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“Take one step out of your comfort zone.”

For those who think that retirement is a time for “sitting around watching television and eating bonbons,” I would like to introduce you to 84-year old Dorli Rainey.

In the process of pushing and shoving the Occupy Seattle protesters, “Seattle’s finest” apparently felt compelled to pepper spray an 84-year old woman.  Apparently some see physically frail elderly women as a serious threat to the status quo power structure.  Rainey would have been trampled had she not been rescued by an Iraq veteran.

Born in Austria, Rainey moved to the United States in 1956 after working as a technical translator in the U.S. Army in Europe.  Dorli Rainey has personal memories of Goebbels and World War II.  She is a committed political activist with a footprint of activism from the civil rights movement onward.

Citing the advice and inspiration of the late Catholic nun and activist Jackie Hudson, Rainey says, “Whatever you do, take one more step out of your comfort zone.”

Seventeen or 70, Dorli Rainey should be everyone’s hero.  Watch the video and the vigor, wisdom and eloquence of this octogenarian will inspire and energize you.