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The Worth of Water

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. ~Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732

On Sunday Jan. 9 the Longmont Republican Women held an event called “New Year New GOP” at the Well and indicated it was ‘Open to the Public.’ Well, I could hardly turn that down!

Here’s the photos I took:

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There was a lovely spaghetti & meatball dinner provided by Mark Price of Aunt Alice’s Kitchen. I love Aunt Alice’s so I know it was great food. There was also a very tasty looking dessert from the folks at the Well. I didn’t partake, just didn’t feel right mooching a meal, being a lefty and all. Besides, there was a respectable crowd (in all senses of the word of course!) gathered in the Well’s cavernous industrial space and they were hungry – not just for food either.

Joel Champion announced the formation of the Private Property Council, a non-partisan group with open membership. The mission is education and the setting up of teams ‘to do monitoring of our public officials who are elected and help move our ideas forward in legislation at all levels of the city, county and state.’

At one point Joel mentioned ‘our Democratic friends in the audience’ which prompted Peg Cage to ask him to introduce Kaye Fissinger and myself. Thank you Joel! Thank you Peg! We appreciated being allowed to attend.

Here’s all the rest of the details of those speaking.

Derrick Wilburn, Founder, Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives gave a well-polished and aggressive lecture about what the GOP needed to do to get the votes of conservatives of color. Solomon Martinez gave a report about the Northern Colorado Hispanic Relations group as well as his views on outreach. The featured speaker, Tom Tancredo – confessed to suffering from ‘Post Election Stress Syndrome’ and said it had been ‘debilitating.’ CO GOP Chair Ryan Call laid out the wreckage of the campaign like an FAA crash inspector. It was some hard talk.

I left before the question and answer period but I’d be delighted to link to any audio files from that.

New Year New GOP speaker audio files

Brought to you by: Longmont Republican Women, The Well Outreach and Worship Center, The Longmont 9-12 Tea Party

Support Jon Singer

Dear Friends,

Photo by M. Douglas Wray. Free to use if attributed "Photo by FreeRangeLongmont.com"

Jon Singer

The Boulder Daily Camera has endorsed Jonathan Singer’s Republican opponent.

They called her a “dynamic candidate and independent thinker” even though she has been using the same dirty tactics other right-wingers have been using. She has sent at least two slick mailers Photo-Shopping his face then calling him a “two-faced politician” and “untrustworthy.”  One of her mailers claims he voted against a small business bill when he voted “yes” to send it to the Governor’s Desk for signature on final reading.

Because of Jonathan’s pro-environment / pro-family record at the capitol, numerous groups have come out to support him.  He is the only candidate in the race that has been endorsed by the non-partisan Sierra Club, Colorado Conservation Voters, St. Vrain Valley Education Association (teachers), Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, NARAL Pro-choice Colorado and One Colorado (pro-civil unions), among many others.

Jonathan has served as an effective and dedicated representative and should be reelected.

Please support him against this unprincipled Republican challenge.


Dwight High