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Bensten pulls curtain back on Boulder City cronyism

Photo by M. Douglas Wray

Strider Bentsten

Longmont’s Strider Bensten rightly pulls back the curtain to expose the rampant cronyism shamelessly reflected in the Boulder City Council’s endorsement of Elise Jones for Boulder County Commissioner District 1.

There are those in my community who love to bash Boulder County and who will not be voting for either Jones of Garry Sanfacon in November. So be it.

As to the rest of us, the many active, dedicated progressives in Longmont and even those Democrats who do not necessarily embrace that description, we would like to see a Boulder County Commissioner majority that has a focus beyond the city limits of Boulder. And we are more than a little annoyed at the “machine politics” that have rallied behind Jones’ candidacy.

Those of us living outside the hallowed halls of the City of Boulder would like to have genuine representation. We take note of candidates who show up only during election season to stroke us for our votes and/or money. And we find it offensive.

Free Range Longmont endorses Strider Bensten’s willingness to call a spade a spade. We applaud him whether or not he has the official backing of the body politic known as Longmont Area Democrats.

Free Range Longmont also enthusiastically endorsed Garry Sanfacon in March in advance of Boulder County Democratic Assembly. We repeat that endorsement as the June 26 primary approaches.

Strider Bensten for the Daily Camera:

I offer my strong support for Garry Sanfacon for Boulder County Commissioner District 1.

While I rarely endorse candidates, Garry has proven to be an outstanding leader, hard worker, and friend. In addition to a record of broad competence in non-profits, community work, business, social justice, and environmental stewardship, Garry is possessed of a deep humility — a quality quite rare in a social leader.

We have wealth of competent candidates for local offices, for which we can give honor to our local history, and our network of activist involvement and education.

Boulder County is a vast area with mountain communities which also need and deserve representation. While I do not disparage the experience of opponent Elise Jones, I have concerns about the “Boulder Rules” game. If any or all members of Boulder City Council thought her to be their best choice, without, however, any acknowledgment of Garry’s credentials, that is their prerogative. But, to endorse as a body seems deeply improper, and perhaps a violation of the Colorado Open Records Act.

Having been recently a member of a quasi-judicial body, the Longmont Election Committee, we were required by law to pre-announce all meetings of more than two members, and that all meetings must be public.

I know of no such public meeting of Boulder City Council to discuss this matter, nor that the public had any right of either input or scrutiny. That Ms. Jones’ twin sister is a member of the council might be a factor.

Sheriff Joe Pelle has given highest praise for Garry’s work as Fourmile Canyon Fire Recovery Manager. We can expect more such emergencies with our cooking climate.

Garry Sanfacon is a visionary and a solid grass roots guy. He has held numerous meetings drawing creative input toward such community vision.

Longmont Area Democrats

Sanfaçon Community Forum

Garry Sanfacon 2011

Garry Sanfacon, District 1 Boulder County Commissioner candidate

Boulder, CO– Garry Sanfaçon, candidate for Boulder County Commissioner, District 1, is hosting a community forum to help inform the public about the risks to Boulder County, including the City of Boulder, from natural gas extraction, including hydraulic facturing, commonly called fracking. The forum will take place on Wednesday, April 18, 2012, 6:30 -8:30 p.m., at the Nomad Theater, located at 1410 Quince Avenue, in Boulder.

The forum will consist of a presentation by leading experts on the impacts of fracking on the environment, public health, and overall community well-being, including data specific to the City of Boulder and Boulder County. They will also present data about the failure of state regulations to prevent adverse environmental and human health impacts. The experts will answer questions from the audience following their presentation. Local youth with the environmental education and youth empowerment group, Earth Guardians, will perform their latest song about fracking and, as always, remind us that their future is in our hands.

Boulder County, including the City of Boulder, is already experiencing significant adverse impacts from natural gas extraction and fracking. With over 1800 wells that can potentially be fracked in unincorporated Boulder County (that number does not include wells in incorporated municipalities within the County), this is only the tip of the iceberg. This heavy industrial, toxic activity is occurring in neighborhoods, next to schools and on County open space.

The experts presenting will be Shane Davis, Wes Wilson and Phil Doe. Shane Davis is a research biologist and leading investigator into adverse environmental and human health impacts related to fracking in Colorado. Wes Wilson was an environmental engineer with the EPA for 30 years. He was featured in the movie Gasland as a whistleblower on the EPA’s failure to regulate fracking. Phil Doe spent his career working on water issues with the U.S. Interior Department’s Bureau of Reclamation. He is currently the Environmental Issues Director for the grassroots advocacy group Be the Change, and an activist for protecting our most precious resource, water.

FRL is Proud to Endorse Garry Sanfacon for County Commissioner

Garry Sanfacon 2011

Garry Sanfacon, District 1 Boulder County Commissioner candidate

On his website, Garry Sanfacon states, “We owe our special quality of life to Boulder County’s rich history of visionary thinkers.”   Sanfacon is the visionary thinker for our time and our place.  He is a champion of our right to local self-determination and for charting a course to a sustainable future.

Sanfacon is committed to strengthening the Boulder County human services safety net.  One in four Boulder County children lives in poverty; a high percentage of these children live in Longmont.  He will address improvements in our safety net by focusing on the root causes of poverty – insufficient affordable housing, the need for jobs that provide a solid economic foundation, and for improved mental health assistance to help those in our community whose ability for self-sufficiency is impaired.

Sanfacon does not, and will not, accept fracking as inevitable in Boulder County.  He believes that clean air and water and our health are rights not to be regulated or negotiated away by governments and their agents.  He will take a firm stand against GMO crops on Boulder County Open Space.

Although Garry Sanfacon lives in Nederland, he is the strongest advocate for Longmont amongst the candidates in the Boulder County Board of Commissioners District 1 race.  Longmont is in District 2 where current Boulder County Commissioner Deb Gardner is our choice for that seat.

Sanfacon believes that there are additional properties the County should acquire in order to preserve important natural habitat and agricultural lands.  He will work with user groups to find policies and strategies to balance the use of open space with strong protections for plant and wildlife habitats, riparian corridors, cultural resources and scenic vistas.

Sanfacon’s experience is both broad and deep.  He is currently the Boulder County Manager for Fourmile Canyon Fire Recovery and has worked in the county’s Long Range Planning Division.  He has served on the Boulder County Planning Commission as Vice Chair and where he spearheaded the Sustainability Element of the Comprehensive Plan Update and actively supported one of the strongest green building codes in the country.

Sanfacon has owned his own small business and has a wide range of volunteer service in non-profit areas related to youth, education, and health.  Sanfacon also served as lead organizer for the Nederland Downtown Development Authority Formation Committee.

Garry Sanfacon is the leader for the future that Boulder County needs.