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Pain, frustration, anger. Please, no more.

The awful tragedy in north Tucson is no surprise, given the trash talking that has become common in what passes for an American society. It’s reached the point where any emotionally weak wacko with a dull ax can simply determine that his (her) way is the ONLY way, and certain strident media figures, networks, and broadcast shows egg the perp on. So what happens if we ALL decide our way is it, period? Well, what we’d have then would be a lot like Afghanistan.

Of course, some on the far right would have us return to the tried-and-true human organizational scheme of family/clan/tribe, and drop county/state/nation. Even Longmont’s Chamber of Commerce seems anxious to get out of that awful Boulder yoke, and that body hopes to use gerrymandering as the tool to do so. Talk about the atomization of practically everything.

The most “innocent” example might be the GOP Congresspersons who want to gut or hobble the Federal Reserve. After all, unemployment doesn’t mean spit; tell those slackers to get a job! And inflation? Who cares, as long as Big Oil, Big Pharma, and the Pentagon get all they want. Here’s a way to “fix” the Fed: appoint Bristol Palin to the Open Market Committee. Then her mother can text-message and lobby and Facebook all around, looking for “influence.” It might keep the older Palin busy.

Back to Tucson. This incident really reveals how little fabric remains in our culture, if ever we had some. I lived in Pima County, Arizona, for a time. Let me on that jury! We may need (and I’m going against all my faith-based teaching here) a very public execution this time. Perhaps that might cool some of the angst, revolt, and rhetoric. The Congressperson who was the nut’s primary target had endured a lot of flak for — Heavens! — voting in favor of the health-care overhaul. Would that the shooter would need major health care attention now. Just let him out on the streets for an hour . . . Further, the target’s office had earlier been vandalized.

That’s okay; if you don’t get your way, why don’t you nuke the planet, fools? You’d ruin everything to prove you’re right? Tell you what; you don’t like things here, there are a few wonderful spots where you’d be happier and more appreciated. Start with Zimbabwe, or Northern Sudan. Or how about Cambodia? Paradise!

But there, as here, you must remember one essential tip always: shoot yourself first. Just above the ear ought to do. Then you can shoot everyone in sight. Have a great time, Lucifer.