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And you wonder why…

Some of us consider American conservatives, the Tea Party, the party of HATE.  They spew venom at gays and lesbians and immigrants.  The degrade African-Americans.  They lie through their teeth about Obama.  And they target liberals, progressives, “socialists”, environmentalists, Democrats, and anyone else who recognizes the moral turpitude of some of the policies they advance.

It comes from the top of the “party” and its advisors and it comes from the bottom of this unholy pit.  One also has to wonder who originated the ugliness.  Or did it begin at both ends?

I don’t know if there will ever be a definitive answer, but something that was forwarded to me this evening makes the conclusion moot.  There is a poison, a cancer, an evil in our land.  And I don’t know how it’s excised.

Yesterday, the campaign manager of a Democratic congressional candidate in Arkansas came home to find his children’s pet cat murdered and placed on their doorstep.  His head was bashed in, an eye hanging from its socket, and the word LIBERAL written in magic marker on the cat’s body.  If any of you doubt the veracity of this report, the evidence is here.

The candidate, Ken Aden, released a statement saying, “To kill a child’s pet is just unconscionable. As a former combat soldier, I’ve seen the best of humanity and the worst of humanity. Whoever did this is definitely part of the worst of humanity.”

Even that statement is clearly understated.