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Tea Party to Tancredo: Don’t Run?

But I thought they LIKED Tancredo?

But I thought they LIKED Tancredo?

Update: Tancredo’s announced he’s going to run. Get the knife ready so that the CO GOP can cut off their nose to spite their face.

In a bizarre twist of political theatre Colorado Tea Party groups are all but begging Tom Tancredo not to run for governor.

Say WHAT? That wasn’t how the Longmont 9.12 group felt after he came to town and got them all fired up.

Could it be Tom’s terrible trials at the polling place? (I.E. that he has a tendency to lose – badly).

Lu Busse, chair of the 9.12 Project Colorado Coalition wrote an impassioned letter to Tancredo and the 9.12 members to try and wave him off from a surely-disastrous crash landing in the middle of the GOP landscape. In part she asked him how his threat to run lined up with his “principles.” Now there’s some high humor in this political circus – the teabaggers questioning someone’s principles… let alone one of their own. I confess to considerable amusement when reading that.

Tom’s always had a bit of problem with his mouth – he doesn’t seem to know when to shut it and he appears to have a constant longing for the taste of his own foot:

I can truly appreciate why the 9.12 folks are doing the math and realizing that Terrible Tommy wouldn’t just derail their crazy train, he’d send it right off the rails into the gorge, never to be seen again.

The problem is, the Tea Party is now stuck with a three-way cluster – McInnis who was caught with his metaphorical pants around his ankles in a messy and obvious plagiarism scandal, Dan Maes who’s said in so many words “he’ll walk in the door and start firing people” and Tom “Bomb Mecca” Tancredo.

If this is how the CO GOP conducts the run-up to an election, one has to wonder what their style of state governance would look like.

McInnis pilfering content

What? Another GOP crimminal?

Scott McInnis, Plagiariser First Class

Gee, the story ideas show up like… well… like lightning bolts.

On the heels of the ColoradoPols story about the Denver Post ordering them to stop linking to them, comes this lovely nugget courtesy of the CO GOP (link to Associated Press story – go read it, it’s great).

Scott McInnis, Republican candidate for governor was using great swathes of work by a Colorado Supreme Court judge – Justice Gregory Hobbs in essays he was paid $300,000 to write as part of a fellowship from the Hasan Family Foundation. It wasn’t just big chunks that got ripped off – it was whole sections of the essays. Cut and paste is clearly new to Mr. McInnis and he’s showing beginners’ enthusiasm.

McInnis has apologized privately but not publicly – and has no plans to.

McInnis calls the plagiarism ‘regrettable’ – I’ll bet he’s regretting it now that he’s been caught – just like all the members in the clown carnival that is the CO GOP.

The chairwoman of the Hasan Family Foundation, Seeme Hasan said she was: “…shocked, angry and disappointed” – imagine how pissed off she was when she found out about the plagiarism and that McInnis had an assistant doing the work. Ouch. I’d be ‘shocked, angry and disappointed’ too. In fact, to paraphrase the movie ‘Top Gun,’ I’d ‘want some butts!’

Colorado Speaker of the House Terrence Carroll thinks McInnis should bow out of the campaign:

Indeed, the Hasan Family Foundation will “conduct an independent, internal investigation and if the allegations are proven to be true, we will demand Mr. McInnis return all monies paid to him.”

Oh, here’s the transparency angle! No one knew about this crime because the essays McInnis wrote weren’t made public when written in  2004. Reporters started asking about them and the Hasan Family Foundation put the essay ‘Musings on Water’ on its website and the dooty hit the fan shortly afterwards.

Gee… I remember when the Ward Churchill brouhaha was brewing…. plagiarism was… was… TREASON!!!!! Maybe not so much these days. OKIYAR?

So, let’s sum up shall we?

  • GOP politician “left Congress” (i.e. ‘LOST!!‘ per our local bloggers)
  • GOP politician gets lucrative make-work deal from wealthy pals
  • GOP politician cheats (anyone surprised?)
  • GOP politician’s pals hide it *unknowingly of course!!*(wink)
  • People committed to transparency bring it to light (imagine that)
  • GOP politician apologizes to his wealthy pals (privately so we don’t hear them saying naughty things to him about making them look like fools)
  • GOP politician gives the pubic the finger. Peons don’t deserve an apology.
  • Wealthy pal clutches pearls and vows that justice will be done (more winking/nodding)
  • GOP politician’s campaign is gutted
  • Can you guess what this last bullet is? Yup, that’s right, the new contribution rules make all of this irrelevant and buttloads of money pour into McInnis’ campaign at the last moment.
  • Undocumented of course.

Just like some people we know in Longmont.

They had folks to help cover it up too.