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Social justice goes under the bus!

Yes, President Obama, you have much to worry about. Much more than you realize.

We are witnessing real political theater in Washington. The so-called debt crisis is actually entitlement destruction. It is a high-stakes chess game in which any miscalculation could have disastrous economic consequences. Even if the administration doesn’t cave in and they don’t raise the debt ceiling, you can bet the bondholders will get paid; that aspect of government payments will be deemed essential.

Unfortunately, they are going to throw the wrong people under the bus, but that is what happens when you have the money and control the dialogue. Much of the public believes the deficit is the problem; they have been conditioned to believe that treating the symptoms and not the disease will solve the problem.

The dilemma is a win-win situation for the wealthy; don’t raise the debt ceiling and the government must prioritize spending or raise the debt ceiling and sacrifice entitlement spending. The only way the U.S. can lose its credit rating is if it defaults on its public debt (bonds) and that isn’t going to happen. The real answer is monetary reform, which could eliminate the national debt.

Instead of implementing solutions to the financial problems surrounding entitlements that would guarantee they are there for future generations, they have decided to throw us (elderly) under the bus by using the guise of “austerity.” The real villains in this tragic drama are the power brokers, and they always seem to come out ahead.

Apparently there are two ways to solve a “debt crisis”: Force the administration to accept major entitlement spending cuts or force the government to prioritize spending, which means entitlement cuts! With either of these solutions, social justice goes under the bus!