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Pay to Play in Longmont

Longmont politics is no different than politics at the national level.   It’s more than just “access” or a “seat at the table.”   When industries and special business interests give large amounts of money, they expect more than that.  They expect their agenda to be acted upon.

In Longmont, the prevailing agenda has been that of the development and real estate interests for decades. In the 2009 election and now in the 2011, these interests have upped the ante. Adding to those interests, the oil and gas industry has come to the forefront.

Here’s the evidence of the real estate and developers pay-to-play influence in Longmont. Those listed are only those who have given $200 or more to the candidates. There are numerous smaller contributions from those with the same business interests. Pay to play in Longmont

Many of these contributors have and will continue to push for Real Estate/Development in a bad market even when it means voting against Longmont’s citizens on afforadable housing, accessible housing, quality construction, and inappropriate reductions in development fees.