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Drillers and frackers want farmers’ water

Dust bowl farm

You can't eat sand

As I read this article in the Longmont Times-Call the other day, I shook my head with disbelief. On the very same page was an article titled “Driest March in City History ends with heat” and then looked at the snow percentages (of normal) in the weather section:

Copper Mountain 57 percent; Independence Pass 46 percent; Vail Mountain 12 percent; Lake Eldora 32 percent; Loveland Basin 69 percent; Niwot 62 percent; Wolf Creek Summit 69 percent; Rabbit Ears 39 percent; Hoosier Pass 64 percent.

Something isn’t adding up. If oil and gas companies are buying up the water that our farmers need to grow our food, then what will we eat? Can we depend on other states to provide our food when they’ve suffered from the same dry spell we have? This is a clear example of market demand gone haywire. Our water (the water that belongs to the people of Colorado) is being sold to the highest bidder (oil and gas companies) so that they can make record profits at our expense, while in the meantime, we will get very thirsty and hungry and have our air, water and soil poisoned. Can you squeeze blood from a turnip? Where is this water going to come from? There isn’t enough water. Since when do we put the needs of corporate powers over the needs of the people? It was recently reported that natural gas is going to be shipped to the highest bidders in Asia. An LNG terminal on the West coast has been reconstructed so it can now export liquid natural gas.

What I’m seeing here is voodoo math. Our water is being stolen from us so that oil and gas companies can ship their products overseas while we are left hungry, thirsty, and then footing the bill for oil and gas company profits.

It’s time to conduct a thorough investigation on the economics of screwing the people of Colorado. There is no time to waste.