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Front Range Chickens Fades Out

One of the hate/attack sites that popped up during the last council election has gone dark:

Whoops. Guess someone went on a boar hunt and forgot to pay the hosting bill. Maybe they’ll be back in time for the election. Their banner art is pretty violent – and no one’s offered up any apologies or taken credit for it yet:

I also see that LongmontReport.com renewed it’s domain name registration and kept it anonymous – but the mayor’s wife has said she knows who is running it:

(click image to enlarge)

…want to bet you start seeing hate and smear coming from it soon?

When you do you can connect the dots to who’s responsible.

The right in Longmont goes to great lengths to play victim when it’s agonizingly obvious that they’re behind all the anonymous hate and smears. Look at the Times-Call article comments and you’ll see a fine selection of far-right-wing anger and ignorance. That’s our mayor’s ‘base’… and ‘base’ is exactly the right word for them.