it takes a crisis for most Americans to understand when something is seriously wrong. More often than not they fail to see blatant partisan agendas until those agendas slap them in the face, or the wallet. Such is the case with the outrageous actions and beliefs of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and all of the like-minded elected representatives up and down the government ladder.

The Republicans have been on a roll with their lies, immoral belief system and inside out, upside down attempts at explanations of damned near everything. With the money and power of special interest businesses behind them, they have been able to milk discontent to their liking. Organizations like Americans for Prosperity (of trans-national corporations and other over-sized business entities) and the money of the likes of the Koch Brothers have hijacked the concerns of millions and focused them into a “Tea Party” of discontent to capture governorships, state legislatures, and the House of Representatives.

Make no mistake about it. There is a Conservative Agenda long ago outlined and executed. They are strategic geniuses with a tenacity that is satanic in nature.

When, where and how did all of this planning begin? It began at least in 1981, when the Patron Saint of Conservatism Ronald Reagan was elected to the presidency of the United States. It began because they had captured the highest office in the land (indeed, in the world) for conservatism for the first time since Herbert Hoover. Eisenhower was impure. So was Nixon.

It began in earnest with the formation of an organization called the Council of National Policy, also in 1981.

The Council for National Policy is a highly secretive organization that claims over six hundred members consisting of the most powerful religious, political, business and media conservatives in the nation. Initially their membership was publicly available and that listing can be found on the Internet. Coloradans might be surprised, or maybe not, at who from our state appears on this list. It is reported that Joseph Coors provided the seed money.

As attention began to focus on them, the organization went substantially underground. Its membership is confidential and by invitation only. Members come from government, religion, business, media and conservative think tanks responsible for providing contrived “studies” that assist with the conservative talking points that are repeated endlessly on talk television and radio.

The group meets three times a year and revealing what is discussed is prohibited. Attempts are made to keep locations and the invited speakers a secret. But in recent years, capable investigative reporters and media pressure have forced the organization to be more open. George Bush and Dick Cheney have been keynote speakers at the conferences. Other speakers include Grover Norquist, Oliver North, Robert Bork and Rick Santorum, to name a few

Initially conceived and created by religious Dominionists, the marriage with Republican Conservatives across the spectrum of influence is now complete.

Dominionists have absorbed the financial positions of business conservatives and translated them into the Gospel of Prosperity, a gospel that says God wants you to be wealthy and that if you do as you are told, you will be. If you are in need or poor, it is because you have been disobedient to God’s will and you deserve your suffering. They will usually not say this when visible to the public at large, but they will say this in somewhat protected confines.

Financial and corporate conservatives recognize and need the numbers of Dominionists (frequently known as the religious right or fundamentalists) and have no issue with the creation of a theocracy. It maintains allegiance. It establishes authority. It provides a voting army.

And those who have integrated both Dominionism and a fascistic definition of capitalism have now risen to power in large numbers.

The well-developed agenda of the Council for National Policy explains why Republicans never vary from the positions they advocate – no matter how provably wrong and no matter what polls may reveal about the public’s positions as new information or changing circumstances change viewpoints. They are not interested in representing the public at large. They are only interested in convincing enough of the public to win elections. Any variance risks lost time if not collapse of the objectives. Achieving their goals demands no modification, no acquiescence, no compromise.

It also explains why and how they “over-reach” and claim a mandate whenever they are successful in gaining control of a legislative body, a state or a branch of the U.S. government. It makes no difference to them whether they win by one vote or by one million. A mandate is always claimed. The objective is to gain the power and codify the agenda – by any means available or necessary.

It is why you hear them claim “the American people” (fill in the blank) even when the American people do not agree with them. It is why Governors Scott Walker of Wisconsin, John Kasich of Ohio, Rick Scott of Florida, and Chris Christie of New Jersey, to name a few who have grabbed the headlines recently, are ramming an agenda down the throats of any and all. Truth, justice and the American democratic way be damned.

This time, however, they have picked on the American worker and there are lots of them. American workers do not like to be insulted, to be used, to be abused. The American worker is opening his or her eyes. The American worker is recognizing that even if they are not a member of a union, they are the next target, the ultimate target. The absence of jobs, the uncertainty of retaining jobs, the threatened loss of a middle class or even a working class lifestyle is eating away at their consciousness.

For those who have not yet clarified their feelings and perceptions, let me remind them of Germany in the 1930s and 1940s.

First they came for the communists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

Pastor Martin Niemoller