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Koch-caine is Toxic

According to all experts, “There is no safe way to use Koch-caine. Any route of administration leads to absorption of toxic amounts, resulting in acute cerebral and psychological emergencies likely to produce system failure. Repeated Koch-caine use by any route of administration produces addiction and other adverse consequences.”

The following public service announcement demonstrates the routes of administration through think tanks, pundits, media and politicians that produce severe collapse of judgment. The targets of Koch-caine abusers depicted in this announcement, Social Security and Medicare, are the most severe examples that not only will result in individual calamity, but also will result in disintegration of the body politic and destruction of generational responsibility.

This public service announcement should be viewed by all who seek to preserve democracy against corporate domination; who believe that government is of, by and for the people; who understand that corporations are not, nor ever were, people; and who believe that a civilized society shows respect for those members who provided their services and talents to the national community and whose contributions deserve financial and healthcare security when their services are complete.