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Malthus Unleashed

Judy Lubow for Planet Warning

According to the United Nation’s latest estimate of projected population growth, world population could reach 10.1 billion people by the end of this century.  That can’t be good news – already, one in seven people around the world do not have enough food to eat.

It’s not as if the ways to control human population growth are unknown.  Increasing the economic and social status of women consistently results in lower birthrates. And studies have shown that well-designed programs to make family planning information and services available are the most cost effective way to lower birthrates.  But what are we actually doing in the face of this population explosion?  According to the New York Times, the US is the biggest donor of international family planning aid, but in the budget compromise reached by Congress in April, international family planning programs were cut by 5%.

If you’d like to learn more about population growth projections, and to access organizations addressing the population challenge, you can go to the website  thisisnotadrillradio.org.