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The Private Sector should not dictate Public Policy

The following Letter to the Editor appeared in the Longmont Times-Call on July 11, 2010.

Charles Hanson makes the role of the public sector clear

We've never been the bottom line

The aristocratic and plutocratic minorities of society never tire of berating and slurring the interests of the common people, as Mr. Larison’s letter [7/7/10] proves. And no wonder. The power and the privileges of Longmont’s wealth aristocracy would be jeopardized if local progressives accomplished any sudden enlightenment of the general public.

In spite of the private sector’s pretense of concern for the welfare of the community, the private sector does not exist for the general improvement of society nor does it carry any burden for securing the well-being of the common person. The responsibility for securing and maintaining the general welfare falls only upon the public sector, and progressives are the primary supporters of a strong public sector.

Unregulated free-market activity, which the private sector endorses, always results in extremes of wealth and privilege; extremes which corrupt civility, destabilize the social order and plunder the natural environment. Therefore, local government should be progressive. That is, local government should be capable of utilizing taxation and legislation as necessary; and City Council members – as representatives of the common person – should have the mandate to prevent the private sector from dictating public policy to the community.