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Feasting on carrion

Vultures aren't good pets

In 2008 the world economy was about to go over a cliff because of the actions of the American financial industry. The irony is that the worldwide devastation was stopped because the United States bailed out the very industry that caused this. We were morally obliged to do this because the American people would have found themselves suffering a Second Great Depression.

In spite of the bailouts (and not because of them as some of the perpetrators of disaster would have you believe) millions of Americans were left without jobs and millions more were left in fear of losing theirs.

Longmont is no exception. People are hurting and are afraid. And their fears have been inflamed by corporations given the green light to pump hundreds of millions of dollars into this election season by the Supreme Court’s cynical and base decision on Citizens United. Some of this money is even foreign money that benefits from the outsourcing of jobs.

Now we have businesses feasting on the carrion that’s left behind. Hanging in the balance are 134 jobs and perhaps 46 more new ones in Longmont. But to protect and secure these jobs, you are faced with the decision to waive $252,000 in fees to keep OnCore Manufacturing Services in Longmont. This is not make-believe money. It’s money that goes to pay the salaries and wages of our employees who provide for the needs and services of our citizenry.

As reported in yesterday’s Times-Call, OnCore’s Malik, said, “If we receive a commitment that the city of Longmont is willing to provide 100 percent rebate on all city development fees, OnCore will locate this project in the city of Longmont,” Malik said that an alternative site had been identified in another northern Colorado community.

Given that the nation is barely on a trajectory to right the wrongs of decades past, and given that the livelihoods of our citizens are in jeopardy, the seven of you really have little alternative but to cave to this blackmail – yes blackmail.

Hey, some say this is just business. Yes, it is – or at least what it has become. And you wonder why so many people have no trust in business, why so many see it as a necessary evil to be tolerated, why so many employees are beginning to feel they are nothing more than servants in a feudalistic economy.

So do what you must. But in the process make it known that Longmont is not a well of taxpayer dollars to be drawn on by any business who simply wants to improve its bottom line. The taxpayer of Longmont, the American taxpayer, does not exist for the purpose of making your stockholders (or in this case, the owners of a privately held corporation) wealthy.

If we are to grant favors, we REQUIRE something in return. And that is a guarantee that ALL of the jobs in question are preserved and secured – not for a while, but for a very, very long time.